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  1. Clutch And Flywheel

    Thanks Guys. I will go ahead with that.
  2. Start Stop button issue

    Hi i am struggling with my new Lexus IS220 issue is with the start stop button not sure if i should be doing some thing differently, If i unlock the car either by the fob or by the door handle i get in to the car and start it by pressing the clutch the start button light turns to green and all is well but when i do not start the car straight away (few seconds the button turns amber and never turns to green so that i can start the Dam thing. If i am sitting in the car and want to turn the engine off with out getting out of the car and then i decide to start it again it won't as the button stays on amber light. PLEASE HELP WHAT AM I NOT DOING RIGHT!! by the way at all times car is in neutral. HOW CAN I CHANGE THE LIGHT ON THE START BUTTON TO GREEN SO THAT THE CAR STARTS AS IT IS EMBARRASSING
  3. Clutch And Flywheel

    Thanks Chris , It would be really helpfull if some one who has had this work done on is220 can give me some info as to how much did it cost them? I have heard some thing about avensis parts been the same?
  4. Clutch And Flywheel

    Hi Guys, my IS220 has started to knock (Flywheel Noise) when clutch is depressed it goes. question is how much will it cost me for the new clutch & flywheel? can i just change the flywheel as gears are not slipping, just the ticking noise from flywheel?