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  1. Yes. Long on talent but short on star quality, more’s the pity.
  2. Good, not unexpectedly. But I can’t quite get used to hearing and seeing him without a guitar.
  3. It absolutely was. I’ve lost the reference but it was either the BBC or the NYT news app. Unless it’s now been dropped from the headlines you should easily be able to find it along with other tasty examples of the spokeperson’s art.
  4. A Toyota spokesman said: “If a wheel detaches itself while driving [you] can lose control of the vehicle, increasing the risk of accidents”. I have sympathy for the guy but I think I could have worked that out for myself.
  5. I imagine Toyota are much relieved the problem is “only” mechanical. The alternative would have been a PR disaster and a possible return to the drawing board.
  6. And Subaru too, for the same reason, i.e. the possibility that the wheels might come off …!!! 😳
  7. The idea is good, Pete, and it’s a shame that it is not easily practicable after-sale or that Lexus does not offer it as standard or even as an optional on its leather seats. Embossed logos, not to mention the embroidered ones you can get on top cars like Bentley, Ferrari etc., always succeed in looking impressive without being naff.
  8. My habit of using anti-theft nuts results from an experience I had some thirty years ago in a respectable suburb of Brussels where, early one morning, I surprised a masked person in the act of removing one of the rear wheels of my company BMW 525. He had lifted the rear of the car onto a cinder block using wooden wedges and fortunately not yet started on the other wheels. When I shouted at him he ran off to a waiting van taking his wrench with him. That he could have attacked me with it was a thought that only occurred to me a few minutes later when I took mine from the boot in order to screw the wheel back on, and I still shudder at the memory.
  9. It never was until it happened to you.
  10. I haven’t compared prices but I’m sure you are right. On the other hand, my set of Toyota/Lexus originals has accompanied me on seven cars and many 100Ks of km and still look new (though I must say the grooves are a b*****d to clean), so I can objectively say the quality is excellent. I don’t know how qualities vary from one producer to the next, but you occasionally see nuts with unsightly corroded or peeling surfaces.
  11. I keep the key in a little black pouch and leave it permanently in my armrest pocket where I can see it or, more importantly, am likelier to notice if it is not there. Since, other than in the event of a puncture, I would prospectively only miss the key a couple of times a year after switching between winter and summer tyres, the presence of the pouch in which I handed it over reminds the tyre guy to return it and me to get it returned before driving off. The need to put the key back in the pouch may not in itself avoid mix-ups in the workshop but I would think it reduces the chances thereof.
  12. Always liked the name more than the product.
  13. I’m not sure if you are thinking of literally embossing/debossing, which, apart from requiring dies, would be difficult on padded surfaces such as headrests or seat-backs. Your best bet would be laser-etching, which is a service available in most large towns. Portable machines are also available, I believe, but you would normally take the headrests to the provider of the service, along with a sample of the logo or lettering you want reproduced.
  14. I do that and, as far as I can tell, never had a problem because of it. I used to wonder if I’m not using too much fuel but, according to the mechanic who handles air-con matters at my dealership, the increase is no more than 2%, probably less. Of course, if fuel prices don’t go down any time soon, the difference will start adding up.
  15. Difficult to tell if the so-called "Orange Pack" OEM calipers on my RC (see photos below) are bigger or the same size as those shown in the OP (Brembos?), but on the basis of estimated scale it looks as though they might be at least the same if the JDM rims on the latter are, like mine, also 19". Assuming this to be the case, and leaving aside colour preferences, the owner of the latter might have saved some money by ordering a set. Sorry if my rims look a bit grubby but I haven't yet remedied the effects of yesterday's rain.
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