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  1. in 35yrs of driving i have never come across a set of wipers with 2 park positions i've been to the car and tried it and your correct it does move. many thanks
  2. thanks to all of you for your help i'd never of guessed you could of moved the arms like this being able to move the arm like that is a first for me
  3. is there an easy way to change the wiper blades on a 66 plate GS when i lift the arm it hits the bonnet even with the bonnet open its not much better any advice would be great thanks
  4. not a cat in hells chance of lexus providing a lifetime update for the sat nav. lexus will charge circa £150 for an update, if your nav is on a micro sd card then you can buy them off satnav web sites and update the system yourself, if not its a dealer upgrade sorry
  5. once they hook it up to the aircon machine it will remove all gases and oil check for a leak by applying a vacuum and then refill both automatically it should only take about 1hr
  6. 3 weeks ago i test drove a GS450h on a 63 plate 36000 miles and to be honest the returned mpg was far better than expected and not much worse than the 300h version i have now combined round town & motorway i probably had a 20 mile test drive and the car averaged 42.9 mpg i had a bit more to spend and still wasnt much choice i think 7 cars in a 100 mile radius i bought my gs from lexus sheffield that was an 86 mile drive each way for me its either there arent a lot of GS's on the road or they are so good you dont want to sell them
  7. i recently had an IS300h F sport on a 17 plate and part ex'd it for a 66 plate GS300h all beit an executive model , i've now had it for 2 weeks and love it , the only thing i dont like is the interior lighting even though its led its still quiet dim i am trying to see if i can change it for something brighter. test drive both cars before you buy thats my only advice i am sure you will buy one of the models
  8. here is a link for you i know its from an Audi forum but they are giving there opinion of the auto upgrade https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/dtuk-tcu-gearbox-flash-review.379005/
  9. on the web site there is a live chat you could use if you speak to Andrew he is the owner of the company
  10. i've used the pedal box on the IS300h and its the best thing ever the only thing you will wonder is why you didnt do it earlier. the auto box flash cant be done on the 300h due to it being cvt
  11. scroll to the bottom of the page https://www.diesel-performance.co.uk/tuning/car/lexus/is-iii/200t-ase30-245ps180kw-1998-ccm/#go ignore that the web site is diesel tuning they do petrol, diesel & hybrid the pedal box is brilliant . i have never used the gearbox flash as my car is cvt and not a true automatic
  12. you can get an gearbox ecu flash for auto boxes they aren't cheap though " Upto 40% Faster Gearshifts – enhances the performance of your car and gearbox by increasing torque limits and altering the gearbox TCU settings "
  13. that is exactly when you can feel how laggy the 300h is, if you feather the throttle then the lag isnt bad you really notice it when you suddenly plant your foot to the floor nothing nothing power with the pedal box that nothing nothing has gone and so are you with your foot to the floor 🙂
  14. only recently i realised how low the IS300h F sport is, as of the 11/09/2020 i part ex'd the car for a GS300h my god i feel like i am in an suv as the seating height feels so much higher than i have been used to.
  15. here is a video of an installation from DTUK you put the pedal box into perfect tune mode and press your pedal all the way to the floor and thats it all done. its the reverse to remove it and leaves no trace once removed click on the link then scroll down to see a graph showing the response https://www.chiptuning.com/en/pedalbox.html