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  1. 200h

    Help Required (IS300H)

    i went straight to the 2 wires that go into the floor lighting remove the under panel below the glovebox and above the pedals, the panel on the passenger side is held in with a few clips the panel on the drivers side is held in place with 2 screws disconnect the plug from the light and you will see the 2 wires just tap into these. here is a video of the lights in the dark. these lights cost me £64 , £29 for the lights £32 for dhl posting (received in 4 days ) £3 import duty Lexus illuminated door sill.3gp
  2. 200h

    Help Required (IS300H)

    i fitted them this evening, i took the feeds from the footwell lights red wire = earth blue wire = +12v below is a video of them fitted ,it was hard to take a good video as they are really shinny and had loads of reflections. 20180814_200548.mp4
  3. 200h

    Help Required (IS300H)

    mine have just turned up today ,i need to extend the supplied cables then i will fit them illuminated_door_cills.3gp
  4. 200h


    i looked at the Db , fuel & wet braking tyre ratings the dunlop sport are a different tyre to the sport maxx rt's though i think the Db rating where 67Db for the Maxx rt's ,the tyres grip was brilliant and after 18 months there was still loads of life left in them, on my last car i chose the michelin cross climates and they where also a brilliant tyre to have .
  5. 200h


    when i had my ct i changed the tyres to dunlop sport maxx rt they were incredibly quiet total transformation from the yokohama's fitted by lexus, why do lexus ruin a quiet car by fitting noisy tyres and it goes against the Tv AD with Kylie talking about the quiet revolution.
  6. my partner has an Auris Hybrid her head unit has the nav button on the front but the nav unit wasn't fitted, i think Toyota / Lexus do this so they dont have to make 2 variants of a head units 1 with and 1 without certain features, for us it was handy as i retro fitted the Toyota nav so its all integrated and works off the button. maybe the Dab can be added on for you.
  7. the diagnosis has to be done 1st to find the cause of your issues you dont want to be buying a part and trying it then buying another until you've fixed it you'll end up being broke with the cost of lexus parts.
  8. 200h

    Drivers side mirror wanted for CT

    https://www.car-transplants.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/2012-lexus-ct--door-mirror-rh-drivers-genuine-tag-no-812697/-/9121 try the link above
  9. 200h

    Car Mats for 2016 CT200h?

    if you buy a set of mats you like that dont have the OEM securing clips you can add these clips onto the new mats to give them the OEM feel and they stop the mats from moving under the pedals. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Floor-Mats-Holders-Car-Mat-Carpet-Clips-Fixing-Grips-Clamps-2PCS-UK/222970526392?hash=item33ea143ab8:g:gAYAAOSwDNdVvDSY
  10. here is a system i fitted on an aygo a few years ago this is just to show what you can get for £35 http://s566.photobucket.com/user/parkside2002/media/aygo/2014-07-05221312_zpsc73b7a15.jpg.html http://s566.photobucket.com/user/parkside2002/media/aygo/reversingcamera_zps92d76f70.mp4.html i fitted the camera under the bumper from the back it was hardly noticeable.
  11. my old 63 plate Is300h had a reverse camera fitted so its not an age issue i think its more of a model issue and what bits & pieces its wired up for in the factory
  12. try this company they are always breaking Lexus cars here is a link :- https://www.car-transplants.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/lexus-is-hybrid-2013-to-2016-suspension-arm-rear-trailing-a/1/1259118
  13. 200h

    Help Required (IS300H)

    here is a link for illuminated scuff plates, although i think they are over priced https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Lexus-Illuminated-Scuff-Plates-2013-Present-PT94253140-/262591977826
  14. 200h

    Help Required (IS300H)

    hi have you checked around the seat base incase the cover has come off and fallen down the side of the seat, failing the above i would probably get some glass fibre filler and have a go at making a top for the dial and then spray paint or wrap it to make it blend in if the part isnt available from lexus.
  15. 200h

    Help Required (IS300H)

    here is a link for a 2nd hand part that you need although its not just the dial thats for sale. https://www.car-transplants.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/lexus-is-hybrid-2013-on-300-sport-dual-vvt-i-centre-console-and-driving-controls/-/28508