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  1. you have to drive the 300 miles as all battery condition code has been erased, during the 300 miles new codes are created and stored and from these codes the condition of the battery can be evaluated.
  2. i have found where the clips are located today to remove the mirror assembly these are on the right hand end i have now felted the back of the sliding cover to stop the rattle i had.
  3. this is the pedal box that i've used its brilliant , lag is reduced making the car more drivable https://www.diesel-performance.co.uk/tuning/car/lexus/is-iii/300h-ave30_-181ps133kw-2494-ccm/#go
  4. does anyone know how to remove the mirror assembly from the drivers side sunvisor, mine has a little rattle in it ,if i gently tap on the left hand side of the opening i can make the rattle happen, the passenger side is fine. any advise would be great
  5. i have just checked my foot parking brake and i get 6 clicks before the car holds i'm sure the pedal didn't travel that far when i purchased the car , how many clicks can other IS owners count.
  6. here is a link incase you need a replacement hybrid battery 2nd hand its £699 inc postage https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/401792132135
  7. you could try demon tweaks https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/
  8. i have just finished removing the centre console on my IS the only part that may catch you out is a hidden screw on the drivers side once the side panels have been removed under the selector window there is a philips screw this needs to be removed before you can go any further. on all contact points and all slots that have a clip fitted i covered them in a felt / wiring tape i've made a quick sketch showing how i covered the slots i then silicone sprayed the clips and refitted everything so far so good i have tried by hand to move the console and it feels quiet solid far better than before.
  9. its about 5 - 10 minutes work to strip down the centre console into its components.
  10. yes i have creaks aswell ,when i can be bothered i am going to take the centre console apart and cover any touching plastic pieces with self adhesive felt ,i'm then going to spray all parts with a silicone spray as it will lubricate the plastic and hopefully stop the noises.
  11. Hi Lee i only changed the kick plates for an illuminated type. mark
  12. here is a link for a member making trd rear spoiler for the IS
  13. maybe get the grill repaired and then use a hydrographic service you can have any colour,pattern design applied to the surface here is a link :- http://yorkhydrographics.co.uk/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwhdTqBRDNARIsABsOl9-kD8UqE_ZDHP-e45N3XHgIGXlT3jhhbY9gq8TugP9qpmXyOjQH6m4aAi7bEALw_wcB
  14. i know nitrogen is a more stable gas for filling your tyres as the nitrogen doesnt expand as much as air, but surely your tyre pressure data should have fill pressures for both Air & Nitrogen as the tyre pressure data is to allow the expansion of Air to increase so the tyre pressures are correct for the everyday use of the car , if nitrogen doesn't expand as much then surely your tyres will be under inflated.