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  1. Yeah I will have another play with the settings. Does anyone know why the software seems really dated, whereas in the much older Lexus I’ve owned, seems much newer! Can it be updated?
  2. Picked up my ISF on Saturday and love it so far but the Mark Levinson seems really underwhelming. Ive owned an IS220d, GS430, GS450h, and all of those were fantastic, but the ISF doesn’t seem very good?! Also, is there a Firmware update that can be done for the MMI? Because it also seems really dated to the other cars I’ve had, despite being years newer! Cheers Just to add, it doesn’t even start getting loud until volume 30, whereas what I’m used to is 30 being fairly loud! Could it be an amp issue?
  3. Of course I test drove it 🙂 ! I kind of knew what to expect in a way as I’d driven an RCF a fair few times. I was just curious as to the history really! This is my 5th Lexus now but plan on keeping this one!
  4. Awesome can’t wait to pick her up! One other question. It’s a 2013 but it has the older wheels on. I right in thinking in 2012 they changed the wheels for a different style and they were wider? So, have the wider wheels been replaced with the older narrower ones, or did they also make that design wider too?
  5. Did you have any issues with it? Do you know when it was last serviced before you got rid of it? Cheers
  6. Yes the one from Portland! Bodywork is in amazing condition! PhoeNicks, you the previous owner? All the best!
  7. Hi Everyone, Picking up a lovely USB ISF on Saturday - FD13 BWM. Wondered if the previous owner was on here at all? Cheers
  8. Hi, Anyone with a GS450h on here get a slightly lumpy idle on cold starts? It's only the first start of the day when the engine fires up, its slightly lumpy and juddery. When the car is moving it's absolutely fine! Cheers
  9. I'm a bit worried that when I get in my car after I finish work, I usually have about half battery, but then literally a few minutes of town driving, I'm down to 2 bars! Surely it should be lasting longer than this, even if I was purely on battery? When I'm up to speed it does also charge quick, and I do get a full green battery now and then. I'm just concerned about rate of discharge in town. Can someone advise? Thanks
  10. Just thought I'd start a topic on the performance of the Gen 3 450h and maybe who has been surprised with how it fairs with other cars out there! I was out with a friend in his remapped Audi TTS (2012) and from 70 leptons upwards he can't get past me, I couldn't pull away either though. Also, there was a Jaguar S Type R trying to stop me getting past but he couldn't! He didn't look too happy about it, haha. I honestly think after 70 it would keep an e92 M3 honest! Anyone else had any experiences? Thanks
  11. Cheers for the heads up. I will start running 95, maybe it will agree with the engine more. Will certainly agree with my wallet!
  12. It wouldn't be the fuel issue though would it? I use it every day and put £20 - £30 every time and use V Power, so it's never sat for long.
  13. Haha, well thank God for that.... Seriously though, has yours ever done this?
  14. When I get in my car in the mornings, the engine always kicks in for about 20 seconds then shuts off, which is fine. This morning though, the usual thing happened, but there was a random thud noise coming from the engine every couple of seconds. Definitely not a knock, but a dull thud sound, I could actually feel it through the car. Like: Thud.........thud thud.....thud..................thud................thud...........thud thud. Once it had warmed up it was fine. Hopefully nothing serious. Can someone reassure me please?! Thank you!