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  1. Interesting post, Paul. The survey currently being run by the LOC shows that a third of members' cars are at least ten years old and almost two-thirds of them more than five, so that it is only natural that quality-related complaints should have been growing in number and might have become more severe in nature. That a good number of recent grievances should regard models of a low average age like the LC, ES and UX is, on the other hand, a very negative development, though it remains to be seen whether the impact on Lexus' reputation for reliability will be sufficient to weake
  2. I didn’t use a kit whereby you need to adjust the tone of the dye, though I probably should have. I bought - unwisely as it turned out - a pre-mixed dye that was claimed, indeed guaranteed, to match the Lexus colour I was wanting to restore, this being identified by a code. The claim was undoubtedly true insofar as the product would have provided a perfect match on new leather (for the restoration of which there would hardly be much demand). There are several suppliers of these premixed dyes. I bought mine, simply labelled Classic Dyes, from the online catalogue of Sewells Lexus of Dallas,
  3. Being easier to correctly match than other colours, black offers the best chance of small areas of surface wear being restored so as to be visible only on close inspection, making the services of a professional unnecessary. As long as the discoloured surfaces have not been so roughened by wear as to present a different texture to the surrounding leather, they can simply be re-dyed using a brush in multiple light applications before finishing with a sealant once the required depth of colour is achieved. If the discolourations are confined to a self-contained section of the sea
  4. My 2016 RC F-Sport had both ACC and BSM as standard, but not Lane Assist. The car was Italian spec, similar, to my knowledge, to that of F, E, CH and therefore, I would strongly surmise, common to the rest of continental Europe. My guess is that the U.K. anomaly (if considered so) may have something to do with production runs of LHD units, but my curiosity frankly does not extend to researching whether the 2016 RC F-Sport specs for AUS, ZA, NZ etc., etc., as well as for Japan itself, replicate each other.
  5. The absence of the distance-set button next to the lane-change alert button means that ACC is not present. I believe the U.K. was the only European market where ACC was not standard on the F-Sport version of the 2016 RC300h.
  6. Although I've once or twice needed to dig myself out of snowdrifts, I've never had any serious mishaps in snowy or icy conditions on normal roads and in normal traffic. So, apart from the usual uncomfortable feeling of not being in complete control of the car and the belief that other drivers are less worried about possibly hitting me than I am about hitting them, my dislike of anything but the lightest snow is not based on any specific bad experience. It is based, rather, on the fact that I live at the bottom of a long and steep incline consisting of sections of old cobbles
  7. Indeed it does, though it has been depressingly observed that the festive spirit has, like snow, a tendency to turn to slush. Personally I like snow as depicted on postcards more than in real life and I am equally partial to videos of supercars doing controlled skids on icy tracks in places like Lapland as long as they don't encourage imitators in my own neighbourhood. Generally speaking I am not at all sure whether cars objectively lend themselves to manifestations of seasonal jollity. I once saw a car with what looked to be custom-fitted Santa's Hat covers on the wi
  8. Some years ago at a motor show I bought a bottle of a German brand of leather cleaner/conditioner called Munth Reinigungsmilch. Like those of other items displayed by what I suspected was a disgruntled former Swissvax employee, the formula was claimed to be identical to the Swissvax product and temptingly offered at a third of the price. I found it very good over several years of use and would happily have bought it again, but the brand seems to have disappeared from the market. Not having used the Swissvax original I was never able to validate the equivalence claim,
  9. Pirelli SottoZero (currently gen. 3) from November through April.
  10. Looks good in all kinds of weather... 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
  11. I'm not sure if we are talking about the same seat design, but after 71000km in my first RC F-Sport my bolster remained in pristine condition, and, fingers crossed, its counterpart in my present second RC F-Sport shows no signs of deterioration after 23000km. This I attribute primarily to the stitching of the bolsters, which has the effect of flattening the contours and making them less prone to creasing and friction than is the case, in my experience, with plumper unstitched surfaces. Of course, I would not presume to analyse the differences in punishment inflicted on seats
  12. The RC is certainly not a car that lends itself to an elegant fluidity of motion on the part of those getting in or out, though alternative memory settings are a considerable help on the driver's side. When within earshot of third parties I have trained myself to stifle an embarrassing grunt from the effort it takes to lever myself out, but my main complaint regards the unavoidable need to swivel my rump on the seat through approximately 90° when swinging my legs in or, especially, out of the door. At the risk of sounding neurotic, I have to admit that I am afraid of thereby
  13. Have you actually tried measuring the distances, perhaps with a non-scratching cloth roll-up tape of the type used by dressmakers, in order to objectively prove or disprove?
  14. Back in 2016 when I changed my IS300h for an RC300h and the touchpad was, of course, much more of a novelty, I posted the following comments (see RC300h v. IS300h New Car Choice-Part Two, RC Forum, 6 November 2016): "Although I am told most people disagree, I liked the touchpad and found it as easy and as instinctive to operate as the "mouse". Because my hand fell naturally on it, I did not need to consciously learn its position and keep glancing downwards as I feared. It did occur to me, however, that right-handed drivers in l-hd cars will always be favoured for longer tas
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