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  1. Car is now up for sale, £2000
  2. Gs450h is up for sale now, £2000 to anyone who wants it!
  3. Hiya, no i haven't, the car is up for sale now, £2000 to anyone who's interested, cheers
  4. no just one wheel on jack, though same noise when i drop it and raise the drivers side and rock that wheel too
  5. ok I had a good poke around and actually bothered to use a pry baron the drop link. No play at all. Not even a millimetre. There' also no sound when I rock the car from side to side, which has always produced the knocking on other cars when the ARB drop links were bad. I get the above noise (in the video link) when I rock the wheel from side to side, as if checking for a bad bearing. same when I rock the drivers side wheel. Is this normal? Surely going over speed bumps and potholes don't produce rocking from the steering column? Theres no play or vibration from the steering wheel. But I'm now pretty sure it isn't the drop link at fault. Any ideas? 20180517_131754.mp4
  6. Hi does anyone have a quick fix for a rounded out allen key hole? I literally gave it a couple of turns with the key, and now its no good, i need to change the drop link. I thought of a hacksaw but theres not a lot of room behind the hub, perhaps a nut splitter or a small circular saw? The nut turns with the bolt unless i can isolate the two and tap the bolt out. Otherwise theres no place on the link that i can grip to hold it still Cheers guys/girls
  7. Super! Is this a DIY job? I have reasonable knowledge and tools. Sounds like the head has to come off?
  8. Fab! But how do i go about doing that? PS does the mileage, or type of oil used, have anything to do with this rattle?
  9. OK, assuming this is the case, whats the cure? Is it an issue? How do i go about explaining this to a potential buyer?
  10. Have a listen to the attached file, it usually does this when cold, or when left for a few days, i have just changed the oil and filter (and flushed) with 0W20. Still the same Only occurs when the engine idles high briefly, on start up, though i have started it in icy cold mornings in 3 inches of snow, it didn't rev high, hence no rattle, which i found odd. I can possibly get a better vid of the rattle sound if required, please help. rattle.mp4
  11. My radio reception is very hit and miss at present, and it occured after a long 600 mile round trip. Naturally i lost all the local radio stations within 50 miles, but when i returned, they are all unclear, static/white noise etc. Some are clearer than others, but nothing to do with being a local station or not. I am aware that the aerial is built into the rear screen, the screen is fine, the 'tracks/lines' are all intact. The reception doesn't get any better or worse if i have my hand on the rear screen, like with the old analogue aerials, trying to 'earth' it better, nor does it change if i have the heated rear screen on! Please help! I don't want to ruin my rear headlining by digging into the aerial amplifier, i disconnected the battery for 5 mins, but still the same. All radio presets are now fuzzy/distorted. Any ideas guys/girls?
  12. Heres the rattle on start up, if you guys can hear it? What could it be? rattle.mp4 Its brief, but kind of sounds like machine gun fire
  13. Thanks for the advice, i don't really want to change the oil, as it looks good as new, and i have added a £20 bottle of slick 50 to it. Does the oil pump run off the timing chain? Is there a possibility that there is a slight delay in the oil pump doing its thing, on cold start? IE rattley until the oil gets pumped round? Theres no lights on the dash when it happens, but it is a combination of a bag of spanners, coupled with rough running, i tried to film it on my phone, but it smoothed out before i could!
  14. ok, so you think an oil filter change might do the trick?
  15. Yes i looked up that stuff, i think i will give it a shot