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  1. I'm looking for a good near side front (passenger side) headlamp for my 2000 W reg is200 saloon, and delivery to Gloucester. Cheers Jeff
  2. lol ok.. yeah cheers, just needed the mot certificate and but was easier just to get a whole new 12months mot
  3. Thanks for those replies! :) Thanks, it's not a probe its a cougar but yeah :) Yeah the power steering is being sorted now and just having a new MOT put on her as it did come with 6 months but no certificate. Anyone know of any 17" wheel centre caps and a nearside front wheel arch liner for sale? Cheers.
  4. Hello there, I'm a first time lexus owner... i couldn't miss the opportunity when i found this is200 for sale at £500... and i managed to pay just £390. I bought it in nowhere near 'good' condition.. It was really dirty, has a scuff on the front bumper, has no rear headrests and needs a new power steering pump. I'm also after some of the 17" wheel centre caps aswell as mine didnt come with any. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Jeff