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  1. Hi Steve. If you can look up the service manuals that will be great. Thanks
  2. The screen is totally fine and worked fine for a couple of days when it did. Its the cd box in the boot that seems to be the culprit. The system needs to be reset some how. Cant really figure it out. None of the screen related physical buttons work.
  3. I did try that but no luck. I cant even eject the cd now. I can hear the cd drive running and scanning though. Any more suggestions welcome.
  4. Hi guys I picked up a 1998 LS400 last weekend. The navigation screen was playing up stating that there was no cd etc. I then checked the navigation ecu in the boot, ejected the cd and then reinserted it. Since then the screen has been stuck on one page "lexus GPS voice navigation". I have no controls for the AC/heater and nothing else. It is as though the screen is frozen. I removed the negative lead on the bettery for 30 seconds to reset any systems but no luck. I restarted the car a few times, no luck. No screen control is a big problem! Please help! Thanks
  5. ls400storm

    1996 LS400 MK3 - Dynamic Handling Package

    is this still for sale?
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    LS400 wanted

    Hi I am looking for a Mk1/1.5 LS400, so years 1990-1994. Please let me know if anyone has a decent one. Thank you
  7. Thanks all for your help. 1. Windscreen is being replaced by the insurers in the next few days. I had a long discussion with them today. 2. I have reconditioned the seals using Gummi Pflege. Definitely has cut down on the wind and outside noise. 3. Had no time to check the suspension, will check this and report back at some point. thanks
  8. Simon (and others) - Here is a video recording I took with my phone in front of the radiator grill and the hood closed and idling at around 700rpm. You will note the following- 1. A v8 american car type of burbling/gurgling sound. The frequency increases with the RPM. This is not normal and quite distinctive. 2. The whine that I am referring to. You will hear that this too increases with the RPM This is related to the burbling sound I believe. Steve - The alternator is just 3 years old, the previous owner replaced it with a new unit, I can see that and also have a bill of around £400 for the work. I had recently changed the serpentine belt and idler pulley and also checked the tensioner pulley which was fine. Thanks
  9. Thanks, will post a video soon. I am still left a bit dumbfounded as to how the belt could be tight and whining despite there being no adjustment. I have a suspicion that the bolts that hold the automatic tensioner may been overtorqued when it was refitted when they changed the cambelt at 91k miles.
  10. Dear friends I have 1-2 minor issues with my LS400, (windshield, rear shock) and that will be sorted out in due course. I am diverting my attention to the engine. There is a whine on the car associated with the revs, so when you rev up it increases. I have checked the engine belt (new), all associated pullets, alternator etc and all these are in excellent smooth order. This means that the noise is possibly cambelt related since I know what a tight cambelt sounds like and this is quite similar. Cambelt and waterpump was replaced at 67k by Lexus and again the cambelt and waterpump by a local garage at 91k. I acquired the car at 97k and I have receipts for this work. I belive that the cambelt is tight and therefore this noise. My question is, did anyone experience something like this before? I know that the belt tensioner is hydraulic so there is no adjustment there. The 2 cambelt pulleys are also fixed without adjustment. Or am I getting this wrong? Are there actually any adjustments that can be made to either pulleys/tensioner unit to de-tension the belt? Also, at this relatively low mileage of 97k I don't think that a cambelt tensioner/pulleys for this engine can go bad that easily. Hope someone can shed light on this. Thank you
  11. With any old classic car, I would go for a car that has been driven regularly and has done a fair amount of mileage for its age (around 100k). The reason being is that from my experience cars with such low mileage often suffer from engine oil leaks because they have been sat for so long and the gaskets being deteriorated/hardened due to non usage. If it is the oil pan then that is a minor issue and can be sorted easily. I have seen front and rear end engine leaks and that means a complete overhaul. Therefore proceed with caution, or remove covers/undertrays and check carefully for any oil leaks.
  12. As per Malcoms suggestion re the windscreen, I tried to investigate. I have found that I the car had a replacement "safevue" windscreen at some point. The bottom of the windscreen at the corners has a milky like appearance that means that the windshield is delaminating and there is water ingress due to a faulty seal or incorrect installation. Clearly the replacement was not installed correctly or has gone past its age. The area near the drivers side A pillar windscreen looks the worst. To check that, I took a friend along for a ride on the motorway. I asked him to identify any issues with the windshield with the car running at speed and when he ran his hand he said that he could feel the outside (10 degree) cold air where the dashboard meets the windscreen near the driver side A pillar and 3-4 inches towards the left of the A pillar just before the windscreen defogger vent starts. I ran my hand at the spot too and could feel the air leak. You can clearly feel some outside cold air from 35-40mph onwards. The passenger side is just fine, with no leaks. I therefore have a strong suspicion that the windshield may not have been installed properly which is causing me to hear outside noise. I am going to attempt to repair this at the cheap using some RTV silicone. This will mean removal of the black plastic protection that runs along the width of the car and meets the bottom of the windshield. Once I manage to remove that, I will clean up the windshield as best as I can at the bottom using carb cleaner. I intend to run a thick bead of silicone where the bottom of the windshield meets the body and smooth it out. A bead of silicone also needs to be run along the windscreen A pillar joint. If anyone has any tips, feel free to add. I will try and attempt this shortly and report back with pictures. Stuart, the springs look mint/probably new without any corrosion, But I will get my friend the mechanic to check this over when time permits. Phil and John - what would be cheap and good for seal rejuvenation? would something like GT85/wd40/brake fluid/armor all work?
  13. Hello I am running 30psi all around. Also, the creak is from the back, when I bounce the car up and down it creaks. Thank you
  14. Hi John 1. I will check the rubbers, thanks. This is interesting. 2, 3. Front - Bridgestone Turanza GR90 ... Brand new. Rated as very quiet tyres for luxury cars. Rears - One is a Dunlop and the other is a Hankook - again both almost new with less than 1000 miles. 4. Thing is that noise has not changed even a bit since I got the fronts replaced so I suspect that the tyres are not the issue. I will do this anyway at some point. Malc - I hope the windshield is not the issue! Any more suggestions are most welcome. Thanks
  15. Dear friends To give you a quick background, I have owned sever cars in the past like a Mercedes W140 S600, Toyota Cressida, 1992 LS400, Lexus IS etc. I am capable of doing general small repairs etc on my own and am generally technically minded. I just purchased a 1998 LS400 last month with 97,000 miles on the clock. Here are my problems, hope someone can be kind enough to help diagnose my issues- 1. 1. I hear a lot of road noise in the car from the front right of the car. The noise is similar to tyre noise when driving any car on a worn old road. I had to change the front two tyres anyway after I purchased the car since they were old. The new tyres have made no difference. My friend a mechanic has checked out the front bearings and he says that they are fine with minimal play. The road noise starts from 10mph onwards all the way to highway speeds and increases with speed. Me shifting the car left or right at speed makes no difference to the increase/decrease in sound. Brakes are good and not sticking or anything like that. My 1991 LS400 had no road noise and was much quieter in this regard. One more thing, the noise increases and becomes much apparent on new/smooth roads. The mechanic friend cannot hear anything unusual but I am sure something is not right given my experience with these cars. 2. 2. After driving the car for 10-15 minutes from cold, I get a creaking sound from the rear left suspension. I greased the sway bar bushings but this noise still occurs. The noise disappears after after the car has not been driven for day/two and reoccurs 10-15 minutes after the car has been driven. Do the LS400s suffer from bad struts? Given the car has only done 97,000 miles surely the strut should be ok? Or does anyone have any other hints? Hope someone can help so that I can get the car in order. Thanks