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  1. Hi, guessing you’re talking about Elvin? If so, I’ve had a few bits from him so far and have no complaints whatsoever. Not cheap as you mentioned, but you get what you pay for with carbon parts I tend to find. Had the steering wheel, centre trim around the shifter, cluster surround, pieces on sides of the tunnel, inner door handle covers. All spot on in terms of fit, finish and quality. Installation is pretty straightforward, but you should invest in a set of trim removal tools and take your time. I’m based in Kent, but happy to help if you fancy a drive? Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. Cheers, Pete
  2. All cleaned ready for TunerFest South at Brands Hatch tomorrow. 👍😎
  3. Thanks Matt, unfortunately it didn’t make the reserve. If anyone here is interested, I’m willing to take £20k, but needs to be a quick sale. If you can spread the word, or send anyone my way, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks guys.
  4. Hey Deron, Thanks for the kind words. It would be a steal at £21k, but not holding my breath at the moment! Really hope it does sell to a deserving owner who will cherish and enjoy it as much as I have. Didn't track it due to being too loud mate. It can be toned down by Hayward & Scott, but I didn't want to lose the awesome growl! Lol. Car would sell for more if I wanted to part it out, but that would be such a shame after all the blood, sweat and tears building it!
  5. Afternoon All, On the off chance anyone is interested in my car, the current auction on eBay is due to end on Saturday at lunchtime. Bidding has reached just over £18k, and for those interested, the reserve is set at £21k. Provided the reserve is met before the end of the auction, car WILL be sold to the highest bidder. I don’t intend to pull the ad early, as I’ve had a couple of time wasters already. Highly doubt anything like this will come up again anytime soon, so please do get in touch if you have any questions. I’ll be sad to see it go, but hopefully someone out there can get more use out of it than I can and will love it as much as I do. Appreciate any help spreading the word or pointing this out to any potential buyers they come across. Thanks all, Pete
  6. Thanks Paul, thanks to all of you for the well wishes, it will never be goodbye, still plan to help out and offer advice for anyone that wants it. Car won’t be going anywhere unless I can get what I feel is a fair price. Current bid doesn’t fill me with much confidence, but had some calls and emails that were a lot more encouraging. If it’s meant to be, then it will go to a new home. If not, that’s no hardship either! Has been a real labour of love, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.
  7. Very nice! Sound investment as well given they don’t make these anymore, so will appreciate over time. Had a friend who sadly died that owned two of them! One first generation, and the other was one of the last ones ever to roll of the production line. Was an ACR, in white with the blue stripe. His first generation was red with some crazy mileage of 2k or so, he had no kids, so these were his babies! Lol. Hope you have many happy smiles per gallon together! Cheers, Pete 🙂
  8. Afternoon Folks, Just thought I would chime in and clear up a few points. No, car wasn't offered on here, being an owners club, most people already have an IS-F, so are less likely to be in the market for one. I also didn't want to break the rules by advertising without Gold Membership status. Regarding the price, even if someone does offer me close to the buy it now price (£26k), this is well under half what I have spent on the car. If I was trying to recoup my costs, the price would be over £50k. If you are looking to buy an IS-F, then tune/modify the car to make big horsepower you would spend a lot more to make a stock car look/perform like mine does. Also keep in mind the modifications are not extreme like most (no neon lights, lairy colours, spinners etc), car is still very subtle, and can be used daily if the new owner so chooses. If the current bids and offers are anything to go by, car won't be going anywhere. Worth pointing out I had a genuine offer of £17,500 which I respectfully declined. If you were in the market for a Japanese saloon that has over 600hp and is reliable, you would be hard pushed to find anything under £30k. I have no grief or ill feelings towards anyone on this forum, nor do I have an issue with people having their opinions, but to try and say modifications de-value a car or don't add any value is wrong. If you notice 'The Hulk' GTR is also advertised on eBay at the moment. I know the tuner who built it, Severn Valley Motorsport (SVM) and they want £155k obo. If you apply the it's a 2009 model worth £28k book price for trade-in, you would argue this is ridiculously priced, no one will buy it etc. My car is a one-off, the parts used are all high quality items and couldn't be bought/fitted/setup for less than £50k IF that's what you wanted to do. The supercharger kit alone is close to £10k plus the installation, setup, running in etc. I accept the fact I won't get my money back, that's the way it goes with modifying cars. What I will not accept is the idea of giving it away for a silly price. I am not desperate and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the car whatsoever, lack of free time is the main driver for potentially finding the car a new home. It is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, but if that price is too low, it won't sell as I would rather keep it. Hope that clears things up and if it did find a good home, rest assured I would still be around to help folks out with any technical issues or modifications they might need in the future. Cheers, Pete
  9. Hey Dan, That’s a shame mate. Are you sure it wasn’t just bad photography skills? Shame you can’t find the photo to share here, but I’ve reached out via the US site to see if I can find out a bit more mate. I’m probably still going to take the plunge as a guinea pig on these. Do you have a guy who can get me a set now by any chance? Is Toni the same contact on the fronts, or is it someone else? PM me the details if you prefer fella. 👍😎 Good luck with your OEM upgrades. Cheers, Pete 😊
  10. Welcome Mike, Sounds like you’re a true car guy, so should enjoy the GSF and what it represents. I’m guessing you’ll not be searching to add extra ponies to bring this up to a similar spec to your Gordon-Keeble, but maybe a few bits can be done once the warranty is up. I’m a big fan of mods, and have enjoyed the success so far modding my ISF. It’s still the only supercharged example I believe in the U.K. and possibly Europe, so that only adds to the sense of occasion when I get to drive it. Cheers for now, Pete 😎👍
  11. Hey Dan, Surely VLAND will wire these to prevent any errors or hyper flash issues? Their rears were simple plug ‘n’ play, so I’m not expecting the fronts to be any different.... Install should be relatively straightforward, but you will need to remove your front bumper, although it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. If people are unsure or want someone to be a guinea pig, I’m happy to buy the first set at normal cost, and do a write up on them? Doubt you’ll get 10 orders otherwise.
  12. Thanks. They are wired up as additional brake lights and rear lights. If lights are off, and I brake, they illuminate along with the other 3 brake lights (5 in total). If you have lights on, they illuminate, but when you brake, they light up brighter as additional brake lights as well. Pretty sure they still reflect if they aren’t powered up, so if you drive up on the car parked up, they do reflect still. They aren’t expensive (Amazon) at under £20 a set, and wiring isn’t that difficult for a DIY, or you can ask a good ICE or alarm fitting company to do it for you. I’ve used connector blocks this time around as the LED’s do burn out after a while (had my first set a couple of years before they started to go out/play up). Will make wiring a new set much more straightforward. Hope that helps, but let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers, Pete
  13. That's odd, this video from the US forum shows the indicators a lot clearer?