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  1. In the TSB, a ground loop isolator is added into the cable between the aux socket and the stereo. I had this issue and just added a ground loop isolator myself. I used one like this: This one should also work:
  2. If you don't mind doing it yourself, you could try a Chipex kit:
  3. Changed the fronts on mine a couple of months ago because the Lexus originals squealed badly at low speed. I chose Mintex discs and pads, the whole set was ridiculously cheap on ebay. So far the Mintex's have been fine, no squealing and braking seems on-par with the Lexus originals. I think there is a bit less dust too. On the other hand, the genuine Lexus discs have painted hubs so they don't rust, this doesn't affect performance but it looks nice :)
  4. Sounds like quite a common problem with the VVti system. Some owners report having a top-end rebuild to fix it (with varying success), some report just needing to top-up/change the oil to make it go away, some report just ignoring it without issue. I've not been able to find any mention of a breakdown resulting from this issue. This thread is a good starting point: http://www.lexusowne...-warm-start-up/
  5. Whoah! I've just seen this, excellent work! :hocus-pokus: Can you tell us what kind/thickness of foam you used?
  6. Hahah, yeah, you're right, what was I thinking. Here's the best shot I could find of the standard system:
  7. Ahh, okay, maybe I see what you mean. Perhaps one of the two gaps I've arrowed in this picture needs to be shimmed:
  8. Normski, Do you have the Multimedia system? I just have the standard audio system in my car, and when I removed it I found that the vents were nowhere near the audio unit and so there was nothing to shim.
  9. Yeah, I'd like to solve this problem too. I've searched and searched but can't find out what the solution is. There are a couple of suggestions around that this can be fixed with some short of shim in between the stereo and the heater-body to stop them touching. However, I've had the stereo out and its not at all clear that the heater and stereo touch each other anyway. If anyone has any specific info on this, please post!
  10. Hi Pete, Just read this thread with interest particularly because you mention a DAB module? I've never heard that something like this exists. Is it a Lexus part and if so do you need to have the Multimedia System to use it? Cheers.
  11. Tony's aerial sounds like the one I used on a previous car, it was this one. If I go ahead with DAB again in the IS, I will use it again I think. Do you know which aerial you had Chris? I don't think there are any treatments on the windscreen, only the strip where the wipers park is heated. The FM aerial is just the heated rear screen element so it's pretty hopeless.
  12. Excellent guide, I've just replaced the discs and pads on mine this weekend and wished I'd seen this beforehand! I found this video very useful: (Second half, first half is rear brakes and discs)
  13. Hi Chris, I did a DAB install over Xmas, using a Pure 300di as the unit. I used a interior windscreen aerial (this one) on the passenger-side, the cable tucked neatly into the A-pillar trim down to the dashboard, then between the A-pillar and the dashboard, down the far left-side of the dash (there is an access panel that pops off to do this), then tucked into the top of the passenger footwell carpet before entering the centre console between the carpet and the dashboard and then comes out underneath the ashtray. From there I installed the master-unit in the void under the centre-console panel (the bit that surrounds the gear-stick), there is LOADS of room in there. I placed the control-unit on the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel, just underneath the drivers side vent. For power, I temporarily removed the Lexus stereo and tapped-in to the wires there, this gave me a permanent 12V, an ignition-switched 12V and a ground. I dropped the wires under the ashtray and into the center-console void. I've fitted a few car stereos in my time, and would rate the fitting as being reasonably easy. It looks pretty stock too, nothing is on-show other than the control unit, no visible wires anywhere. At the time, I wanted to remove the center storage compartment so that I could drill a hole in the bottom of it and run the USB-extension into it (the 300di allows MP3 playback from a USB-stick). However I couldn't figure out (or find documentation) on how to remove it. Since then I have found some instructions on how to remove it, I'll dig them out and post them shortly. After all that, results were very disappointing. The Windscreen aerial just wasn't good enough. In my previous two cars I fitted DAB and used a windscreen-mount external aerial in one and a FM-DAB aerial converter in the other and the results were perfectly acceptable. With the interior aerial there were just far too many dropouts. Also, I think the Pure 300DI is crap. It was fine for DAB, but the USB MP3 playback was hopeless. Every time I got in the car it would forget what I'd previously been listening to and I've had to reselect the song. Stupid. For the time being I've ripped the whole lot out and took it back for a refund. I'm not sure what to do next, I might by a cheaper DAB-only unit and just hide it completely in the centre-panel void (I only listen to one station so I don't need to touch the controls) and fit a exterior windscreen aerial to the top left corner of the windscreen, kinda ugly though.
  14. I've read about the shims/spacers being needed but I've never found a definitive description of where exactly they need to go. Anyone know where I might find this? I don't mind pulling the centre unit out (despite having seen the scary video!) but only if I know what to do next! :)