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  1. Used Aisin Type IV ATF no problems. They made the transmissions.
  2. Hope it's OK to post this as I'm not selling anything. I dropped my Celsior off to my mechanic this morning and he mentioned a customer had a UCF10 in with an intermittent ECU issue and the customer wants shot of it. Capacitors, poss? Anyway, it has a good chunk of history and I snapped a few pictures. Very straight, sills all solid. Didn't get the mileage. PM me if interested, .
  3. Good luck! Have a rumble on my Celsior and am replacing front and rear ARB links and bushes with OEM. Only 43k miles so I suspect the noise may be something else...
  4. Conventional suspension is reliable, but after experiencing air suspension in my 1999 Celsior I really understand the term "self-levelling suspension". I can fly around corners much faster than my old 1998 LS400 on coils, and I'd refreshed that suspension well. My wife as passenger comments on how much more upright the car remains with air suspension. Not a huge difference in smoothing out smaller imperfections on the road, though.
  5. No. Might be tricky to find in the online parts catalogues, too. It does look like the right shape.
  6. No. Might be tricky to find in the online parts catalogues, too. It does look like the right shape. J0
  7. Poor practise of the eBay seller to cover part of the part number. You might be better of replacing the whole plastic fob surround. Available on eBay cheaply enough, and some with the nice Lexus logo.
  8. Newbie1

    Toyota crown

    Pity more European cars don't offer nicer fabrics.
  9. Newbie1

    Toyota crown

    Good power train. Keep an eye out for leaks from the 1JZ.
  10. Interesting hearing about the VVTi timing gear breaking the timing belt on the LS400. I note that both sets of VVTi timing gear have stickers on them referencing replacement at 100k kilometres (on my import Celsior.) I've replaced the VVTi timing gear on my Soarer at 100k kilometres as per the factory manual. Might think about it for the Celsior.
  11. Some Century parts from Amayama are actually cheaper than the equivalent UCF20 Celsior/LS400 parts. Go figure.
  12. It may not be your problem, but the transmission has suffered serious wear by the time the fluid is black.
  13. Good practice to run air con at periods all year around. This keeps the seals in the piping lubricated and prevents leaks.
  14. A few thoughts. 1. You want OEM ride and durability, then it's dig deep time for Toyota shocks.££££ 2. BC make coilovers for the LS460. £. 3. Install non-air OEM shocks, springs, top hats etc as the 460 in SWB form came with normal springs shocks in some markets. ££
  15. Agreed. Extra budget for detailing the 1UZ intake manifold with the T or L depending on market Last decent looking engine to come from Toyota.