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  1. Indeed, I personally think they should be fine. Will let you guys know how it gets on. 👍😎
  2. Funnily enough mine is due in for an MOT in the next week or so, I’m using my local garage, but they won’t be pulling any punches in terms of passing etc. I’ll let you guys know how it gets on. Not expecting any issues though as it’s still very clear what I’m doing with the smoked finish (braking, turning, hazards etc).
  3. Brake Caliper Specialists (BCS). See their site here: These guys do work for high end dealers as well as private jobs. If they are good enough for the likes of McLaren, they are good enough for me! Lol.
  4. Spooky! Lol. I highly recommend BCS, we made a weekend of it when I had mine done. Stayed up there, did some shopping, came back. The guys turned it around super quick, and were really nice to deal with. They hadn’t seen an ISF before, but were very complimentary about the car. Not cheap, but I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. Agree 100% on the rear lights. Here’s hoping we have the same result with the fronts. 👍😎
  5. Hi Dan, Or just get your existing Brembo’s re-finished in a nice orange colour? BCS did a great job on mine. Been over a year with no issues whatsoever. You can buy the decals like the ones on the RCF/GSF as well I believe? Sure someone did this in the States a while back... How are you liking your VLAND’s? Look good. 👍😎
  6. Peter P18

    Post your Pics

    Nice! Like that a lot mate. 😎
  7. Morning All, So Lee has confirmed he simply needs to plug in the Techstream system (Toyota diagnostic tool everyone including the dealerships use) and run a health check on the ECU. That’s it for now. Lee offered to come to you Steve if that’s easier? He reckons it won’t take long at all. Also, Lee confirmed plan may be to have Rafi provide SRD/customers with the maps, and SRD would do the uploading and dyno test for us. They have Techstream already, so no need for the handheld controllers for you guys. Apparently like with the GTR’s, the IS-F at least can’t be live tuned, has to be flashed. Let me know what you prefer Steve. 👍😎 Good weekend folks. Cheers, Pete
  8. Hi Steve, That's brilliant! Let me message Lee today for more details for you. I am under the impression they literally want to plug in their OBD 2 reader and check to see if they can access the ECU. They won't be changing anything or doing any work that could cause issues or CEL's etc. It's just a yes they can or no they can't exercise. I'll be in touch shortly to confirm though Steve. Cheers, Pete
  9. Yes please Dan. Cash flow could be an issue if it's this side of Xmas, but guess it depends on how many takers and when we actually need to pay? I also got the impression from the US site that these haven't been officially released yet, but will be in late November or December..... I am up for a set though if we can drum up enough interest mate.
  10. Hey Stu, All depends on what supporting modifications are done alongside the tune. You’d need to do exhaust, or headers or both along with a tuned intake to see good improvements. An IS-F with these and a tune should be around 60-80 whp up on stock, with around 50-60 torque gained. Think the RC-F would gain a little more, as it’s improved over the IS-F. The weight difference would hinder it though...
  11. Top man Dan, I also posted something on the US forum as they were making enquiries about the headlights as well. I'll share anything I see from that side here as well mate.
  12. The VLAND headlights look the same at the bottom to me? I’ve had my headlights out a few times over the years, so should be fine. 👍😎 Any chance you can do some digging Dan? If they are compatible, can your source offer these to us? I’d be up for a set of the headlights (already have the smoked rears as you know). Just thinking might boost numbers if they can. 😉👍
  13. Correct. You buy the handheld device, plus the map from RR-Racing. If you add more to your car, they can send you a new map to factor in the additional modifications for an additional fee. I doubt SRD would want to map just a handful of IS-F’s, especially after RR-Racing have done all the R&D, testing on their maps. Lee would be the best person to ask (I can check for you?) though. This check is to see if the early RC-F’s can be accessed to upload a new map, won’t actually be adding or changing the OEM settings.
  14. In theory, but RR-Racing already offer the remaps for the IS-F. I think this is a joint project with RR-Racing, so not sure if they would be willing to do them mate. Happy to ask as an aside if you want?
  15. Evening All, Lee Perryman at SRD has asked if I can find a volunteer to pop in to see them with a 2015 or 2016 RC-F that they can plug in to see whether the ECU can be re-programmed.... Lee thinks it will take no more than 30mins, but would be a huge help to see if they can be remapped or not. The workshop is in Haywards Heath. Let me know please folks. Thanks, Pete 👍😎