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  1. I strongly suggest that you buy from a trusted Motor Dealer. That way he will legally responsible for any significant fault which appears within 6 months of purchase.
  2. English Law is not introduced retrospectively, so why should any individual or group apologise for something done by others in a preceding time ? History is history and when I was a lad could only be changed by Russian Governments !🤣
  3. "(For younger readers, that was a reference to a broadcasting character called Fyfe Robertson, the like of whom we sadly see no more)." Ah, Len. Such wonderful TV and Radio personalities did indeed exist.. Fyfe also "appeared" in one of Kenneth Horne`s Radio Team along with; Rife Hobertson, Fanny Haddock, Athur Fallowfield and Ricky Livid that wonderfully knowledgeable group of characters whose ability to induce laughter at Sunday lunchtime was boundless. Thanks for the memory.
  4. I am in the same ball park as you Len. Da Vinci got it right about the helicopter and Galileo got it right about about air pressure. Galileo.mp4
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