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  1. http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9774
  2. My 2004 RX300 64,000 miles, drives and performs as it should, and was an absolute delight driving down to Monaco and back last week, towing a heavy trailer for 1700 miles. The only irritation is that there is a kind of tapping from the rear nearside (I think) when the car is driving down our unmade road and occasionally on the highway as well. (maybe when it is rocking) Driving over normal lumps and bumps and pot holes in the road it is fine. The noise is not a heavy clonk as if the shocker/bushes have gone, and I have not noticed any handling problems from the rear. I was thinking maybe the anti roll bar setup, but that is just a shot in the dark. It really sounds more like something loose, swinging about, but I am at a loss what to look for, that is accessable. Any suggestion would be gratefully received. Suspension diagram attached in case it helps .
  3. I just fitted the above, without removing the shields, with poor results as all you get is a thin beam of light, like a torch through the hole in the end, with no light coming from the reflector. What is needed is an LED bulb that has illumination evenly all round the sides, like the original shines all around, so that the light is reflected by the reflector at the correct beam width and direction. Something like this but with the correct fitting.
  4. I don't think so, just as shown in the eBay picture. There is no rubber on my key, just the black buttons on the transferable remote unit, Email him, he was very quick to reply to my questions
  5. The key for my RX300 cracked so I bought one of the cheap key cases from the bay with the blank blade, and just used the back only to strengthen the original. That didn't last long. A bit more searching and I found this guy http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LEXUS-TOYOTA-2-3-BUTTON-REMOTE-KEY-CASE-SNAPPED-BROKEN-CUT-TO-CODE-PHOTOGRAPH-/262128351566?hash=item3d0811394e I was sceptical, but I took a photo of the original key for cutting (unless you have the code, but send both) and sent it to him, and the cut key that came back in only a couple of days, and was of very good quality, and it worked first time in the ignition. Just had to transfer over the button capsule, and it has shown no signs of deteriation in 9 months, and for only £15 delivered from the UK, you don't have much to lose. I have no links with this guy except as a satisfied customer, but I would endorse his description of his product.
  6. Is there a link to the fix please,
  7. http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/65164-panel-removal/ Found this on a US site. Seems hugely complicated but may not be in practice
  8. http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/90808-updating-sat-nav-confusing/
  9. Torque Pro works fine on my RX300, and on the BMW 3 series using the same OBD2 thingy. You can enter details for individual cars in the app. Go for it, for less than £15 and a bit of fiddling it is worth a try especially if you like gadgets ! Tell us if it works for you
  10. I bought an OBD2 Bluetooth reader from ebay for under a tener, and use Torque Pro app for £3 odd on my Samsung mobile. Sometimes I forget how to make them connect, but it will bring up error codes, clear error codes, and a lot more. You still have to rely on the internet to find out what the codes mean, but that is easy. There is a list somewhere on this forum.
  11. The photo is of an OBD2 Bluetooth unit that is plugged into the socket. Use a mirror and a torch. The socket should be there, recessed into the trim panel.
  12. http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/93032-code-reader-plug-in-point-rx300-2001/
  13. I have an RX300 1974 Nav, with 69000 miles, I love it. I was wondering if it is possible to bring up a screen that gives some idea of how the battery is charging, as can be found on my wifes Subaru Outback 2007. Something like a digital ammeter readout would be nice. It would be nice to know. Thanks,
  14. Thanks for looking. I presume from the lack of the usual quantity of replies that there is no screen that shows battery condition/charging whilst on the move ?
  15. Might this be of help http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/39065-power-window-problem/
  16. Will try that Dennis. At least Grandma won't fall over on corners then. :winky:
  17. Thanks all for the help guys. GoPro is a great idea as well. My lad wants one of those, he may have to wait a bit longer! So, I spent an hour this morning looking in the "luggage" area. Took my stuff out of the boot. Took all the tools and jack etc out of the storage area. I loosened the spare wheel tensioner and re-tightened it. The tooltray/box did not have the two plastic trim push fasteners, so had room to move. I replaced these to prevent any movement. Some of the tools were a loose fit in their moulded places so I packed them slightly with some pieces of cloth. The jack when in place was slightly opened against its packing, again to prevent movement. Made sure the rear centre fold down console was securely locked on its retaining clip. Closed the lids and took it along my unmade up road, and all I can now hear is a very slight squeeking from the rear seats, leather on leather. I would expect that. As I changed several things at the same time, can not tell what was the cause, but suspect the tools or the tool box moulding. I am just happy that the irritation has stopped, for the moment at least. Allways felt it was not a suspension noise, but still pleased it did not result in having to replace the rears. Thanks again for the suggestions. Just to say, 1800 miles across France towng a vintage car on a trailer was a joy. The car was so comfortable as has been reported on other postings, gave on average 20-21 mpg. Using the cruise control had the car changing gear a lot on inclines so I suspect turning it off resulted in better mpg and a more relaxing drive, at the cost of only a slight increase in journey time. Great car, Regards David D
  18. Thanks Dennis. I will take everything out of the tool kit/boot compartements first and give it a go
  19. Thanks for that. I may have overstated the surface type a little. It does tap a bit on made up roads but does not seem to coincide with suspension activating bumps. Not a stone rattle in the wheel arch sort of noise. I might almost say it seems to happen at slower speeds, All suggestions appreciated,
  20. Half way down gives the fixed price costs for various models. http://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/lexus-servicing/index.tmex#/Introduction
  21. http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/83381-essential-care/?hl=%2Bservicing+%2Bpackage#entry830275 Lexus do a set price package for the older cars. Seems a fair price to me.
  22. Roof Bars

  23. This is my RX300 2004, so should be the same as yours I would think
  24. http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/90808-updating-sat-nav-confusing/ May be for an RX300 but suppliers are probably the same,
  25. Hope this helps. Doesn't look too complicated really.