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  1. i'd of gone back to lexus and gave them the mot fail sheet and the bill for the repair
  2. i taking my car to get 4 wheel alignment checked and adjusted in the morning, i know kwikfit is hated by a lot , but the guys at my local centre are ok its the last one from my geocare plan the geocare plan cost £130 this includes :- 8 x check and adjustments of the alignment of the 4 wheels in a 2yr period with no extra costs so i think this is really good value for money
  3. i would change the seals each time you have the tpms sensor swapped or changed for the cost of the seal against the problems you could have with flat tyres its definately worth it if you have a valve repair kit i would take a new seal to a seal company like http://birminghamseals.co.uk/ as they will be able to match up the original seal at a fraction of the cost or the repair kit so you can have some spares
  4. i doubt the valve was leaking before generally "o" rings / seals are a one time only use as when they've been used they will of been compressed to the profile of the 2 sealing surfaces if the "o" ring / seal doesnt go back in the exact orientation it was originally fitted there will be a risk it wont provide an air tight seal
  5. how stupid are lexus not everyone has / uses data in their car i know i dont i am on payg just for calls and txt's so over the air wouldn't be an option for me. why do companies feel that ota is the way forward or is it because tesla use this technology for their vehicles so therefore everyone else uses it , dont be a sheep lexus and follow the croud
  6. Hi Anthony if you get your car serviced at your local lexus service centre the hybrid check is included in the service price and your hybrid battery warranty is then extended for an extra year, if you have your car serviced at a non lexus centre you can still have the hybrid check for the price of £58.
  7. good morning Farah here is a link for a map update through ebay it does list the Ct https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Lexus-Premium-Navigation-Micro-SD-Card-Sat-Nav-EUROPE-MAP-Ver-2-2020/283916431439?epid=28037406630&hash=item421abcf04f:g:ZYoAAOSwmY1alm8a
  8. toyota / lexus done really well in the what car survey https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/most-and-least-reliable-electric-and-hybrid-cars/ss-BB16b2fy?ocid=msedgdhp#image=18 apparently 16% is is300h owners have experienced an issue with their car with bodywork being one of the issues and sat nav being the other has anyone one on here had either of these issues i personally havent has either
  9. try using longer names for the pnone directory for E.g contact for Jo i would change it to Joanne as it maybe misunderstood for mo,lo,ro or any other word with the same ending and then mis-dial a contact in my experience the longer the name the more accurate the results.
  10. let the refurber's know about the issue if you buy the repair kit they should take the tyre off and replace the seals foc
  11. i have an F sport is 300h and i haven't any issues with the seats never had a sore back even though the F Sport has firmer suspension , years ago i snapped the ligaments in my lower back so i always have concerns when changing car for this reason i am sure you will get on with the seats just fine test drive both cars before making any decision just to be certain which one is right for you
  12. each time the window closed it was probably pressing the deflector further into the recess until it found the correct position