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  1. You’re probably right. Personally I’m not in the market for a plug-in but I had heard that the going rate for a wall-box is closer to €1000, installed. Be this as it may, it looks like Lexus Italy will charge twice that, and I wouldn’t think the price will differ much from one country to the next. As regards the €500 deal for the wall-box I strongly suspect it represents a “self-liquidating offer” whereby the seller is simply looking to cover costs. Without knowing what the alloys look like - though I can’t imagine that they would be of less than acceptable quality - the price of €500 for
  2. I think, having consulted the Lexus sites of several of the main continental European countries as well as the U.K., that the following introductory deal, applicable to both the 450 and 350 versions of the 2021 NX, may at the time of writing be running only in Italy, where it first appeared online yesterday. I am guessing it will soon also appear elsewhere and may therefore be worth previewing on this Forum. The deal consists of a prospective purchaser paying an upfront fee of €300 (refundable in the event of non-purchase) and obtaining, at the price of €500 apiece at the time of delive
  3. I used to enjoy irritating people by sucking harder on the straw by way of amplifying the bottom-of-the-carton burble, especially if the movie was crap.
  4. Sounds like the sort of problem that could be made worse if you are not absolutely sure of what you are doing. I would take the car to a specialist bodyshop and hear what they say before trying anything.
  5. I currently drive an RC300h, my second after a long line of ISs, and had been worrying about my likely future need to switch from Lexus in view of the absence of models I want or can afford in the present range. On the basis of the pre-launch information, and assuming acceptable pricing of a fully-loaded version, the new NX350h looks very attractive - and enough of an improvement over the present 300h in terms of power and performance - to overcome my prejudices. I have booked a test drive for when my dealer gets a first unit (September or maybe a little earlier).
  6. Who, I guess, would then immediately have got the Vehicle Maintenance team fired for leaving factory film on a bit of equipment.
  7. This is the sort of minor but fiddly job that would drive me crazy, the line between perseverance and obsession being a thin one. I would probably give it a rest for a day or so before returning to the attack with a fresh mind. Maybe you could trim the points of one or more of the aforementioned bamboo skewers or other similar non-scratching implements (e.g. plastic crocheting hook) into suitably angled shapes.
  8. Looks like unremoved protective film starting to wrinkle from heat. Maybe you could try reaching and lifting it with the point of a long bamboo skewer. Any remaining fragments or residue could be removed by swabbing with cotton wool moistened with acetone affixed to the same skewer.
  9. To safely remove any droppings that have crusted or simply look too serious to respond to plain water I keep an applicator with a small quantity of Dodo Juice Lime Prime cleaner, specifically the non-abrasive Lite formulation, in my glove compartment. Works quickly and effectively every time.
  10. Plain lukewarm water, dry immediately with a cotton, not microfibre, cloth. If you have difficulty in reaching corners buy an extendable “reach and clean” tool such as Invisible Glass.
  11. I used Chipex for a couple of stone chips of approx. 2mm diameter on Sonic Titanium paint, and was rather disappointed with the result measured against the company’s highly persuasive advertising. I followed the instructions faithfully but the colour was perceptibly a little darker and both holes dried with a central dimple. All in all I was sorry to have spent the money.
  12. I agree, and there is nothing that ChipsAway operatives can do that a bodyshop can’t do just as well or better and perhaps at the same cost. Usually, though, they have the advantage of doing a job more quickly. At least this is my experience as regards stone chips on bumpers, which ChipsAway repairs individually whereas a bodyshop prefers sectional spraying.
  13. Donated by Lamborghini to the local police, possibly in the hope they'll look the other way when the company road tests its new models. I believe the Dubai police also has one and is probably less worried about the fuel and maintenance costs. Incidentally, what do you think the Tokyo police put on the LC's front badge? Is it a chrysanthemum?
  14. Completely agree. I had the setting changed with the first service of my first RC and immediately on delivery of the second.
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