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  1. JSeaman

    New(Ish) Member With A Gs300

    Exactly what I thought, plugs are on the way and I have used iridiums on lpg in the past so agree Is it a hot wire MAF? I'm about 5 minutes from Alfreton! Are you nearby?
  2. JSeaman

    New(Ish) Member With A Gs300

    Steve, Thanks - I was beginning to feel unloved as a newbie :) 4 new tyres went on today, I have made the bonnet shut (the usual cable issue) and found the rear view mirror in the glovebox which is nice. Unfortunately today it developed a fault which I need to fix - it doesn't idle well on petrol or LPG it turns out and today it was stalling a lot in neutral/D not moving. I've got a set of plugs coming but next guesses would be coil pack/ISCV but if you have any ideas I'm all ears? James
  3. I had a GS300 before and I just sold my LS430 to get another, this time on LPG It's a bit of a nail! I need 4 new tyres, a rear view mirror, something is broken on the suspension (will investigate soon), the ABS kicks in at low speed and the LPG is playing up. Not exactly a gem but hey, it was cheap enough
  4. JSeaman

    GUIDE: Sub Removal

    Step 1 - Use a large flatblade screwdriver to ease the cover up (place hand over the top in case it flicks up and hits the windscreen) Step 2 - Raise the head rests to expose a plastic trim cover which you can pop out with a small flatblade screwdriver Step 3 - Use a racthet with an extension to remove the 12mm nut, note that the end of the threaded bar is not threaded which lets the nut sit on the end instead of falling down behind the seat to a magnetic parts tool will help you recover it Repeat this for both sides Step 4 - Pull the centre console trim forward (two clips hold this in place) Step 5 - Remove the 12mm nut holding the rear seat bar in place Step 6 - Depress the flexi strip on the side of the seat and unplug the 3 pin connector for the seat base (I found it easier to work both hand in this gap and do it that way) Repeat on both sides Step 7 - Pull sharply up on the seat base and unhook the 4 retainers (two on each side, one set shown in the second picture) and remove the seat bases. Step 8 - Remove the two 12mm nuts holding the bottom of the seat back in place Step 9 - Insert a large flatblade screwdriver into the seat belt guide and twist it, this takes some force to unclip, then slide out the belts Step 10 - Disconnect the 3 connectors under the seat base (just press and pull affairs). Then remove the variosus restraints with a pair of snips/pliers Step 11 - Disconnect the main wiring connector which sits in front of the wheel arch (again just press and pull) Step 12 - Remove the seat back from the car. Note Unhook the elastic around the seat belt clasp on the way out Step 13 - Remove the two 12mm nuts on the nearside seat back also Step 14 - At this point I just folded the seat back down, I had plenty of room and didn't need to do the wiring disconnection on the nearside but it's up to you Step 15 - Use a couple of flatblade screwdrivers to pop the fasteners out (some call them 'christmas trees'). Put a screwdriver either side and lever it up, can be a bit tricky until you have done one or two Step 16 - Press and pull to disconnect the wiring Step 17 - You can now lift up and slide the parcel shelf down the seat belts as shown Step 18 - Remove the 4 10mm bolts holding the sub in place Step 19 - Disconnect the speaker wiring (press and pull) Step 20 - Remove that sub, it simply lifts out Step 21 - Refitting is easy enough, look through the rear screen while wriggling the parcel shelf back into place Step 22 - Plug connector back in Step 23 - Push the black plastic retainers back down Step 24 - Reconnect the connectors and main wiring to the seat back Step 25 - Hook the bottom of the seat back over the threads as shown Step 26 - Hook the bar at the top of the seat over the threads (this bar moves to make fitment easy) Step 27 - Fasten your two 12mm nuts at the bottom in place Step 28 - Pop your elasticated cover over the seat belt fastener Step 29 - Refit seat belts and clip them down (just press with your hand) Step 30 - Re-route the wiring from the back across the seat base area. Use cable ties or the old connectors to route the wiring loom properly under the seat Step 31 - Hook the nearside seat in place, shown is the moving bar which is hooked over the threads Step 32 - Fit the 12mm nut that joins the seat backs Step 33 - Refit the trim in place Step 34 - Fasten the 12mm nuts to hold the bottom of the seat backs in place Step 35 - Pull the seat belts clear then slide the seat base in. Rejoin the connectors as you go. Once you have wriggled it right back, press down at the front (checking the latches are lined up first of course) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v312/JSeaman/Lexus/LSTRStep35d.jpg Step 36 - Refit the hidden nuts behind the headrests and their covers http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v312/JSeaman/Lexus/LSTRStep36a.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v312/JSeaman/Lexus/LSTRStep36b.jpg Step 37 - Check everything still works! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v312/JSeaman/Lexus/LSTRStep37.jpg Step 38 - Click down the speaker cover, this simply pushes down at each corner http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v312/JSeaman/Lexus/LSTRStep38.jpg
  5. JSeaman

    New Owner With A Warning Light

    Just some closure on this one - got the TIS stuff as per the link above, it can indeed be made to work on a 64 bit machine with a little tweaking and it's a lot more useful than the service menu above. Codes are pointing at cat/lambda sensor in case anyone was wondering
  6. JSeaman

    New Owner With A Warning Light

    Well the good news is that worked a treat and brought me up a service menu. It had a few different areas with 'check' against them. I found holding 'clear' for a while reset them and a recheck didn't bring any of them back. That said, my engine warning light is still on. If any of you are able to interpret this, the data I got under Fr-Display was: 01-d5 440-57- 4 01-d8 178-e1- 1 01-d8 1c0-e1- 1 01-d8 440-e1- 1 01-d8 1f0-e1- 1 01-dc 178-e4- f 01-dc 1c6-37- 1 01-dc 1c0-e4- 4 01-dc 440-e4- 4 01-dc 1f0-e4- 3
  7. JSeaman

    New Owner With A Warning Light

    I'll give it a try, many thanks!
  8. JSeaman

    New Owner With A Warning Light

    OK great, thanks - was hoping to do the old paperclip approach but I suppose it's about time I got a proper reader
  9. JSeaman

    New Owner With A Warning Light

    Thanks - this? ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-VCI-Toyota-Lexus-v8-10-021-OBD2-Diagnostic-Interface-TIS-Techstream-/321241667060?pt=UK_Diagnostic_Tools_Equipment&hash=item4acb7ed5f4
  10. Hi all, I just picked up my first LS430, crikey these things are equipped! Probably the best spec car I've ever had and the ride quality is almost as good as a Bentley (the gadgets are way better!). Very pleased in general and the kids love the buttons for the back seats. I do have the engine warning light on but it drives fine so I'm assuming lambda sensor or similar - before I spend hours googling, is there a paperclip method to get error codes out rather than an OBDII reader? James