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  1. below is a quote for my last IS300h F Sport 255/35/18 & 225/40/18 tyres at £418.81 is a pretty good price and then there is a 5% discount code TY5NTADV that is to be applied so the price would be just under £400
  2. here is an offer from National tyres where you can take 6 months to pay for your tyres interest free
  3. i agree with linas dont skrimp on tyres and always buy the best tyre you can afford, you have a good car don't ruin it because you cant stop in the wet
  4. how did you get it closed when the hinges are now bent due to there being a U shaped fold point to allow the hinges to bend so the bonnet can move upwards, if there is no other damage to the car you will probably need the following items the 2 gas charges that cost a fortune , 2 new hinges after them being distorted, a reset of the air bag module and possibly a new pressure sensor tube. if you have radar (ACC) fitted to your car you'll need this recalibrating if the bumper has to be removed to replace the pressure tube. do you have any photos of your car afte
  5. standard feature from the Bmw stable ( wasnt ticked on the options list)
  6. you'll need to change your Quote from " I need to get my wheels refurbished . . I keep curbing them and I'm crying so much on the inside . . . " to something like i need to look after my refurbished wheels . .and stop kerbing them so i can be proud of them
  7. if the forum had a prize for the worst wheels you'd of won it stuart without any doubt
  8. dont drive until you've had confirmation from your gp
  9. in the words of clarkson " how hard can it be "
  10. in the GS the battery is in the near side rear quarter inside the boot, the 12v Battery is the Achilles heel of all vehicles, take too much out of the battery and your vehicle wont start, the issue is how quick you get to that point of having a non starter, but as long as your aware of what can happen then it shouldn't be an issue.
  11. is there anyway to make the interior lighting go to full brightness when entering the car rather than have the fade in ,is there an easy way to remove the led light or do you have to release the whole overhead console. thanks
  12. is there a feature called night mode on the IS so when it goes dark the un necessary lights are turn off
  13. the only thing i would do differently is to check the new battery pack is the correct one for your car before you totally strip it out.
  14. the link above is for an IS300h as you said not cheap £250 2nd hand
  15. take a photo of the message on the dash and email it to your dealer so there's a log of it happening whilst under warranty and get your car booked in for them to look at it, maybe contact lexus uk and inform them so they are also aware in case the dealer can't get your car booked in until after your warranty has expired you should still be covered then
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