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  1. I know a few Scandinavians who do this too, and it's a very good idea except when the snow doesn't materialise and you forget the brush is there...
  2. Much irritated this morning by a "design defect" in the RC. Upon opening the boot after a light overnight snowfall the thin layer of what I had erroneously thought to be solidly frozen flakes on the rear window slid unhindered directly into the boot as a single slab of ice. Admittedly my reaction time was a bit slow but the event was completely unexpected insofar as on the previous occasions I have had frozen snow on the car it stayed put long enough for me to reach inside the boot for my brush. The "defect", if such it is, results from the slope of the window being so flat as to prevent sliding ice from being caught or blocked by the boot drainage channel. In future, when snow is forecast, I'll keep my brush inside the cabin.
  3. For anyone needing an extra bit of cabin storage for small objects I can recommend the pocket shown in the attached photos, which I recently bought on Amazon (see Tentock Leather Car Seat Side Pocket Organizer) for about €25 inc. Postage. Being black with red stitching it perfectly matches the Dark Rose interior trim of the F-Sport (other colours are available), and although real leather would have been nicer than synthetic the item is sturdy and well made and does not move when the seat slides forward or back. An iPhone 8 Plus in a wallet case like mine fits in the larger of the two compartments and plugs into one of the USB ports in the armrest cubby with a 30cm cable (mine is a black Anker which I prefer to the longer and more obtrusive white Apple original), this being an adequate length for easy and flexible movement.
  4. Many years ago I had just arrived at a hotel late at night when I spilled some coffee on the leather passenger seat of my BMW. The only readily available remedy was a drop of bubble-bath (Hermesetas) added to water from my room. To my surprise, this worked a treat, and when I saw the seat in daylight the next morning, it looked better than the others. After that I always preferred a mild soapy solution for cleaning my car leather and was gratified to discover, years later, that this is also Lexus' recommendation.
  5. Unless you actually need or want to plan for motorways along your route, it is best to untick the relative box in the satnav settings, after which, in my experience, the system's apparent inefficiency is much reduced. However, if you subsequently forget to re-tick the box for drives in wholly unfamiliar areas in which sections of motorway may be essential, you could well end up feeling like an idiot when it dawns on you that you are being misrouted. Seeing that the three choices of route type are always offered regardless of what your average speed settings are, I don't believe there is any connection between the two features, the latter being, in my view, the least useful one in the entire system insofar as the time predictions it computes on the basis of averages you presumably originally considered to be realistic more often than not turn out wrong.
  6. USB Port

    Independently of slower charging (which may concern some users more than others), is there any potential technical problem about leaving a phone connected via one of the USB ports so as to play the music content via the car speakers while getting the benefit, slow as this might be, of simultaneous recharging? I have heard that there may be a risk of draining the car battery and damaging the phone battery through overheating or overcharging but, if this is true, I have never noticed it after many years of almost invariably connecting via USB except for very short drives.
  7. Thieving Gits

    Clearly a case of misrepresentation but, to defend the undefendable, the seller could argue that the majority of his typical customers for OEM replacement caps are likelier to want to replace lost singles than entire stolen sets.
  8. Thieving Gits

    Seeing the prices asked I'm surprised our caps aren't nicked even more often.....
  9. The ACC in the current RC cuts out at 40kmh (=30mph approx.), accompanied by an acoustic warning and with re-accelaration back to 40kmh being necessary before the original speed can be automatically reset by means of the control lever. Not having tried a full-stop system I am unable to make comparisons, but one merit of the 40kmh system that I personally appreciate is that it enables you - in fact obliges you - to properly re-focus your attention on the road if your concentration has even slightly lapsed after long stretches of uninterrupted reliance on the ACC itself, especially after sudden drops from higher speeds.
  10. I find an effective setting for the ACC in traffic and is 15-20kmh higher than the highest speed at which you think the traffic is likely to continue moving, e.g. 70-80kmh when you think the cars ahead are unlikely to slow from your and their 50-60kmh to below 40kmh. That way, with the distance setting on minimum, you won't fall more than momentarily behind in the event of the traffic temporarily speeding up.
  11. It is indeed strange that the F-Sport in the U.K. does not get the Safety System even as an optional, and I would guess this may have something to do with rationalisation/standardization of production specifically related to the RHD variant. I believe the F-Sport has had the Safety System as an optional everywhere in continental Europe since launch, and few of those of us who bought this version of the RC for immediate delivery from dealer stock were given the choice of not getting (and paying) for it given its presence in almost all the first waves of imports. Its presence was justified as being anticipatory of likely customer wishes - with which I fully agreed.
  12. More IS 300h on the road

    Yes, I presume I was looking at the same figures, and I note you carefully edited your quotation from my post to omit the clear fact that I was referring to 2016 and 2017 in which the RC/IS unit splits were 720/2408 and 473/1803 equal to 29.9% and 26.2% respectively, which I simplified to 25-30%. As for the opinions you derive from these figures, you are entitled to them while, until I see Lexus U.K. closing its doors because of awful results, I'll stick to mine.
  13. More IS 300h on the road

    If a "flop" is defined as sales falling dramatically short of a manufacturer's reasonable expectations, I am not sure the term would necessarily apply to the RC in the U.K. I suspect that the 25-30% proportion of IS sales achieved by the RC (inclusive of the RC-F) in its first two full years of market life in 2016-2017 may actually have exceeded expectations despite being favoured by the IS' mid-life decline. After all, with all due allowance for huge differences in relative scale and volumes, there is no way the Germans can ever have achieved similar ratios with their coupés in respect of their saloons with equivalent powertrains. By this same token I would suppose the success or otherwise of the RC within the Lexus range is best judged by the extent to which its sales partially substitute those being lost by the IS and thus contribute to maintaining the marque's overall market share.
  14. More IS 300h on the road

    The frequency of sightings and proportionately reduced "exclusivity" of the IS300h directly reflects the cumulative total of the car's sales since launch and, until a replacement comes out, will continue to increase. Prospective customers concerned about constantly diminishing exclusivity and who have no great need for useful rear seats might want to take a closer look at the RC ....
  15. Thieving Gits

    I have a love-hate relationship with valve-caps. Years back when such items were a quite expensive novelty I bought a set with the BMW logo and had them stolen after a few days. My next set with a logo, this time consisting of theft-proof ones for my first Lexus - an IS200 - could only be unscrewed with a hex-key and were so fiddly that I went back to using normal ones. Then Pirelli came out with a good-looking design incorporating a colour-change pressure warning that required a special tool as well as a certain amount of manual dexterity for removal. The suspicion of attempts to steal them regardless and doubts about their reliability finally led me to get rid of them and I have used normal caps, usually the OEM ones, ever since. And although I have occasionally fallen into the temptation of buying nicely-machined aluminium or alloy ones, these have the tendency in my experience to become so difficult to unscrew even after greasing (which is essential) as to require pincers and/or risk damaging the valve-stems, so I have usually ended up giving them away.
  16. I have been running iOS 11.2.1 on an iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) for a few weeks now. Usually I connect to the car audio via BT, preferring to do so more and more because of the impressive BT 5.0 upgrade though I still tend to connect via a USB port for longer drives. Before acquiring the iPhone 8 I routinely used an iPod Touch 6th Gen 128GB (containing about 115GB of Music and Podcasts, frankly excessive but nice to have), also recently updated to iOS 11.2.1, which I kept almost permanently connected via USB. I must admit that I have never hesitated to instal updates across all my Apple devices immediately on their appearance, slavishly interpreting notifications of their availability as prompts to do so. I have noticed no differences in the functionality of Lexus audio with iOS 11 in respect of earlier firmware in the case of the iPod or, not unexpectedly, between its use and that of the iPhone, which, of course, has always run only iOS 11. iPhone connectivity has been entirely satisfactory, and only once, immediately after the first update of the iPod to iOS 11 did I have a set of problems apparently similar to Steve's: frozen browsing menus, loss of titles and names or their showing as "UNKNOWN", etc. as well as incorrect playlists sequences. These appeared to resolve themselves after I re-started playing from the plugged-in iPod itself before I drove off, controllability of the system from the touchpad becoming restored after a few minutes' driving. I can't say whether this would have represented a permanent fix since I nevertheless decided to do a complete reset of the iPod later that day, after which I have had no further issues.
  17. The replacement mirror - a complete unit - was fitted this morning and it has been nice to have a silent one again. An inspection of the original provided no ready explanation for the clicking, the only noticeable anomaly being the presence of a tiny residual strip of badly- removed protective factory wrapping (not used for the replacement, supplied boxed in a plastic bag) which had become twisted around the pin connecting the mirror's housing and arm. It is possible that this bit of plastic, which had not been visible before disassembly, was causing the housing to swivel very slightly off-axis, but since there were no signs of friction on the paintwork, it is unlikely to have been responsible for any kind of noise, let alone loud clicking. So this remains something of a mysterious episode, fortunately now past.
  18. About a month ago my passenger-side wing mirror started making a loud clicking noise when activated, worse upon closing than opening, and audible from as far away as 15-20m. There was no visible damage and I had no evidence of the mirror having been forced out of position by way of mischief. I reported the problem when I took the car for its 30000km service last week and, after inspecting the mechanism and housing, the dealer declared himself to be mystified and ordered an entire replacement under warranty. Having expected a quick on-the-spot repair, I was surprised. Pleasantly, of course. Out of curiosity, does anybody know what the replacement and fitting costs would be outside warranty?
  19. door shadow light

    I received a pair as a gift when I had an IS300h and then transferred them to my RC. TBH I originally thought them a bit excessive since the IS had illuminated door sills but, although they would have been easy enough to remove, I never got around to it. I have grown quite fond of them in the RC, which does not have the illuminated sills, because they invite you to look down when getting out of the car and therefore act as an extra aid to not stepping into puddles and holes (and maybe other things) in badly-lit places.
  20. Winter Tyres

    I have just started my second winter with Pirelli Sottozero 3 (?-W270) tyres, and did 7200km with them last winter. I bought them for no other reason than they were the only readily available premium brand in the right sizes for the 19" alloys, paying exactly €1000 for the set, fitted. TBH I have never been too bothered about reviews of winter tyres from premium manufacturers, having had Continentals, Michelins, Bridgestones and Goodyears as well as Pirellis in the past and found little to complain about any of them even in the worst conditions. Last winter was pretty mild, but the present generation of Sottozeros seemed perfectly good on icy patches and thin snow and noticeably better in the wet than my summer Dunlop SportMaxxes. Also, they show very little signs of wear, and, as is traditional with the Pirelli brand, they look good. If you can get them for an acceptable price, I would recommend them.
  21. rear seat access

    Glad you are enjoying your RC (same colours as mine and well suited to the car). Unless the spec has changed since MY2016, the driver seat slides forward only when activated by the relative switch in the base. Unlike the passenger seat, which slides when folded forward and then returns to a single position upon being released, the availability of the memory function means the driver seat can be made to automatically re-position itself within a range of pre-set choices.
  22. RC300h review

    Paul: It could well be that the battery is defective, as Rayaan suggests. I once met a fellow IS300h owner who was having his battery replaced under warranty after it had died on him overnight for no explainable reason with only a couple of thousand km on the clock. Apparently the usual procedure is for Lexus to supply and fit the replacement unless they authorise you, for reasons of convenience, to go to another supplier with whom they have an arrangement. Not all Lexus dealers keep stocks of batteries, and I believe that in the above instance the dealer avoided waiting time for the customer by taking one from another IS he had in the showroom. Not, I would think, that most dealers would be so co-operative.
  23. RC300h review

    Eminently avoidable paid-by-the-click car reviewers are far from alone on the Web, there being even worse ones in other subjects. Being in the market for a new phone, I have recently been exploring video reviews of the latest crop of iPhones, and have been amazed by the dire communication skills exhibited in most of them, whose viewing I would recommend to no-one without a taste for impenetrable jargon and close-ups of agile fingers and thumbs, usually male but sometimes strangely unerotic female ones with long squared-off nails. Of course, many of these reviewers have an advantage over their motoring counterparts in that they have the technical skill to edit their own work, almost always by eliminating all manner of punctuation from their spiel in order to reduce overall length. By so doing, they convey the completely false impression of being able to talk expertly for 10-15 minutes without drawing a single breath. To their credit I have yet to see this technique among car reviewers.
  24. I suspected as much. Still, the mind boggles...
  25. RC300h review

    The nature and tone of motoring journalism have been heavily influenced by Top Gear, in which the desire to entertain became as important as the informative content, with biased opinions tending, not unnaturally, to be more amusing than earnestly expressed objective ones. But where Clarkson & Co., succeeded on the strength of individual talents and personality and generous production resources, few of their many imitators on the Web, exemplified at the worst extreme by the HJ guy inspiring this thread, should be encouraged to quit their day job (assuming they have one).