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  1. Happy Birthday LexusEdinburgh!

  2. Big Brother is watching us.... Seriously, it's good to know that Dealer Principles do take an interest in this site and others like it - we're all interested in seeing the brand do well. Mind you I'm confused by the statement "'The Mole' is, and never has been a member of my staff" - well is he or isn't he? Sorry, I missed a 'not'.
  3. Dear Ivan We have met and at that point I am sure I made it clear, as I do to all my customers, that should you have an issue with any aspect of the service we provide, to ask for me personally. I never refuse a call from a customer! I will take this opportunity to answer some of your concerns. I have a record of one phone call from you yesterday at 3pm, the message was passed to my Parts Manager, I assume you asked for him. He apologies for the time it has taken to get back to you but he is 2 member of staff short and ran out of time yesterday. After looking at your history, there would a
  4. To help clear this up. The heating system requires the petrol engine for power and heat. The AC uses the electrical system.
  5. I am not sure where you are getting that from. I can sell everyone that I get, quoting delivery now for the end of Jan. The next big lift in sales will come when company car drivers realise that it will cost them 80% more in BIK to drive an X5 3.0d 2006/2007.
  6. Please note that prices are NOT confirmed. I am expecting an announcement in Oct relating to this. The insurance groups are IS250 13E IS250 SE/SE-L/Sport 14E, IS220d 12E, IS220d SE/SE-L/Sport 13E. The figures for CO2 are accurate. The workings of gearboxes are not my specialised subject but the drive ratios for the Auto vs Man are quite differant. This may account for the variance.
  7. I think I would have given your SC's a good run for their money Not as quick as the GS430 though Dave?
  8. I have refrained from posting recently as not everyone takes my opinion as it is meant, which is my view from the Dealers side. I see the Mole trying to put the same views across and getting the same treatment. I have been asked specifically for views on this post so please take them as that, my views; my flame retardant suit is away getting cleaned! Like everything else in this world, the value of a used IS200 is set according to the supply vs demand ratio. High demand, low supply = high price. Low demand, high supply = low price. As far as the effect of the new IS250 on IS200; LGB has had
  9. Hi That was my car for about 4 months. I had the wheels commission by Khan to fit the RX300 and there were only 6 sets made, so this is a very rare car. .............and by sheer coincidence has just been traded back into us and is up for sale. It should be on our web site shortly. Ian
  10. Hi Neil I am glad you are enjoying your car. I am not sure if you bought your car from Lexus Edinburgh but I would be delighted to do your first service for you; the cost is £105 inc VAT. Please call 0845 130 5498 and ask for John Donaldson. Ian
  11. So it would seem. They are brand new, very expensive wheels and would be a bargain at double that price :) There are more listings now. These are in 'baskets' to suit specific cars. IS200 LS400 GS300 Mk I RX300
  12. The last time we listed parts for sale on Ebay and failed to let you know I got a bit of a doing, so here are our latest offerings. Alloys IS Roofbars
  13. Thank you Dave It was a great to see you all. Come back anytime. Ian
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