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  1. Re: the smoked lights, apparently they aren't illegal, but it seems to be a grey area and our police service is short of 32,000 staff since the Tories introduced "Austerity". I Googled "smoked rear lights legal uk" and there they were, and worse. Oddly enough, one of the top sites returned is a MKIV Golf site. And I was just being prejudiced! Many a true word... I had a 760GLE, the 2.3 turbo, it was smooth and fast and then it got a fault that my little garage couldn't fix. Should have sent it to the dealer, I suppose, but I wanted a newer one, anyway.
  2. I get the same on my 2009 RX450H, there's a kilometre-long patch on the ring-road round Sheffield where the DAB goes very quiet and breaks up, depending on the car's speed and the weather. Rain absorbs microwaves, so my TV reception is crap on wet days and breaks up if it's windy, too.
  3. I find that the "clear" lenses on cars, yes, like the ones on my RX450H, are difficult to see in daylight, you can't see the little yellow or red bulb, you see the lens because it's in daylight. Then you get the Golf drivers who put smoked lenses on. Smoked lamp lenses? Really? Might as well just not have them, but it'll still be my fault if I run into one of these idiots. I used to have a Volvo 240, lovely car, I should never have got rid of it (until I could afford a Lexus).
  4. There is a YouTube video in which Jason Plato on 5th Gear tries to get all the horses back into a few-year-old Golf (or something), first thing he puts in is STP and it makes more difference than new air cleaner, oil filter etc. Nearest thing to an impartial test, I suppose. My 2003 GS300 seemed to go better after a dose of STP. I am not affiliated to STP in any way, just saying what I've seen and done.
  5. Thank you Colin. I bought the car hoping it would be as reliable as a 10-year-old car can get and that's just reassured me.
  6. Which model years does this apply to? I have a GS300 on '53 plate, for example.
  7. Update - I got the cambelt done, fixed price £300 at the dealer. It turned out that the water pump also needed changing, but there was no labour charge, because the engine was already dismantled. Wonderful service at Lexus sheffield. Only downside is that now they keep telling me about cars I can't afford. Now all I've got is a funny wheel wobble/vibration, it sort of goes wobble, WOBBLE, wobble, gone and cycles through every few seconds once you get over 75. Not that I do, of course, but if I did, it would do that. I'll start a new thread about it.
  8. Thank you Tigerfish, I'll get out there and have a look at the belt and if it looks the vaguest bit dicky, I'll get the dealer to replace it next month (no money left this month!). Presumably any sign of wear or stretch is bad, please contradict me if I'm being optimistic here! The last couple of services are non-franchise dealers, so If the belt hasn't been done, then I think I overpaid, but it drives nicely and is sooooo comfortable. I thought it would ride bumps better, but most of the roads here in Sheffield are dreadful, so few cars stand a chance of impressing. I don't remember a sticker.....
  9. Hi, all, guess who bought the 33,000-mile car......... Hope I haven't made a mistake, but it does drive beautifully. What are the odds with the cambelt? It's not been changed, but in my enthusiasm to buy, I didn't think about the possibility that age would be just as crucial as distance. It does have fsh, been done every year, regardless of mileage. I topped up the washer bottle today and realised that's two cats under there, this is the first really big engine I have had, I usually have Volvo's but they just aren't smooth enough over bumps. Any answer welcome. Neil