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  1. I've just had the wheels re-finished last week on my 2008 RX400h and have only just noticed that they have discarded the chrome metal hexagon tyre dust caps and just fitted plain black plastic ones. They have put new tyre valves in the wheels but I think they should have re-fitted the original dust caps which have been on the car since new. I will call them tomorrow but it's odds on that they will have binned them or lost them. Anybody any idea how much they are to replace ?
  2. Nice one ! Mmm, let's see, jampot, full width rear hub, barrel finned front hub, auto a/r timing cover...... I'l go '55 G3L ? 😀 I'm a Matchless man meself - here's my '54 G80 built to look like a comp replica...
  3. Gotta be China would you say, John ? I had a similar problem with some chrome radiator trims for my Harley V Rod that I bought from China - the Harley ones were silly stupid money so I went for Chinese ones that were silly stupid cheap, looked great.... but didn't quite fit right. I managed to get them fitted in the end but it took a fair bit of modding. You'd think there would be a manufacturer out there who would make pattern parts to a decent quality for these expensive vehicles and sell them at a reasonable, but not too good to be true, price. Thanks for that Nicole. To be honest I'm into my fifth year of owning this RX400h and, as it's cost me the square root of naff all in repairs, I guess I can take the odd hit when I have to. PS. You didn't by any chance used to drive a Renault Clio did you ?
  4. Yep, that's the same one that I got John, but the top plastic 'hooks' are way off. Two of us, as I said, trying for half an hour to get it to fit - no chance. Hmmnn, could it be me ? Well I had to temporarily refit the cracked original - 10 seconds and I had it clicked nicely back into place, so I'll say no. Cheers Dan
  5. My LH passenger door wing mirror suffered a cracked glass after a minor clash with a Transit van - the plastic mirror casing was not even scratched but the glass is cracked and leaking fluid. After recovering from the shock of being told the price of a replacement from Lexus I thought I would try a £15 ebay mirror with heater element (but not auto dim) - got to be worth a punt, or so I thought. My advice - don't bother! The plastic mounting tags are just not made accurate enough and after about 30 minutes of struggling I thought I'd better call it a day before I damaged the internal mirror mechanism by trying to force it into position. I've ordered a genuine Lexus mirror now, discounted, from an online supplier, but still the wrong side of £200.
  6. Car looks an absolute peach - same year as mine (but mine's silver). How are your alloy wheels holding up - are they still on original paint ?
  7. My Missus decided to spend an hour chatting to her mother and then her friend, on the Bluetooth, sat in the 400h after work, in the multistorey with the ignition on but not turned to the 'Ready' position !! We got it started with jump leads from her friends Ford KA about three minutes before lock up..... oh, the ignominy of it !! Dan
  8. Hi Peter I had my RX400h 60k/6yr full service done by my local Toyota main dealer H.W.Moon and it cost £364.21p - that's everything including new spark plugs - that was 18 months ago. I had it serviced again about six months ago and it was £103.12p - I presume that was a lubrication or intermediate service. No issues to report. I don't know if Moons are your local Toyota dealer but they are very good - I bought a new Hi Ace van off them thirteen years ago and they've looked after it ever since - I think the only repair I've had on it that wouldn't be classed as normal wear and service is a new radiator about four years ago. It's now done 126,000 miles (nothing for a Hi Ace van I know).
  9. Never had any problems with the car not starting when stood unused but I think the longest it has been left is for about 12 days when we were away on holiday, however....... ...... a couple of months ago the wife went to work and parked in the multi storey, as usual, came out from work at 5.30 and got in the car and switched the ignition on (but not all the way to the 'READY' position).... and then decided to phone her mother using the cars bluetooth system - on for about 40 minutes (wtf !) when she had an incoming call from her friend, which she took - on for a further 20 minutes (WTF !). Of course, you guessed it, when the time came....no starty ! By this time it was 6.30pm, the car park closes and is locked at 7.00pm (no exceptions from mr Jobsworth car park attendant) and I only have my Hi Ace van.... which is too tall for the car park ! A quick call to her friend, who has a Ford Ka, saw us dash round to the car park and get the jump leads on and the car started with about five minutes to spare.... phew ! ...if only everything in,life was as reliable as a Ka ! No further problems, car started next day fine but to be on the safe side, a week later I booked it in to my local Toyota dealer and had a genuine Toyota replacement battery fitted - £93 all in. Dan
  10. Hi Chris I use Falcon Workshop Supplies for ss nuts, bolts, washers, screws etc - cheaper than cheap but not sure if they do multipacks of common sizes. They have thousands of items listed so maybe have a search through. I bought the bolts for my roof bar blanking kit rather than buy Lexus ones - about a tenth of the price ! I would think that everything would be metric on a Lexus but I don't know for sure. I'm also renovating my '81 TR7 DHC which has a mix of UNC, UNF and metric and Falcon have been able to supply everything I need. They also have stuff like flanged bolts which manufacturers seem to use. Cheers Dan
  11. Had the same problem with mine over the last couple of months - drivers mirror was only dipping about 20% of what it used to and the passenger about 50%. So, this morning whilst parked on my drive and with the car switched on, I selected reverse and then pressed the adjustment button to maximum downwards position, then back up to maximum upwards position and then back again. I did this a few times with each mirror to run them through the full range of travel to 'exercise' the motors - the result - both mirrors now dipping normally, as they did when I bought the car. I can't say whether the motors were lazy or whether the mirrors just needed adjusting, if that's possible, but it's fixed them.... at least for the moment. Dan
  12. Does my 07 RX400h have a low tyre pressure warning light? I can't see it mentioned in the owners handbook but I just had two new tyres fitted and they didn't change the valves (even though it was specified in the quote) so am wondering if it has anything to do with it.
  13. I always read it as All Wheel Drive... ...also, it always intensely annoys me how dealers have a '4x4' section where you typically find that virtually none of the cars for sale are actually four wheel drive (think Kia Sportage etc, yes, they do an awd but it's a rare beast on the forecourt). Surely 4x4 means four wheels, four of which are driven ? Could the dealers be guilty of misrepresentation ? rant over ! :megaangry: