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  1. Hi, What bulb type is used in the front indicator inside the headlamp? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have been trying unsuccessfully past couple of days to replace the right hand side indicator bulb housed inside the headlight. Would appreciate if someone has a step by step guide on how to do this please? I had taken it to a local garage last week and after fiddling it around for 30 mins they too gave up.
  3. Hi Guys, I have a 07 plate IS220 run around 57k miles, off late I could hear a low grinding sound while shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. It doesnt sound too harsh but is still audible. Also the lever feels very notchy and rubbery and is one of the worst I have seen on a car. Anyone else had a similar problem and any action taken to resolve this? Cheers!
  4. Hi, I am new to the forum and not sure if this topic is covered elsewhere. The bulb on the front indicator lamp (inside the headlight unit) on my 07 IS220D has blown out and can anyone advice what is the correct bulb specification to replace? Is the bulb replacement easy or do I need some kind of tools to do it myself? Cheers
  5. Diesel Particulate Filter

    Hi, I have a 07 220d and last week I had the Check VSC light on the dash + reduced performance from the engine (wont rev beyond 2k rpm). I took the car to a local garage where they diagnosed it to be a p2002 fault and advised to have it checked / fixed at Lexus Dealer. On the drive back home I bought a wynns DPF cleaner, added it with around 40 ltrs of diesel and now the Check VSC light is gone and the car no longer goes in to limp mode. I did some motorway and city driving yesterday and have never seen the dreaded check vsc light come back on!! I would recommend giving this product a try before going for expensive repair job!$$ja=cgid:8475776884|tsid:35522|cid:166296844|lid:52075343334|nw:search|crid:33910835764|dvc:c|adp:1o1|bku:1&gclid=CIH-q__x2LsCFQbJtAod3F8AIg