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  1. hay Bernard i think this is just what you're looking for but its not from the 90's though and it looks like it has the morris version of the F sport interior colour for you aswell https://www.classic-trader.com/uk/cars/listing/morris/minor/minor-1000-traveller/1961/178684
  2. if your concerned about the hybrid battery going flat you could pull the hybrid battery fuse to prevent anything draining it,with regards to your 12v battery as long as you have another 12v battery even something like this house alarm backup battery https://www.toolstation.com/sealed-lead-acid-battery/p79562 will get you started in the event of it being flat, dont forget you are only powering up the computers and once powered up the hybrid battery takes over for everything else.
  3. yes, i dont like them outside plus when its raining we can get into the garage from the house so we dont get wet.
  4. it cost me £45 for the skf bearings , bearing oil seal , tub seal & a set of carbon brushes against £350 / £400 for a replacement samsung it was worth the time spent. i actually looked forward to repairing the machine even though i knew it would take 4hrs to complete
  5. i have changed the bearings and oil seal in our washing machine the only part left in the machine was the water pump.
  6. i thought a bit of humour during these times wouldn't go a miss i know it cheered me up at work today
  7. as soon as a door is opened the engine cuts out to prevent theft
  8. Hi Barry you can use anything flat and blunt to release the clips it took me a while to find how to release the vanity mirror so i made sure i kept my photo's
  9. My cars 1st mot is due on the 9th May 20 and i planned to have it mot'd 1 month early whilst the car is still under lexus warranty this means early April would be when i take the car in,now if / when we go into lockdown would we have any periods of grace to get your car mot'd and still be able to use your car on the road whilst waiting for your mot date as not having a valid mot would be out of your hands. any thoughts on this matter would be great.
  10. if you have to remove the sunvisor then remove the cover from around the pivot point for the sunvisor remove the 2 screws unclip sunvisor from the support clip and then pull sunvisor downwards gently it will unclip and come out
  11. found the photo, it is showing the right hand end of the drivers mirror you can clearly see the 2 rectangular holes where the clips locate
  12. if your sitting in the drivers seat , on the right hand side edge of the vanity mirror i used my panel removal tool to release the 2 lugs that hold the mirror frame in place , when you are releasing the clips apply a little pressure to the mirror pulling it away from the visor it will then unclip, then slide the mirror unit to the right to remove it. if i can find the pictures i took i will post them up for you
  13. are all the speakers you used from the focal range, what part numbers did you use for each of the speakers that you replaced as this information would be of great help to others on this forum.
  14. my last IS had leather seats without memory just make sure you have the wiring in the car before you buy the electric seats so they are a straight swap over, you could possibly check how many wires you have going to the seat multi plug and how many wires you have coming out to the seat if there are more going in then the car is possibly prewired for the electric seats
  15. from what i have found the takumi trim has led headlights as standard https://www.whatcar.com/lexus/ct/hatchback/200h-18-f-sport-5dr-cvt-takumi-pack/86777#equipment