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  1. thanks for photos ikeja , looks a goer for the is250 😃
  2. do you think these would fit an IS250 😄
  3. thanks all for replies. having looked at them again, in the cold light of day, they aren't that bad so i think i will go ahead with the mot, thanks again all who replied. :)
  4. that is what i was thinking rayaans, however seems a waste with the amount of tread left on the tyres, but as they are 5 years old perhaps it is a good idea to change them, really not quite sure really.
  5. car is just coming up to 5 years old and has done 30,000 miles,pre-mot walk round and it looks like there are cracks in between the tread on the tyres, plenty of tread on the tyres ,is this necessarily a mot failure ,i think the tyres are original, any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  6. i use tom-tom speed camera alert, as an app on my phone, on longer journeys and i would say my Lexus indicated speed is a good 5 mph under the gps indicated speed.
  7. first time i have had tpms on a car and have relied on this really, however after 6 months thought i would check them , all ok .
  8. anybody use a saris bone bike rack on their IS250 , if so is it easy to put on and off, thanks for any replies.
  9. nail on the head dutchie01, totally back of the net :)
  10. on my normal commute this morning i was about half way to work , only 7 miles , and the warning beep sound and an audio message said " you have crossed the border "nothing else , no warning lights and the rest of the journey went ok ,same route as normal and no borders in that area to my knowledge ,any ideas anybody or did i possible mis-hear the message.
  11. bottom one any day , more modern in my humble opinion :)
  12. only ever used the computer , so not really that accurate , however over the 4 years i had the car , my commute , 7 miles each way , was 29 , and on a road trip was about 37 .