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  1. here is a screen shot of a company i have used in the past there front sensors are canbus compatible so they will turn themselves on & off when they are needed £205 for supply & fit with canbus interface
  2. 200h

    Lexus CT fender wheel housing cplastic clip

    just go to your dealership they are really cheap not worth your time and effort to try and get them elsewhere
  3. why couldn't the mechanic fit the turbo and dpf ??? i think he may of knew there where issues with starting so gave the above reason to get the car out of his garage, now you will have 2 garages passing the blame to the other. good luck sorting the car out.
  4. 200h

    DAB IS 300h

    you can test loads of functions from the hidden service menu. get in the car and press the power button (dont press the brake pedal ) press and hold the menu button then turn the headlights on & off 3 times you will enter a service menu i think its the 2nd menu keep using the next page button and you will come across a dab reception menu turn off the ignition to exit the menu
  5. 200h

    DAB IS 300h

    i find on my local motorway the Dab is very hit and miss i've never had no signal though,since you have only just bought the car inform the dealer and get them to look at the car
  6. here is a picture of the nsr dont know if the pic is of any use to you
  7. 200h

    Car Won’t Start - Saga

    fahad you should be going back to lexus and demanding your money back, infact lexus leicester should be ashamed and offering you your money back without you having to ask since they have wrongly diagnosed the fault and made you pay for a part that isn't required, this takes me back years to when some of the high street service centres used to pay bonuses to the mechanics for selling parts this in turn made some mechanics fit parts that weren't required. a failed battery could of been confirmed by hooking up a good battery and seeing the car start. i'm just happy that lexus liverpool know what they are doing.
  8. 200h

    Car Won’t Start - Saga

    i'm thinking the AA might of screwed up and maybe the booster cables where put on the wrong way which could of blown a main fuses. i know lexus cars come with AA breakdown & recovery but are they actually trained to work on a hybrid
  9. 200h

    Car Won’t Start - Saga

    i bet if it where their own car they could diagnose it without throwing loads of unnessary expensive parts at the car
  10. 200h

    Car Won’t Start - Saga

    what on earth did the AA do for a few hours it should be 5 minutes to get the car started once a battery is connected it seems your battery has just gone flat over the 2 week period ,where did they connect to to jump start. i have had a battery go flat and 5 minutes later we where going again as you just need to power up the computers so the hybrid side can start the car .
  11. my advice would be to take screen shots from the website so you can prove the advertised specs for the car you bought just in case they update the website
  12. there are options to alter the time on for the welcome lights i have seen them in carista
  13. 200h

    Engine rattle

    i noticed this a few years ago and on both the is's i have had i have tightened the metal inserts up to clamp the heat shield, i kept the heat shield on the car i just removed the bolts to gain access please see sketch below
  14. 200h


    you can download a hud app for your phone or buy a gps hud that plugs into your lighter socket https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Digital-Car-HUD-Head-Speedometer-Digital-GPS-Hud-Up-Display-Speed-Project-UK/263187980401?hash=item3d4739e071:g:QJEAAOSwOgRblkQ-
  15. here is a link for a product called tapturn http://www.autowindow.com/