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  1. Thank you, Pete. I'll do that as I thought with the stricter MOT rules it might be an issue.
  2. Damn faulty warning! Can't seem to fix it.
  3. 80k miles and just over the border into Scotland after a great run from London
  4. Change the transmission fluid but don't bother opening the pan and changing the filter. Never seen a dirty one on any Toyota auto box I've had serviced.
  5. I'll tick over 80,000 on tomorrow's trip to Scotland.
  6. Found out about these guys who will refurbish LS430 shocks on an exchange basis. I don't have a 430 and do not know of anyone who has used them, but it might be useful for someone, even with the freight.
  7. Compared to the rest of the structure it's a bit of a weak point, as it is on Soarers and other Toyota rear wheel drive cars of the era. At this age, like any car that's been exposed to salted roads, the underbody needs careful attention. Mine was in good order so I had it undersealed, with particular attention to the rear subframe. Even then, rust never sleeps.
  8. Not been my experience that Toyota parts numbers change too frequently. In any event, entering an old number into Google will bring up any replacement number.
  9. UCF20 Facelift ("Mk 4", VVTi) Steering Rack Bush No. 1 - 45516-50020 Steering Rack Bush No. 2 - 45517-50020 ARB Drop Link Front Left -48810-50011 ARB Drop Link Front Right - 48820-50011 ARB Drop Link Rear - 48830-22041 [x2] ARB Bush Front - 48815-50151 [x2] ARB Bush Rear - 48815-50160 [x2] Power Steering Air Control Valve - 17630-16040
  10. Apparently Lexus (at least in the US) can provide an override code to get you going. Chances with a 20 year old car here... Others with the same difficulty:
  11. I bought a plain one off eBay last year but it was LS400 specific with the right fixings.
  12. Have a play in the settings for the touchscreen. It has a tab for the code which is how I found out mine was never programmed.
  13. Rear calipers seizing but loosen when driven?
  14. Could have been for a factory mobile phone installation.
  15. Connor, do you a UK MkIV? I'm pretty sure it's not Nakamichi gear, but Panasonic. Have you checked there is actually a code programmed in?
  16. Newbie1

    Knock at the front

    Had a knocking that went away after replacing the strut rods. Think you can get the bushes separately for those.
  17. Yes I think someone will get a well loved car there.
  18. Guy I know is breaking and has a couple. Can put you in touch if you like.
  19. I am experiencing the dreaded white worm on the GS430 wheels on my Soarer. Lovely mirror polish but after one winter the worm sets in. Time for some winter wheels.
  20. Ruling out your alternator, battery and earths is probably a good start.
  21. I got some for about £3 each thrown in as part of a Rock Auto deal. Cheap Chinese stuff, but the one sensor I've replaced works fine (one year down the line.)
  22. A much braver (and more skilled) man than I. If it helps, I had my 1992 Soarer 1UZFE alternator rebuilt after the leakage problem, and it ran fine for years afterwards.
  23. Both can be rebuilt. Any alternator place can do the alternator. Rock Auto in the US sell replacement pumps, too, and might sell a rebuild kit as I bought one for my UCF20 from them.,1990,ls400,4.0l+v8,1187456,steering,power+steering+pump,7380 It would be cheaper to import a UCF10 Celsior with working air suspension than buying the lot from Toyota.