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  1. my 17 plate F Sport has memory seats i presumed your F Sport would also have them
  2. to adjust the tilt position put the car into reverse using the mirror pad adjust the mirror position you will know if it has worked as the mirror will return to normal position once out of reverse position i'm not 100% sure if the auto fold has to be on aswell
  3. when i had my CT i changed my tyres to the dunlop sport maxx rt they where a far better tyre than the yoko's
  4. i went from a 63 plate luxury to a 17 plate Fsport the fake engine noise is still present but you can turn it off as with your car i cant compare the ride as the Fsport will have firmer suspension over a luxury i like the 10" screen & the Fsport clocks , the led headlight are ok never had an issue with them and the leather is still looking great.
  5. when i make a call there is a transmit button on the display you can change the volume from there my car is in for a service on the 21st december they are going to look at it then and maybe change the mic
  6. ring Lexus here are their details, they will tell you if your phone is compatible Lexus Customer Relations and all other enquiries To speak to a member of the team at Lexus Head office: Open Monday to Friday from 8:30am - 6pm Open Saturday from 9am - 1pm (excluding bank holidays) 0345 129 5484
  7. erm No john ... if the glass needs clearing then clear it and drive carefully like you would on any other day of the year where is the "driving without due care and attention" in that ???? you could arguably leave your car running for 15 minutes get into a nice warm car and then drive like a **** and i'm not saying that at all.
  8. i leave home at 6.15 am and i just get in and go, your car will warm up quicker being on the move rather than just idling and the sooner the cars warmed up the sooner you can be back in Ev mode. to help keep the windscreen clear i dont have a hot drink before i leave on cold mornings if i do when i breathe out the windscreen fogs up very quickly.
  9. spray into the channel where the glass slides in the door frame dont be afraid to give it a good soaking
  10. when i am using the lexus handsfree system the other half always comments on how quiet i sound, i have the transmit volume set to +5 so as far as i'm concerned its at the highest level when i have gone into the sevice menu (press & hold the menu button & turn headlights on & off 3 times) i have gone into the microphone setting and when i talk only the first green light lights up is there any other setting i can adjust so i can be heard.
  11. by the time you have put the spray away any scent will be gone
  12. this is what you need https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/grease/halfords-silicone-spray-lubricant-500ml the noise will only come back if the seal goes back to the condition it is in now.
  13. hi Mike enjoy your new CT keeping to a new car delivery date seems to be a common issue for lexus you should'nt have to change the colour to get the car that you want, and yes agree with you over the noisy tyres supplied why cant they provide a quiet set of tyres on the car like the Cross Climates.
  14. i dont know the resolution of the screen but it must be of a decent resolution with you being able to play dvd's in the car if it where of low resolution your screen image wouldn't be that great during video play back