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  1. GS300 Brake Master Cylinder

    Yes its the booster one with the abs, my brakes have totally failed, do you know if there is a seal kit that can be bought for it, I thought a used item from a Breakers would be worth a go. when you say interchangeable, what do you mean by that.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum, can anyone tell me about the Brake Master Cylinder with abs on a x reg GS300 are seal kits available for them, or is it a case of replacing with another Master Cylinder, I have put a post in wanted on the forum, but any help would be appreciated.
  3. GS300 Brake Master Cylinder

    Hi, Everyone, new to the forum, so hope I am typing in the right area, I am looking for a Lexus GS300 Brake Master Cylinder with abs, my GS300 is an x reg if anyone knows of one available I would appreciate a reply. Kind Regards Steve
  4. Gs300 Wheels

    im open really, if they are nice wheels and will fit, then that will do, my only concern is i need to keep to the 17" wheels as the tyres i have are 235/45/r17 and all very decent, its just width size im not sure about, there seems to be more is wheels available at the moment than gs wheels. thanks for the info on the spare wheel i will take a look.
  5. Gs300 Wheels

    Hi, im new to the lexus forum, just finding my way around, ive just posted i think in the wrong section, but glad i have found this section, my question is, i have a GS300 with 17" Alloy wheels, im looking to replace them with another set of used wheels, the tyres i have are 234/45/r17 ive been on e bay ect looking for a spare set, with a limited busget i might add, lots of wheels being sold are for the is200 17" but my understanding they are 7j and will not fit, but have been told that 7jj would fit, can anyone enlighten me what wheels will go on the gs300, all my tyres are good so dont really want up the wheel size to 18" look forward to any advice.
  6. Hi Everyone, im new to the fourm, have had Lexus cars for a few years now, im looking to replace a set of 17" gs300 wheels, i see some advertised on e bay ect, does anyone know if the is200 wheels are the same, someone confused me with they are 7j and only 7jj would fit, can anyone help me clarify what wheels i can get for it, im not particularly looking for new, i am after used wheels.