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  1. i've tried it in the past but never heard the 2nd click i'll give it another go thanks for your reply
  2. is it possible to double lock / deadlock your car using the keyless entry system or is it only available using the remote lock button twice.
  3. 200h

    Seeing double.

    i too saw double yesterday coming home from work there's me in my f sport and then 2 ISF's went past me 1 black & 1 blue that blue is a stunning colour.
  4. could this recall also include the CT there have been cases of loss of power and stalling https://news.sky.com/story/more-than-55000-hybrids-recalled-by-toyota-in-uk-11517888
  5. 200h

    Offsets and aftermarket wheels

    Hi Paul here is a link for an alloy wheel company that can supply in a 45 offset. https://www.wheelbasealloys.com/alloy-wheels/lexus/ct200/2011-present-zwa10/16-inch
  6. it was the 1st of april 2017 when the road tax changed, if it where the June i would of got away with the extra charge.
  7. in the bottom of the air filter box there is some pipework i found this the other week when i removed it ,the water may of come in through this pipework, ironically this maybe a drain for the housing.
  8. any pictures of the boot hinge
  9. if an item on a car is deemed as dangerous the garage has a duty to keep the car off the road until it is repaired, or you can have the car put on a trailer and moved to another garage or to your home for the repairs to be carried out. this happened to my friend dads car a few years ago
  10. personally i wouldn't risk it i have had the experience of hydraulically locking my engine in a narrowed section of a 2 way road stuck under a canal brige and i blocked the road, the AA said they where experiencing high call volumes at this time of day (5.30 am) i dont think so and turned up at 8.30 am.
  11. 200h

    Child Car seats

    what car seat do you have as normally car seats aren't model specific we haven't had any issues fitting car seats in any cars we have had including the Aygo,Auris,Ct & IS ,most car seats have iso fixings for fitting in the rear of the car these fittings are std's across cars makes and anything else uses your seat belts so again universal
  12. 200h

    Child Car seats

    yes quiet right they are a grown ups car thats why we have the toyota for the kids transport
  13. this is from the toyota forum on an auris https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/86751-cruise-control-installation-instructions/?page=25&tab=comments#comment-1436477 some dealers just dont have a clue and even more so Halfords once you have unclipped the airbag remove the blanking plug in the steering wheel and with 2 screws fasten the switch in place and put plug in the vacant socket on the steering wheel jobs done.
  14. open the bonnet and look in the area where the headlight and the wing meet on the plastic panel you will see 2 arrows that have a + and - these are the adjusters for the horizontal and vertical settings of the headlights.
  15. i had the same issue with lexus stoke they had never heard of the gold membership card either