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  1. i got these in the otherday ?
  2. agree mate they look great,and are super rare
  3. sounds like the brake accumulator
  4. i have these ready for sale
  5. ive a few alloys around for the sc430 few sets of 19 inch and a set of the later 06 model 18 inch can post up pics if you want
  6. I think your wrong for all sorts of reasons...mainly engineering ones. I would admit if cars have 'equal' mileage the one that has done less runs of low temperature and less stops and starts is far better. By comparison but your not making a comparison.Although I admit cars do need to be driven, high mileage has its pitfalls and they are of course huge. Materials and components are only made to last so long, not in time but in hours of use. Issues such as wear and tear are obvious, not so obvious is temperature cycle degradation. Stops and starts give more wear than many miles of motoring so when you buy a car with high mileage it could be an indication of the issues mentioned but it could be much, much worse if the car has had many stops and starts or short runs below optimum working temperature etc. On average BHP will drop by 30% for every 100,000 miles unless particular measures are taken (often expensive ones) to make some of this this up. The fact is if you have a car from new or from very low miles you know the history and that's important. But when buying a car you have no idea, apart from whats on the clock, so a healthy respect for the deterioration caused by high mileage is sensible. wow my v8 soarer with 225k had 250bhp when new so now its only got just over 100bhp :eerrrmm:
  7. water in the boot toyota and lexus have had this problem on many of there cars for years when i worked at toyota in the 80s,we use to get alot of toyotas coming back with this problem the worst was the mk3 supra and the one before that supra 2.8 the sc430 can also have this problem check the drain tube for blocks and make sure its not come out of its drain hole if it has then the little pockets in the side of the boot fill up ad then it gets nasty and damp in the winter also check boot rubber up around near the rear window
  8. My son says that...But if you don't want quiet I cant see the point in buying a quiet car and making it noisy. There are lots of noisy cars to be had.. i agree,thats why is not noisy its just got that v8 sound :)
  9. road test from a 07 sc430 (6) The SC430's speed-sensitive, power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering somehow manages to get it exactly wrong. The system's too heavy when you'd expect it to be low-effort, and numb and vague when you expect it to sharpen-up. The double wishbone suspension also inverts expectations. It crashes at low speeds and floats when hustled. What's more, visibility is atrocious from inside the pillbox. seems they no better than an old 2001 ?
  10. think you will find a car with high miles that has sat on the motorway all its life is far better than a low millage car that has been sat around and only used around town 100k is nothing,ive had ls400 in here with 300k on them and still sounding mint my old v8 soarer has got 225k and never ever go wrong
  11. said brakes didnt i glad its sorted mate,and just in time for the sun :)
  12. the problem is you can buy the same looking car for half the money yes it may have a 100k on it,but thats nothing for a 4.3 v8 lexus put a plate on it and no one will tell the difference
  13. am on it mate :) i sent him a email,its a mint car for sure but far to much for that year i think the car is 10k and no more,and am really holding out for a silver one,as black is a bitch to keep clean
  14. well i guess you could say that,but on the other hand a quiet sc could be a bit old man
  15. i can do you a much better exhausts than that mate