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  1. Hey Dan, That’s a shame mate. Are you sure it wasn’t just bad photography skills? Shame you can’t find the photo to share here, but I’ve reached out via the US site to see if I can find out a bit more mate. I’m probably still going to take the plunge as a guinea pig on these. Do you have a guy who can get me a set now by any chance? Is Toni the same contact on the fronts, or is it someone else? PM me the details if you prefer fella. 👍😎 Good luck with your OEM upgrades. Cheers, Pete 😊
  2. Welcome Mike, Sounds like you’re a true car guy, so should enjoy the GSF and what it represents. I’m guessing you’ll not be searching to add extra ponies to bring this up to a similar spec to your Gordon-Keeble, but maybe a few bits can be done once the warranty is up. I’m a big fan of mods, and have enjoyed the success so far modding my ISF. It’s still the only supercharged example I believe in the U.K. and possibly Europe, so that only adds to the sense of occasion when I get to drive it. Cheers for now, Pete 😎👍
  3. Hey Dan, Surely VLAND will wire these to prevent any errors or hyper flash issues? Their rears were simple plug ‘n’ play, so I’m not expecting the fronts to be any different.... Install should be relatively straightforward, but you will need to remove your front bumper, although it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. If people are unsure or want someone to be a guinea pig, I’m happy to buy the first set at normal cost, and do a write up on them? Doubt you’ll get 10 orders otherwise.
  4. Thanks. They are wired up as additional brake lights and rear lights. If lights are off, and I brake, they illuminate along with the other 3 brake lights (5 in total). If you have lights on, they illuminate, but when you brake, they light up brighter as additional brake lights as well. Pretty sure they still reflect if they aren’t powered up, so if you drive up on the car parked up, they do reflect still. They aren’t expensive (Amazon) at under £20 a set, and wiring isn’t that difficult for a DIY, or you can ask a good ICE or alarm fitting company to do it for you. I’ve used connector blocks this time around as the LED’s do burn out after a while (had my first set a couple of years before they started to go out/play up). Will make wiring a new set much more straightforward. Hope that helps, but let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers, Pete
  5. That's odd, this video from the US forum shows the indicators a lot clearer?
  6. Hey, only seen them on the show car you see towards the end of the demo video. Don't believe anyone is running them on a normal daily driver just yet, as they are due for release in a couple of weeks I believe.....
  7. Hey Dan, Take it you mean we need 10 sets of headlights not rears? Or am I getting confused?! Lol. I'm game for a set as and when you are ready to place the order mate. Will be a nice early Xmas present to myself!
  8. That’s a solid point, I’d be surprised if they have the tech to cover AFS as I know most US models were sold without it.... The fix most guys use States side is to remove or black out the AFS light in the cluster. Worth asking your guy Dan, as could be an issue for some folks.
  9. Just a quick update. Car sailed through the MOT yesterday, so I’m guessing the rear lights and smoked LED bumper reflectors weren’t an issue. Just thought I’d share for anyone who was concerned before buying the rear lights from a legality perspective. Obviously every tester/garage will have their own views on modifications, but I’d be surprised if anyone fails on these.
  10. Here’s my daily/Winter wagon. Bought for the princely sum of £600, with only 72k miles, and I’ve done a fair bit to it for reliability purposes (new set of tires, timing belt, water pump, plugs, ht leads, complete exhaust, fresh fluids). Probably cost me £1k in parts, so still under £2k total. This is a 1.6L, 5-spd manual with air con (had it re-gassed, icy cold now), does 80-85mph at a push, and is returning around 35-38mpg. It’s also a very basic/easy to maintain 4WD system, so most weather isn’t a problem. I also have carried some obscene loads to the tip, brought the new television home (all 65’ glorious inches! Lol). It’s a life saver, love it.
  11. Indeed, I personally think they should be fine. Will let you guys know how it gets on. 👍😎
  12. Funnily enough mine is due in for an MOT in the next week or so, I’m using my local garage, but they won’t be pulling any punches in terms of passing etc. I’ll let you guys know how it gets on. Not expecting any issues though as it’s still very clear what I’m doing with the smoked finish (braking, turning, hazards etc).
  13. Brake Caliper Specialists (BCS). See their site here: These guys do work for high end dealers as well as private jobs. If they are good enough for the likes of McLaren, they are good enough for me! Lol.
  14. Spooky! Lol. I highly recommend BCS, we made a weekend of it when I had mine done. Stayed up there, did some shopping, came back. The guys turned it around super quick, and were really nice to deal with. They hadn’t seen an ISF before, but were very complimentary about the car. Not cheap, but I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. Agree 100% on the rear lights. Here’s hoping we have the same result with the fronts. 👍😎
  15. Hi Dan, Or just get your existing Brembo’s re-finished in a nice orange colour? BCS did a great job on mine. Been over a year with no issues whatsoever. You can buy the decals like the ones on the RCF/GSF as well I believe? Sure someone did this in the States a while back... How are you liking your VLAND’s? Look good. 👍😎