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  1. luckily i didnt mention the hedgehog joke i may of offended someone
  2. when i had my CT i used to return 63-67 in summer and around 58 in winter my only recollection of the ioniq is the strong smell of plastic when i 1st sat it the car i'm glad i stayed with lexus
  3. how does the ioniq compare to the CT, i went to look at an ioniq and the dealership wouldn't let me test drive until i could provide them a settlement figure for my pcp, i bought another lexus so they missed out on a sale
  4. and a driver software update to make them courteous.
  5. your cars looking great well done. wow a central heating radiator in the garage lucky you in winter time nice and toasty.
  6. i'm sure you dont have to wire in these 2 wires, i'm 98% certain that these wires are to make the mirrors fold when the car locks and unlocks if you dont connect them the mirrors will fold when the ignition goes on and off.
  7. i had the same issue on my 13 plate, worn leather on the bolster and on the side of the base i used some flexible paint from Bradleys they colour match from a swatch you provide it looked really good afterwards and it lasted well. here is a link http://shop.bradleysmart.co.uk/systems-kits/1443-lps-1-36-400ml-aerosols.html
  8. the letters IS stand for Intelligent sport
  9. i'm averaging 45 - 46 mpg after today, i had been expecting to see a larger figure as a 45 minute drive took me 2 hrs due to the M56 having 3 lanes crawling mile after mile after mile this was with the aircon being turned off and being on battery power for a lot of the time.
  10. at the moment i am returning 45.5mpg with 18" wheels
  11. especially if you say the engine isnt running for 10% of the time as its running on batteries so that means the service is every 9000 miles of engine running as the 10000 miles interval includes battery milage.
  12. as the OP said he's looking for a quick fix and thats my suggestiion just something to engage the interior door handle
  13. from the inside can you find the child lock and using a bar (drill bit) push it between the door seal and door and flick the switch the other way
  14. 200h

    Water ingress

    is there any colour in the water ??? if there is it may be the rear washer pipe has started to leak . if not look by the rear lights and the vents in the boot.
  15. Hi Basil your milage should get better after you get used to the hybrid driving style attached is an image of my mpg when i had a CT so there is room for improvement.