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  1. Good stuff. Just checking with Mrs. P, but may try to do the whole weekend, and stay at a local Travel Lodge on the Saturday night? It's a good 3hr drive for normal cars, so maybe an hour for me?!?! Lol. Look forward to seeing some new faces. Will confirm plans as soon as possible. Cheers, Pete
  2. Sorry to see this Etienne. Personally, I'd probably go with removing both the engine and gearbox. Good opportunity to give it a once over and also do the sparkplugs whilst it's out of the engine bay. Don't believe there were any fundamental changes to the gearbox design throughout the entire production run? I'd ask over on the US forum to be sure, but I am sure you should be ok fitting a post 2009 gearbox to your car. Hope you get it sorted out my friend. All the best, Peter
  3. Horses for courses with things like this, uprated my Supra engine mounts and loved them. I’m willing to try it if Rafi and Simon have endorsed it. Sure, could be a $200 mistake, but maybe not...... If it does cause me issues, will buy a new set of OEM mounts. Given my car is an 08, and under added strain and stress, probably good to start buying up and changing out the rest of the bushes. If their USRS are anything to go by, I’m confident these will be beneficial.
  4. Like you honestly have to ask?! Lol. I’ll happily carry on being the RR-Racing UK test dummy!
  5. Hi, planning to do mine soon. Probably go with the more cost effective Cusco LSD offering from RR-Racing, or pay a bit more for the more commonly used OS Giken offering. Lee at SRD in West Sussex will be tasked with the swap (re-use your existing diff casing etc). He didn’t think it would be too tricky to fit, apparently the Supra and IS-F diff’s are very similar.
  6. No, I don't agree. More because I can't understand the stigma/issue over an extra 10/12p a litre over regular unleaded? If you get 40 litres of V-Power at £1.50 a litre (not accurate price as I can't remember what it is near me at the moment!), that's £60 all in. If you have a 20p off a litre coupon or voucher, that equates to a life changing saving of £8. Now personally the additives and R&D I know Shell put in for their fuels is worth the extra to give me peace of mind. Each to their own, but I see it the same way as with tires, wouldn't run remolds or budget tires on my high performance car, so why would I run cheap/normal fuel?!
  7. Yes, religiously use V-Power in both our cars. In fairness, wife’s Juke has to have V-Power (Nissan Juke Nismo RS), and with the supercharger on mine, I’d never use anything else unless it was life or death......
  8. Post your Pics

    Like you’re thinking, but may impact acceleration times and top speed!
  9. Agree with what everyone has said, get what you pay for I believe. Not many about, some are really nasty unloved examples with little or no service history (missed services, no recalls done, budget tires fitted). If these ever get the notice they deserve, prices will only go up. As we have been saying, the IS-F was the first true performance model from Lexus, pre-dating the legendary LF-A, and more recently the RC-F and GS-F. If you want a good one, you’ll need a good amount of money. If you don’t mind a gamble given the strong reliability record (just remember this is only true if the car in question is serviced properly, allowed time to warm up before being driven hard etc), cheap examples are out there. Some higher mileage cars are also fine, just get them checked over thoroughly and make sure there’s at least one service per year or every 10k miles. Best of luck.
  10. As did the 300ZX Z32 models.
  11. F recall

    Should have stuck with the IS-F..... Don't make these new F cars like they used to! Lol.
  12. Post your Pics

    Must be cold in this weather though? Looks great, may be tempted when I’m done with the bigger more pressing jobs like finding some traction! Lol.
  13. Fox isF exhaust

    Looking to modify already?! Nice! . Don't go getting carried away now, not like they do a supercharger kit for the RC-F yet........ Be nice if more IS-F products come down in price, risk is companies move on and stop producing parts for us old timers!
  14. Excellent stuff Etienne. Sounds like it's probably the cooler leak discussed over on the US forum, or something less serious than a head gasket failure at the very least! Look forward to hearing further once you hear back from Lexus. Fingers crossed it's nothing too serious or costly.
  15. Hey Etienne, Can you check inside oil cap please? Need to see if there are any signs of a mayonnaise type gunk in there. If so, looking like a blown head gasket, which would be extremely odd and rare. Personally liking the US suggestion about the gearbox cooler in the radiator failing, still not ideal, but has to be better than a head gasket failure?