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  1. Adam123

    Is 220D Rear Brake Calipers Seized

    Hi James, When I took my vehicle to my own mechanic he advised that he could try to get the pins out (and just replace the pins) but he was unwilling to do this as he said there was a risk of the callipers being damaged and wanted to me to sign a disclaimer if I wanted to go down that route (which I decided against) You could just get the pins replaced but I was recommended to replace the entire calliper as they could seize again. The new callipers I ordered were the 'new design' that Lexus replaced free of charge under warranty so I just got the entire thing replaced as I intend to keep the car in the near future. When I ordered the callipers they came on their own and I had to order the 'fitting kit' separately - this was all the pins, nuts, bolts etc - they didn't come with the calliper. I think they could be referring to the fitting kit as the 'housing' - to complete my job they needed new callipers and fitting kit. I also replaced my brake pads as well Hope that helps, Adam
  2. Adam123

    Is 220D Rear Brake Calipers Seized

    I was in the same position and had the same conversation with a few of their staff. Unfortunately they were not entertaining anything which I was very disappointed with the only saving grace was that I was able to pick up both rear callipers for £130 after some hard negotiation.
  3. Adam123

    Severe Juddering 1000-2000 Revs

    Hi, I had a similar issue on my is220d few weeks ago. Was driving on the motorway when the severe juddering started. As you say, when changing gear between that rev range the was severe juddering and overall car was shaking. Took it to garage and they advised its the first fuel injector. He couldn't replace as only lexus can programme the injector via ECU. My problem was intermittent. It would come and go. Took it to lexus for full diagnostic and they couldn't find any issues. They kept it for a few days. Having been driving it since for 3 weeks and no issues at all!
  4. Adam123

    Is 220D Rear Brake Calipers Seized

    Hi Ian, Based on my conversations with the guys at lexus manchester I would expect them to replace yours FOC as you are within both of the criteria they outlined to me to get the work done under warranty. I would ask what work they are actually going to undertake for the price quoted. I decided to replace both rear callipers completely due to the sliding pin design issue. At the time I was being advised the pins could be released but they could seize again in the future so I just replaced them and had no issues since. I usually don't settle for 'quick fix' options when it comes to my car not at least with the brakes!! If you want my opinion do not settle for anything other than Lexus replacing both rear callipers completely FOC under warranty! Keep us posted Adam
  5. Adam123

    Is 220D Rear Brake Calipers Seized

    Quick update on this issue... spoke with lexus dealership on few occasions who confirmed they did replace the rear calipers FOC under warranty but was not done under a recall. They would only replace FOC had the car been less than 6 years old and under 60k miles. I was out on both counts. Was quoted c£350 for brand new set of rear callipers but the workshop manager was aware of this issue and mentioned at the time Toyota manufactured a new part when calipers were changed and they had one final set in stock which they were running down-after some hard negotiation I managed to get both calipers for £130! Car went in this morning to local garage this morning and the rear calipers, break discs and pads were all changed successfully. All in it cost me £350 which I'm very pleased with considering what I could have ended up paying-the mechanic couldn't believe I picked up both calipers original parts for £130.
  6. Adam123

    Is 220D Rear Brake Calipers Seized

    Thanks for the prompt response newbie, Unfortunately I won't be undertaking the work myself, will leave it to the professionals! The garage were of the view that it is very likely that the pins could be released with heat/wd40 as you say but given this problem appears to be well documented and a lot of members have had the work corrected by lexus FOC I just wanted to get some thoughts on approaching lexus first before deciding to go ahead with local garage. Thanks for the info re;carrier pins. I purchased the car privately and all the service documents and few bits done under warranty/recalls we're included but nothing relating to this. I bought the car when it had 50k on the clock currently approaching 70k
  7. Hi all, I'm hoping I can receive some advice on the below issue on my is 220d (2008 registered 57 plate) I purchased my is 220d in March 2013, no issues at all great car but just had a service done by local garage and was informed he was unable to replace the rear brake bads as the callipers were seized. I have done some online research mostly on these forums and it appears this is a common issue and many people had this corrected by lexus FOC under warranty as there was a design fault (sliding pin seized) I need new pads and brake discs anyway but the garage is unwilling to try to release the callipers unless I sign a disclaimer, which is understandable. I will be contacting lexus in the new year but would like some advice. As I am now outside the warranty period will Lexus refuse to do anything for me? My take on this is that as it is a safety issue I would 'expect' something from Lexus! The garage is advising their next course of action would be to apply some heat to the calipers to see if this works. If not, I may require new calipers...all of this is now adding up to £500 and counting! the garage put everything back together and I'm ok for the next couple of weeks but the pads will need replacing soon. many thanks in advance for your time/replies, Adam PS happy new year!