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  1. Happy Birthday stevebish!

  2. Hi, Having sold my IS200 many years ago, I still find myself with a spare wheel in the garage! It is an original 5 spoke as fitted to the SE and Sport models. It does have some rim damage. This covers approx one fifth of the circumference and does not feel overly deep to me. See pics for detail. I have no idea of its worth, so sensible offers accepted. Collection from Bedford area, or I could post for approx £10.00. This would need confirming once I have a delivery Post Code. Thanks! [attachment=8084:IMG_20130831_204934.jpg][attachment=8083:IMG_20130831_205016.jpg]
  3. Ah, had forgotten the keyboard layout!! Cheers for that Ricky! Shall have to stick to UK machines! The only Dell with 17" screen doesn't have a number pad and when specced to compare with the AJP tops £1500! I think I'm gonna end up going for the AJP, much easier upgrading at build rather than afterwards and won't invalidate any warranty.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. Just checked out Alienware, basic system with 17" screen is £1388, with the extras I can get in others machines it goes up to over £1500! Over 5kg's too!! Anyone else with good laptop experience and advice? Anyone know how I can get around the HP delivery problem? Cheers
  5. Hi all, Looking for a new 'desktop replacement' laptop at the moment, want minimum 17" screen with full size keyboard including number pad. Max budget is £1300, preferably nearer £1000 though! The main contenders are HP's ZD8000 range, Acer's Aspire 1804WSMi and AJP's D870P. The AJP is based on a Clevo chassis. I like the HP but you can only get it in the uk with 4200 rpm hard drives. In the US you can 'build your own' ZD8000 and add loads of extras! At the moment the 7200rpm drive is not an option, it comes and goes apparently. The site, will only ship to the US. Does anyon
  6. My car is for sale and is now reduced to the bargain price of £9500!!! If I don't sell by Saturday 2nd April, it will part exchanged!! :o It is in very good condition, has 65000 miles, and a full Lexus service history. Ne tyres have been fitted to the rear wheels and I fitted replacement Mintex brake pads all round last summer. At the same time I painted the calipers black and applied the chrome caliper stickers, they look lovely! I have also fitted the latest 'spray' washer jets, these are wonderful! Note that this is a '51' plate and benefits from the upgrades fitted at that time, whic
  7. Hi All, My lovely motor has now had brand new Toyo T1-S's fitted to the back wheels and had it's 60k service yesterday at Lexus Croydon. Mileage is now 65k and going very strong! :D This car is now up for sale! I think I was being very optimistic with wanting £13,000 for it, so I'll try for £11,500. Please let me know if your interested or if any of your friends are. :winky: Cheers Steve
  8. Not so long ago I was gonna sell the Lexus for a car that was cheaper to run and service, then decided that because of the amount of money I had lost in depreciation, I would keep it and let her drive it. (Lighter right foot!) The main philosophy here was that She wanted a new MINI and it would cost more than the Lex was worth. Now we find out that you can get a MINI for less than £10,000! Typical! Only last week I renewed my GOLD membership! Still, a worthwhile cause! :D So it's on the books again! I've browsed Auto Trader & Exchange & Mart for ideas on pricing but they all vary so
  9. You've been spying on me Nick! For info of those who replied, I ended up going for an older Mk2 Mondeo. I did look seriously at the Focus after your recommendations, but cash wise, just couldn't justify it. The Mondeo is bigger cheaper, with more gadgets and being one of the last Mk2's, all niggling problems have been ironed out. :winky: I have an X plate 2.0 Ghia. It has 6 disc in-dash changer, cruise control, trip computer, big useful boot with split folding seats, full Ford SH, new tyres all round and the previous owner spend £1000 on it in August at a Ford dealer! All for £2995 with
  10. Kazdul Thats the good thing about Ford! You can get excellent second hand deals! I just missed out on a 01 X plate new shape Mondeo 2.0 Ghia X for £4000! The car has more toys and gadgets than the IS and much more practicality! You cannot argue with that! On a similar point, the IS has lost silly amounts of value over the last year or so and will continue to do so now that a new model is on the horizon.
  11. Hi monkeyra! (Nick) Cheers for your input, wondered if you'd see the post! The 140k 99V Ghia X I looked at was very shabby. Checked out an 01X Mk3 Zetec and that was quite shabby too. Just having probs finding a good condition Mondeo. I used to have a 1.8 Zetec 99T Mondeo before the Lex. It was good enough for me, but may well be swayed to a Focus by the reviews posted here! I think the Mk3 Mondeo is too big now. Drove one Thursday and it was HUGE! Didn't realise it was so big! Thats when I started to think Focus! Thanks all for your input! I'll post again when I have bought! Steve
  12. Due to the amount of money I've lost on my car, I'm now keeping it and letting the missus run it. She'll have a lighter right foot and does less miles to keep the fuel and servicing costs down! I am gonna replace her car, Rover 211 SE ('99 V), with one of the above. Budget is £4000 absolute max. Want Ghia spec if poss, as want elec windows all round and as many other extras as poss. :P Has anyone got anything like this for sale? Or has anyone owned any of them to give ideas? :winky: Cheers Steve
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