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  1. Michelin Cross Climate

    i'm glad that white stuff has all gone where i live its been nice not seeing a flake since friday.
  2. i was looking at mine a few weeks ago lower the rear seat backs remove the plastic trim around the boot opening (behind the seat back) remove trim clips remove panels above the parcel shelf either side of the car popup shelf & remove shelf
  3. IS300h car batery

    i'm sure you can turn off the keyless entry if your not using the car for a while, it happened to me in jan 17 and after 3 weeks flat battery i went and bought a normal car battery so i had something to boot the car up with ,its been fine ever since.
  4. CT in the snow.

    in the newer models with the traction off button it does the same thing. there is also maintenance mode press the pedal twice instead of three times this mode prevents the engine from cutting out.
  5. Parts Search

    i'm 95% certain the F sport models have a black head liner as standard
  6. CT in the snow.

    if you get stuck in the snow you can turn the traction control off ,but only use it to get yourself free and moving again once your free turn off the car then start the car like normal. http://srmotorcars.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-disable-traction-control-on.html
  7. the easier way if you dont know which cylinder is effected is to remove a plug lead and the revs will drop on a good cylinder and the engine will run rough ,on the bad cylinder there wont be much if any difference in the running.
  8. if anyone needs parts my local breakers always has the 300h in stock here is the link https://www.car-transplants.co.uk/
  9. i would try a fine cutting compound / scratch remover then use a good polish
  10. puncture repair kit replacement

    there have been topics on here regarding cutting down the compartment so it will fit in, with the space saver in the wheel well
  11. just change the batteries and the remote will still work without any further action taking place.
  12. if your key isn't detected place the lexus emblem on the back of the remote against the start button and then press the button as normal the key will be recognised then. the most annoying pop ups i am seeing at the moment are the black friday ads every time i come onto the lexus / toyota forums
  13. it looks ok . for me the rear is too low i dont like the look when the you lose the gap between the tyre and arch i'd rather have an even gap between the tyre and arch but thats just me
  14. puncture repair kit replacement

    is this the same part number for your refill https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-OEM-Lexus-Seal-Tyre-Repair-250-300H-04-2013-Onwards-C604847051-/263174733950?hash=item3d466fc07e
  15. puncture repair kit replacement

    using the tyre repair goo is the biggest mistake you made due to the cost of replacing it i always buy a can of tyre weld and have that in the boot as its the cheapest option to use, but i would now keep the empty can because you can now use the compressor to inflate your tyres with this empty can fitted to the compressor, you can then get to a tyre centre and have the puncture repaired.