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  1. you wont go far wrong buying the Is300h as long as youre buying from a lexus dealership with the service book fully stamped the car will be bullet proof, remember the hybrid system dates back to the prius and has evolved over the years so the system has been properly tried and tested over the decades , ask a taxi driver why they've chosen a toyota / lexus hybrid they will give you the confidence to make your purchase. i'm on my 4th lexus hybrid and wouldnt have any other car now i'm totally sold on the lexus brand.
  2. i purchased my Gs from lexus sheffield last year and they where brilliant everything they said would be done was done, my new car(to me) was ready to drive back home to the wirral, locally i use lexus liverpool as they have always given me great service over years for any issues , servicing & mots that need sorting out.
  3. Hi Robert i'd of thought tyre pressures would be checked as a matter of course and for the pressures to be corrected where needed, tyre pressures are so important for the following :- fuel economy, handling, braking ,maintaining the correct tyre operating temperature, ride comfort ,tyre wear and im sure there are more that i havent thought of. so yes in my opinion they should of been checked.
  4. is this of any help Lexus - Service Table 0418.pdf
  5. its good that you've had a response from the dealership and your happy with the reply. result
  6. if the manager doesnt respond to your email then you have your answer regarding wether you use the dealership or not No response = Doesn't care
  7. i know this but all i am saying is that we havent had an mot issue with these bulbs fitted
  8. we have leds fitted in our Auris hybrid 66 plate with projector headlights and have no issue with the mot due to the beam pattern being created by the shutter and not the lens.
  9. dig deep in your pocket see my post above or go through insurance i hate the insurance route but it maybe worth it for you. its going to be a very expensive repair due to the fact your cars hit something whilst travelling between 7 & 45 mph but whatever you do DONT open your bonnet as you probably wont be able to close it again see my post above
  10. i took my car in for its mot a week ago , my car came back to the front of the dealership so i went out to get the keys suddenly my car shot off to the valeting area where god knows what cheap paint stripper they started using on the paintwork i had a few choice words to the guy who didnt care he then rinsed my car and went to dry it with a yellow cloth that was black and full of grime, i did ask the guy if he dropped the cloth would he then carry on using it and he said he would so this is why you find scratches on your car when he returned my car he drove it like a t@@t always wash your car yourself.
  11. if the supplied battery wont fit your car and its listed as being suitable, i would measure the posts and let them know what size post you need for the Is300h if they cant supply a battery that suitable then a refund in full would be in order for you.
  12. sorry your correct farad
  13. 20 years ago i used a 1.5microfarad capacitor on my audio system with the digital display.
  14. i have just had my renewal for my Lexus AA breakdown cover & noticed it cost £135 if you make a 1 off card payment but if you have a yearly auto renew DD then it costs £125 can anyone explain why there is a price difference as there is nothing stopping you from cancelling the auto renew DD.
  15. here is the link for your auction mike|parentrq%3A1ff713ba17b0ab97c80a21feffff33e8|iid%3A1
  16. here is an image from the lexus repair manual its called a condenser
  17. if you follow herbs advice dont forget when you have removed both cables the red cable will still be live so dont let it come in contact with the body when ive done this i've put a thick glove over the red cable as a precaution so it can't short out
  18. the only things that would need to be reset could be :- 1 touch up & down radio stations clock just basic stuff like that so dont be too concerned
  19. there is a crossover in the wiring of the car for the dash speakers you would need to bypass this to get full range from the dash speakers the basic headunit wont have an output for a sub so you would need to purchase a 3rd party sub system and probably use high level input to connect the sub to your headunit
  20. here is a link for you
  21. you normally have to register the new tpms valve id to the car and not clone the old number to the new tpms valve this can be done using carista
  22. the dealership should be providing you with a courtesy car if they have one available, go back and ask them when they'll have a courtesy car available for you and book your car in for the repair.. dont let the dealership walk over you and stand your ground with them
  23. i dont think you know what a clock spring cable is mate, the easiest way to describe to you is that cable is a coiled ribbon cable with a number of tracks on it the tracks provide connections for the airbag,horn,cc and all steering wheel functions, when you turn the steering wheel 1 way the ribbon cable will tighten and become smaller in diameter turn the wheel in the opposite direction the cable will become looser and larger in diameter so every time you make a movement of the steering wheel this cable is contracting and expanding and over a period of time can fracture and fail, if your can has been used as a town car the steering wheel will of course had more use in comparison to a car being used on the motorway . overall i feel you have done well with this cable, your car has had 10 years of use and the clock spring cable will only be 0.5mm in thickness so its quiet fragile even when new.
  24. in your other post i did leave a link for a breakers yard for you to use
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