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  1. you could try this website https://jp-carparts.com/lexus
  2. have you tried putting this post on the GS forum as the GS is probably the natural progression from the IS i'm sure you will get your answers there.
  3. after reading this thread i noticed that mine where also starting to block up, this afternoon i have removed both rear lights then gave the paintwork behind the light a good clean and polish , my drainage channels where pretty clean in comparision to the OPs the only difference on mine is that the 2 covers have been replaced by 1 full length cover but once that has been removed it identical.
  4. no.... nothing happened to the car i like to change my car after about 2 years of owning one. i bought my CT in october 2013,px ex'd in august 2015 for my 1st IS and in April 2018 i px'ed for my current IS300h F Sport. to be honest i cant imagine driving any other brand of car as the lexus is so reliable.
  5. the 300h is a quieter, more comfortable car to drive, i've had a ct in 2013 i'm now on my 2nd IS300h i am currently getting 44mpg from the IS so mpg isnt too bad for 2.5ltr petrol engine this is from motorway and round town driving if in doubt test drive all contenders before you take the plunge and make your purchase.
  6. when i had a CT it would return in the region of 63mpg or 100km per gallon (4.55 ltr's / gallon) this would be a mixture of motorways and local roads have a good test drive of one first then make place your deposit down.
  7. with the shelf removed you have a useable glovebox so i would leave it out. enjoy your car
  8. can you say where you purchased this item from and the make and part number for any other members that maybe interested in changing screen.
  9. the IS does have an anti jack sensor as i found out when i removed A wheel to clean it.
  10. it doesn't take much to knock the geometery out speed bumps and pot holes are the favourite for doing this i have my car checked using the hunter system i know its not at everyones favourite place but kwikfit will check and adjust all four wheels 8 times over a 2 year period for a one off payment of £130 if lexus checked your geometry twice it would cost more than the £130
  11. if it is the invertor here is a link for a 2011 - 2014 ct invertor pretty cheap at £225 + £8.33 p&p + vat https://www.synetiq.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/high-voltage-inverter-11-to-14-lexus-ct-200h-hybrid-2zr-fxe---warranty-5207768/-/10934/
  12. the only difference betwwen jumping a hybrid & a standard car is knowing where to connect up to, with a standard car its easy as you can see the battery the tab on the hybrid is hidden in the fusebox
  13. hi john i have just found this part https://www.synetiq.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/tail-light-lexus-is-hybrid-13-16-300-f-sport-4-door-saloon-passengers---11073987/-/72841/
  14. a 12v house alarm backup up battery would be more than enough to power up a hybrid and they are small & light enough to carry in your hand and cheap to buy here is a link for the type i am talking about https://www.toolstation.com/sealed-lead-acid-battery/p79562
  15. if you do use an external power supply to keep your settings remember when you have disconnected the battery cables the + red cable will still be live so dont let it touch the body of the car. when i removed my flat battery to charge it i hooked up a spare battery under the bonnet using the jump starting tab in the fusebox, i then removed the battery cables and placed the + red cable into a thick glove with a cable tie around it to stop it from coming off this made sure it couldn't come in contact with the body.