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  1. It really isn't obvious, but yes start with BBC and save a couple of favourites you should then be able to find all on the BBC Multiplex, then once you do finally pick another nationwide station on something like the D1 national multiplex again bookmark it. You can then usually manually search all the other stations on that multiplex with your Media Dial. Lovely car absolutely dreadful infotainment experience.
  2. I have them and they are more a gimmick than a safety feature. They are too late switching off so you are going to annoy a lot of oncoming cars. So I tend to leave them off and use them manually.
  3. Pre Facelift models were Mirrorlink 1.0 and it only came when you didn't have Navigation of any sort. With the Facelift models everything with Standard Nav has mirrorlink and it is now version 1.1 This is important because Mirrorlink 1.1 locks your phone out when in use. Checkout my post when I got my current Sport, I have it working fine, but its an absolute bag of nails. Sygic for Satnav is awful, even the standard Nav is better, and Rockscout for Spotify should be a winner but I have yet to get it to play a song all the way through without it cutting out for a few seconds. So I just gave up and use Tom Tom on the phone and Spotify over Bluetooth. I tried 3 mirrorlink phones too, my current Huawei P10, a HTC M9 and by far the best of the bunch was an old Samsung S6 but it's just all far too buggy.
  4. GDPR should stop that now, and what's that I can see? is it those pigs flying by 😡
  5. The only bug that really annoys me with the USB is if you stop the car while playing USB and forget to restart the track when you next start the car it reverts to track 1 folder 1 on the USB Stick. I swear every-time I forget. The only work around I've found is just start the playing track as soon as you start the car (sometimes a couple of times) and then it can normally sort itself out, you know when it will work when the mini dash screen shows the track info again.
  6. The USB media is OK but I think it struggles a little with the ID3 tags embedded into the files. In the end I pretty much stripped all my files of theirs and rebuilt with very basic info Artist ; Album ; Track ; Track Number ; Genre and I also changed all embedded album art to 120 x 120 size. With each artist name as the First folder on the USB stick and then just a single folder for each album under this. After doing this the wheel navigation on my standard infotainment works fine. Can View happily via Artist ; Track ; Album ; Genre etc and you always get the correct album art and not those awful gracenote pictures.
  7. Yes, almost a total disintegration of my tyre on a dual carriageway. Couldn't even use the gunk not that I even attempted to do this. It probably is the luck of the draw as mine is a company car so the AA came to recover me and took me to Kwik-Fit in Grimsby. Probably took 90 mins from the first call. Different story I guess if that was at night rather than in the day, but I still won't buy a spare or space saver. I also once drove from Stoke to High Wycombe with a puncture, didn't travel over 60mph and stopped at every service area to pump up. Now that one was at night, but luckily I was stopping on a service area hotel so managed to limp around to the petrol station there to pump up for the final 10 miles of journey direct to Kwik-Fit where I left the car and went to work. Forgot to say, I also have a 12v inflator in my boot at all times. Just a Halfords special.
  8. Android Auto / Apple Carplay And who knows we may even eventually get it
  9. Mirrorlink update 6 months on. I now have a Huawei P10 which has mirrorlink, but I only use it for spotify integration. Unfortunately Mirrorlink 1.1 locks the phone out so I only use the mirrorlink when I am happy to use the in built navigation, usually when not bothered about traffic and then the phone ends up in the glove box just doing spotify. Otherwise it's tomtom on the phone on a vent magnet and I just use bluetooth to stream spotify but can't really change the music without looking over your shoulder. It is still buggy, with pops and crackles and pauses but it is better than 6 points touching the phone to change songs. Still feel it's a massive compromise for this level of car. I had a Fiesta from the body shop not long ago and even that had Ford Sync which was Spotify on the Head Unit. Never bothered with the sygic subscription, was £60 for car connectivity and even the Lexus Standard Nav is better
  10. One of mine disappeared too, but I found fake aluminium ones on fleabay for a few £ too, I think £1.99 for 4 delivered, I just ordered these, nowt a man on a galloping horse will notice
  11. My 14 plate SE went back with about 110K on the clock and no issues whatsoever, changed to the Sport now and almost wish I was back in the SE. These Sport Alloys are like putty and I miss the 55mpg I got from the SE. Plus I had premium Nav in the SE, the current standard infotainment setup is pretty basic.
  12. I really notice the difference in downgrading from the 8 speaker Premium Nav in my old SE to the Standard 6 speakers in the new Sport. I'm far too much of a chicken to attempt that though, I just turn up the volume to hide the inadequacies
  13. Thanks, yes I got it up to 48/49 on Eco this week without even trying hard so it will make the difference, but I put it back to normal it's just too lethargic, you might as well call is SLUG rather then ECO , will take the hit on normal.
  14. Tell me about it It's like driving the wife's 1.1 Hyundai , just want to see what it does for consumption to satisfy my curiosity.
  15. I'm going to try a week on ECO and see if its any better, but boy does it knock back the performance. It's going to have to be a massive improvement to make me stay on it.