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  1. evening Darren , yes i had the same outcome as well i am thinking about relocating the mic to see if that helps.
  2. i have had the microphone replaced and there is no difference but i have found some settings that i have just applied and yet to try out you need to get into the service mode by doing the following steps press and hold the menu button and flick the headlights between off & on 3 times the service menu will appear then select HF voice quality setting i have set mine to 2000 hands free voice quality setting.pdf
  3. my word ricky i noticed your average mpg in your video 29.9 mpg has it always been that low in winter i used to return mid 50 mpg up to 63 mpg in summer . if you normally return a higher mpg this may also be a pointer to the hybrid system having developed an issue.
  4. there are no generators as such buit into the brakes the regeneration comes from mg2
  5. i have found there are 40 right hand bends and 33 left hand bends on the nurburgring this is probably the reason for BMW'S veering to the right hand lane or maybe it the tracking set up from the factory
  6. just had a look on jap-parts https://jp-carparts.com/toyota/cartypelist.php?maker=lexus&type=232110 as paul has said the parts are the same
  7. my old 63 plate and my current 17 plate both had the premium nav i found the audio sounded good a little more bass wouldn't go a miss though
  8. if you have the premium nav you have an 8 speaker setup including a sub on the parcel shelf so there should be a location for a sub without having to cut a hole ,i think the hole is for an 8" sub
  9. since you've come from a Bmw here is a short SOP for using the indicators. the stalk is located to the left of the steering wheel move it upwards when turning RIGHT and move it downwards when turning LEFT if you notice a green light on the dashboard going on and then off this is normal nothing to be concerned about no need to contact dealership. 😀
  10. when i bought my current IS from lexus liverpool the prep work before you collect was pretty poor, the car had some scratches down the side and on the bonnet in the lacquer but when you are buying using pcp if you hand the car back you will be charged for these repairs even though they where present at purchase, lexus liverpool did take the car back in and have them rectified ,i do feel any damage present at purchase should be noted to make sure you wouldn't be liable at the end of the term if you choose to hand it back. besides this lexus liverpool are really good to deal with and nothing is to much trouble for them.
  11. it makes sense that the high beam light is off but you are still blinding oncoming road users
  12. it is the IS300h shada, mincey was comparing the IS300h transmission to his old IS250 transmission
  13. when i had a CT i wanted a auto dimming rear view mirror lexus wanted £660 without the wiring plug i bought a 2nd hand auto dimming mirror off a honda accord for £25 as it fitted on the windscreen mount, when i sold the car i sold the mirror for the same amount.
  14. i dont know why we are all surprised with lexus prices we will always be overcharged and ripped off by lexus because they can. here is a link from jayson's post regarding the cost of a door mirror glass how can lexus justify the replacement cost..... simply put they can't .