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  1. Hi all, Cleaned & greased the front brakes on my is200-could tell they needed doing with the steering wheel woble at speed and the creaking sound when parking. The slide pins were sized-used molykote grease, see how that performs.
  2. Hi, Just a thought,try cleaning the contacts on the door interior light switches. Be careful not to lose the wire as there isn't much spare (tie a piece of string just behind the spade connector). Hope this helps.
  3. Passed, 73000 miles still drives and looks like new.
  4. Hi, Removed rear brake pads cleaned & regreased. Also adjusted hand brake-ready for test tomorrow on my 2004 is200 auto.
  5. I use silicone sealant for my no. plates. Rough up the surfaces to ensure a good key then use masking tape to hold in place.
  6. Hi all. I am looking for a weatherproof top cover for my is200. With provision to fit over the rear mounted roof areial. Any help appreciated.
  7. Front Tyre Wear

    I can also recommend wheels in motion at Chesham, Sorted my is200-worth the journey.
  8. Just clocked 123456 miles today. In my partners 2000 is200 6speed (was mine up to about 5yrs ago when I bought my 2004 is200 auto). She says it's still my car just in her name! Good to drive an auto and manual.
  9. Hoovered the air and pollen filters. Plenty of life left in them-must be the Yorkshire man in me...
  10. Thought it was only me!
  11. Hi, Like your is300. If you are getting steering wheel wobble it could be the wheels need balancing or can be that the front brake caliper slide pins are siezed-clean and lubricate with silicone grease, I have had the same problem on my is200. For service/repair I can recommend Dave at Lex-Tek Autos. 01909 774 300. Hunter alignment is good but most use Lexus factory settings which still causes the front tyres to ware on the inner edges. So - Tony Bones @ Wheels in Motion in Chesham has his own settings to eliminate this problem 01494 797825. Worth the trip as I went about 3 weeks ago. My is200 feels to handle better + the steering wheel is straight. Hope all that helps.
  12. Rear view mirror

    Not yet but i still do. I wanted to remove it before I had a new windscreen fitted last Monday, since getting my is200 back the mirror vibrates-feels loose on the bonded mounting. So will be having a go soon.
  13. Rear view mirror

    Thanks for the replies, I will give it a go.
  14. France Did 'La Route Napoleon' about 3 years ago in the is200 auto then on to Nice-brilliant.
  15. Hi all, I'm wanting to remove the rear view mirror on my 2004 is200. I understand its bonded to the glass, do I turn it to the left or right? Thanks for any help.