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  1. So a set of 4 will be how much? Sounds like a lot! Think we got a quote for custom CCW wheels from the States for just over £3K, so these are lumpy. Appreciate they will be custom spec’d, but same for most manufacturers/suppliers. Thanks for asking though Paul, not trying to shoot the messenger! Lol.
  2. Lol, why stop there? Thinking plinth and sealed bubble...... 🤔😜😂😂
  3. Lol, that’s what cleaning and detailing are for! 😉😂😂
  4. Think I gained more in the top end, but car just feels more happy in any gear at any speed if that makes sense.... Got a set of PPE performance cats welded in to keep MOT happy etc. 😎👍
  5. Lol, I’m happy to spec it with your money, and Lee P at SRD is more than capable of working the spanner’s etc...... 😉😂😂
  6. Add a supercharger kit?? Now you have something different and more powerful than any M4! Lol.
  7. Hi Guys, No, RCF and ISF headers are different designs. As mentioned, it’s all about the layout/routing, so you would need different designs for each car. As a proud owner of the unequal length PPE headers, have to say these make a big difference. Car will thank you for changing out the frankly rubbish OEM design. Really restrictive and I struggle to see how Lexus allowed them to be on the car to be honest! Good luck with this, hopefully you can get a few folks signed up. Cheers, Pete
  8. Worth asking if you don’t mind please mate? Have a feeling they won’t sadly! 😔
  9. Like those a lot! Guessing they won’t offer them in the sizes I want next though? Looking for the following: 19 x 9.5 with an offset of 49 up front, and 19 x 11 with an offset of 61 at the rear.... Should allow me to run 265/35/19’s up front, and whopping 305/30/19’s at the back. That should help put some of my new found power to the tarmac! Lol. If not it’s spend some money time as I’ll be ordering a set of CCW’s from the States early next year hopefully!
  10. I know Cezar, I'll still set off as planned at 5:30am, going to be a long day, but I'm sure i'll enjoy every second of it! Should sleep well when we get to the hotel! Nice thing for me and anyone closer to Kent is we will be roughly half way by the time we reach Toddington services, so we can probably afford to take a 15-20min breather/restroom break anyway.
  11. I will stick to my plan in terms of timing Dan, we can always stooge for the 15mins Cezar needs to meet up at 7:15am. If we get there earlier, sounds like you'll be hanging around! Lol.
  12. Hey Dan, So AA route planner reckons it’s roughly 75 miles from my house to Toddington Services, and should take around 1hr 22mins to get there. It also reckons it’s 162 miles from mine to Lexus Derby, and should take around 2hrs 48mins. I was planning to be on the road by 5:30am, so in theory that would mean we would be at Toddington services around 7am, and would reach Lexus Derby around 8:30am or so.... Thing is we won’t know how bad traffic will be or if there will be any accidents or delays, so do we think this sounds ok, or should we aim to leave earlier? It’s not a bank holiday, and pretty early for folks to be on the roads in force I reckon, but we are travelling a fair old way, so happy to go with the flow. Cheers, Pete
  13. 1. Yes. 2. 1 car - mine. 3. 2 people (Wife & I) 4. No dietary requirements. We also need to start talking timings if we are going to link up, convoy and be at Lexus Derby for 9am or thereabouts..... Going to be an early start, but will be an adventure for sure! 👍😎
  14. Hey Guys, So thought I’d share some photos of the different bits for reference purposes. If you can let me know the cost difference between double and single sided please Dan? Might be worth getting the prices first, then we can all decide which we prefer.... As long as the parts on show are carbon, I’m not worried mate. If you have parts on show that aren’t carbon, you may need to get them painted body colour.... just something to consider as it will be an added cost. Cheers, Pete