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  1. M11 9Th January Was It You

    Fellow GS450h driver on the M11 all the ay from inside M25 to A11. Nice car,, and great to see another GS450h about.
  2. Brilliant, worked like you said. Thanks
  3. Norfolk GS450h

  4. I don't think I have explained this very well. I have already "reset all" and as a result the "Best MPG" value is blank. I have driven over 2000 miles since then and the "Best MPG" is still blank. My question is what makes the "Best MPG" value appear? Is there something that I should be doing to record it or is this something that should be generated and presented automatically?
  5. Parking Sensors

    Thanks for the replies. The parking sensor seems to have dried out on it's own. All working fine again now. I couldn't see anything that would identify a faulty sensor, it could be either of th front two from what I can see. Hopefully it will be ok now. Thanks Roy
  6. Parking Sensors

    How easy is it to replace these? I used my local car wash who pressure washed the car and have had a problem with the parking sensor saying there is something in front of the car whenever i use it now. I suspect the pressure washer has damaged one of the sensors but don't know which one. Anyone have any ideas how to tell which is faulty and whether they are simple to replace? Thanks
  7. Hi I recently bought a GS450h (08 plate) and love the car. But, when I reset all on the fuel economy display screen the "Best MPG" was cleared and has stayed blank since. Does anyone know how I can get this to show my best fuel economy? Thanks