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  1. Paul, I have never had an IS250. All i know about them is perhaps 4/5 years ago Honest John (HJ) CALLED IT THE MOST RELIABLE CAR ON THE PLANET, albeit a bit thirsty and who am I to argue with him ?
  2. 27/30 around town.(brim to brim) 35-40 on a trip, Wirral to St Andrews, Wirral to Hanover (brim to brim) On board computer says 35 which equates to approx 33(brim to brim) My first car, a Morris Minor gave me 33 in 1965, so I am content given that it; Could not use unleaded fuel Did not have a V6 engine Could not accelerate to 155mph, or do 0-60 in 5.9 did not have linear acceleration. I have been quoted several times as saying that driving a GS450h is like being the Captain of Concorde and Captain of the Starship the same time! Do enjoy your new car and do please keep us all posted.
  3. Thanks L. All of that makes it an interesting proposition for a potential new owner. It`s going to cost you an awful lot of money to save a relatively small amount on fuel,but if you can afford it and you want to and you are not placing a lower priority on something that a member of your family would place much,much higher, then go for it and enjoy it and don`t forget to give us a full report with piccies, then off you jolly well go!
  4. How long have you had it? Buy it new? How many miles have you covered in it? Why are you letting it go? Full service history. There is /was so much more you could have added Lucky.
  5. Have a good trip ( down A41? )Roger. My Dad used to take me to Wolverhampton once per season to visit Molineux and watch Wolves (my team, after Melchester Rovers ) play. Happy,magical times.
  6. So called leather in even expensive cars these days is not real leather. Mercedes call it Artico. It tends to be an artificial substance which tends not to wear well and loses its colouring rather quickly. Look out for the Lexus driver wearing a white shirt and getting out of his red leather interior. He would not get a job with I.B.M.would he ? I imagine that your leather interior Roger is still pristine.
  7. Sorry Lucy. Wives and forever cars is a huge contradiction in terms. Just you wait until the next must have colour comes out and you can have it with really specially shaped exhaust pipes!
  8. I will only have black weather Phil. As you say its upkeep is minimal relatively speaking. The leather in the Merc is real leather and as good as new.Volvo used to produce nice real leather seating too.
  9. Have you seen that Martin (Bunny SC430) has his up for sale ?
  10. And so you and your friends, colleagues etc know where not to look in future. Act as if you are Sherlock Holmes (the original one) and seek to dot each i and cross each T. Any decision you make might well be a question of balance having regards to all that you have been able to glean.
  11. There are big and small crooks out there.Caveat Emptor--let the buyer beware. A buyer must carry out such checks as can reasonably be accessed and a seller must disclose, not conceal, information which if the buyer was aware of it would lead to him withdrawing. There is much good advice on this Forum but that should not prevent the purchaser from carrying out "due diligence" Always check what you are being told. Good hunting.
  12. Makes one wonder about the integrity of Gumtree given Nic`s posting ?
  13. It is illegal not to state that it has been categorised.
  14. Joe, A 40 profile with 18 wheels will produce a firmer and noisier ride ! Consider 18x 50 or55
  15. I don`t think that an LS430 in the UK without a sunroof is rare in the U.K. Brian.
  16. An LS 460 and a good thrashing are to my view a contradiction in terms Ross.
  17. Welcome to the World of learning Mark---we all do it in some way each day. I wonder if your Goodyear are run-flats? I have always thought that a smaller wheel say 16 a higher profile,say 65 and non run-flats, gives a softer and quieter ride. Let`s see what others say.
  18. Mark,It would be helpful to know the profile of your tyres. I have told you mine.
  19. Welcome Neil.Enjoy Membership and the SC. Our resident SC experts will pick up your arrival soon and suggest remedies I am sure.