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  1. Tadvice

    Thanks so far I'm aware of the BMW V8 issues, which keeps them at the bottom of the list I know I won't lose money on the jag as they have been steady or going up in price for a couple of years Merc looking old and plain now But the SC has something about it, As does Maserati but the running costs When exactly did the 6 speed box upgraded SC come into play as I think I'd rather have the few extra extras at the end of the day
  2. Tadvice

    cheers stevet i know they arnt much of a looker, and that the reliabilty isnt a issue would like to know what the pre 2006 auto box is like compared to the 2007 auto box trouble is im also looking at new and old shape Jag XK, XKR, merc SL and CLS and 6 series BMW, all V8 versions
  3. Tadvice

    Loads of advice , come on chaps, help me out or I'll buy a BMW
  4. Tadvice

    I owned a RX and had to part with that last August as a change of job meant it would just cost to much in fuel, I've since changed jobs again and now fuel is not an issue, so am looking to buy a SC in the near future Hopefully going to go for the 2006 upgraded version with below 50k miles Just need to know what to look out for when viewing
  5. Help. Some One Must Know

    sorry edited original post, should have read $1000 (actually its was $982) yeah i know what you mean about bodykits love them or hate them
  6. Help. Some One Must Know

    the body kit only covers all the black plastic found on the front bumper, rear bumper and sills, and is very tactful and does the car justice, its not some over the top full bodykit price wise £650 shipping for a £300, 30kg, 4 piece kit is extortionate, , especially when theres stil import duties on top of that but i suppose its a fairly big box at the end of the day i will eventually get something sorted
  7. Help. Some One Must Know

    Anyone. Any suggestion
  8. Ok I own a lexus RX 2005 Now while searching though the internet I came across a few photos of the RX with a subtle 4 piece bodykit made by duraflex Now I need a body kit Trouble is the kit I like is only found in USA and although it cost lss than $500 for the whole kit. The shipping is a killer at Nearly $1000 dollars including all the shipping and handling and that's by sea So simple question Does anyone in UK or even Europe at a push make a nice subtle bodykit for the lexus RX Thanks
  9. keep looking, there a superb motor, ive just done 100 mile each way into the hearts of the Yorkshire dales 200 miles to half a tank doing average speeds with 4 adults in quiet comfy relaxed, and flew by glad I left the golf at home
  10. If we have a long joureny we TAKE the Lexus........its what it excells at :winky: cant really argue with that
  11. easy. on the centre counsol is a switch, right at the bottom, to raise and lower the car the engine needs to be running on the dash is a light to denote weather its is in normal, low or high position just press the switch and make sure it goes up and down if its knackerd it tends to pump the whole car to the max height for some reason, well mine did
  12. ill stick with putting petrol in my RX, if i have a long journey ill use my 60mpg golf, problem solved another view point £2000 would buy a very nice used diesel car that would return in excess of 40mpg, which including tax, insurance etc etc, would probably still work out cheaper than fitting an LPG kit to a RX long term and means you have a car for you and one for the wife/husband
  13. Re runflats, had them on our BMW and to be honest, never noticed any difference in ride, one thing i will say is handling was excellent as they were premium tyres had to replace them after 11000 miles as they were ALL worn out full set of 4, 225 17 front and 235 17 rear was under £600 fitted, which i dont think was too bad for a premium brand downside is runflat can only be used for 50 miles max at 50mph 9 times out of a 10 you get a flat, you will have to replace the tyre still would never buy an LPG if you cant afford the 18mpg dont buy an 18mpg car thats always been my opinion and ie always been a grumpy opinionated old git
  14. check the car raises and lowers correctly on the air suspension the big issue with the air suspension is the compressor (arse expensive) and the auto level switches, one on each corner, these are in excess of £300 a corner check you still have your infared headsets and remote for the rear dvd timing belt should also have been done at 90k miles again another expensive job
  15. never really believed in LPG myself, initial fitting cost extra insurance specialist service cost the fact you still need petrol at start up and the reduced resale market, as i would not even consider buying a car with one fitted my own view is i buy a car because i want that car, not because of the fuel costs, maintenance, running, insurance etc etc im happy with 18mpg and yes a big V8 petrol will be what replaces the lexus, unless i find a bargain of a diesel