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  1. 200h

    Satnav coming on

    look at this nav setting
  2. 200h

    Satnav coming on

    turn off the TA's
  3. try this company https://www.car-transplants.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/lexus-is-hybrid-2013-to-2016-transmission-assembly/1/53069 the car in the picture has the premium nav / audio fitted look at picture number 6 to check the controller you have if this isn't the type you have then they do have cars with the standard nav in stock
  4. 200h

    Lexus ct 200h

    does your car actually turn on ??? does the radio turn on ??? does your car work normally i.e. everything works but you can't get to the ready status you need to let us know so we can try and help you a little more. if you did connect the battery the wrong way round?? if so you have probably done some expensive damage to the CT check all your fuses and replace any that have blown you could also check the fuse in the hybrid orange service plug, attached is an image showing the fuse you dont have to take the fuse out of the plug just remove the service plug and with a multimeter as you can test across the connectors. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b&tbm=isch&q=testing+hybrid+service+plug+fuse&chips=q:testing+hybrid+service+plug+fuse,online_chips:prius+hybrid&usg=AI4_-kRNhdJ2tVgl-OKOhF73psKQcuwKrw&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwje_c-4sKTfAhWVs3EKHadqDGgQ4lYINSgO&biw=1920&bih=942&dpr=1#imgdii=vXYuXmIunuFu5M:&imgrc=AJ-uJGfQ_hU2fM:
  5. playing music is a bit hit and miss with voice command
  6. 1) get the end of the wiper rubber and stretch it about 1/2" to release the lug on the end of the blade out of the recess on the refill 2) the pull the wiper rubber at 90° to the blade to remove the refill 3) remove the long metal strips 4) re-fit metal strips into the new refill 5) slide refill into blade making sure the lug on the end of the blade locates in the recess in refill
  7. wiper refills are about £26.00 a pair so not cheap if you give yourself 5 minutes you can do the job and be finished, i've replaced the rubbers a few times over the years and they have always worked well afterwards.
  8. 200h

    Adaptive Cruise control.

    todays road sign assistant blunder 80 MPH shown on dash as the maximum speed limit
  9. the amp should be under the panels in the rear drivers quarter
  10. 200h

    Windscreen Washer issue

    locate the non return valve and swap the 2 outlets around if its the non return valve at fault the drivers side nozzle will work and the passenger wont if not looks like a blocked nozzle here is the valve you are looking for https://www.amazon.co.uk/Koauto-Washer-Windshield-Toyota-85321-28020/dp/B07F36P2CL 1 inlet from the pump and 2 outlets to windscreen
  11. i use voice recognition every day for dialing phone numbers and very rarely have an issue with it ...this is in my IS though i wouldn't of thought the model would make any difference as i'm sure the voice recognition is the same across the brand
  12. 200h

    Adaptive Cruise control.

    my IS300h F sport is 18mths old on a 17 plate tbh i prefer the cruise control i had on my last Is300h (63 plate) over my new car
  13. 200h

    Aftermarket radio

    i have a feeling the wiring harness has a quadlok system here is a link for a quadlok to iso radio fittings https://www.amazon.co.uk/QUADLOCK-Universal-Adapter-Connector-Harness/dp/B009ERHMDI i am sure there will be someone who knows 100% what the fitting is
  14. 200h

    Adaptive Cruise control.

    i wouldnt say its been used outside of working specs ,what i would say is everything is black or white...yes or no to a computer and when going round a corner it cant tell if the reflected signal is from a vehicle in the same lane or the lane next to you, when it first happens it can take you by surprise one minute your doing 70 the next your doing 60 i dont surpose its a good feeling for the driver behind you when the lane in front is clear but your car brakes firmly for no apparent reason .
  15. 200h

    Adaptive Cruise control.

    i've had it report speed limits in Kph god knows where that came from