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  1. All the boys doing the is200 1jz engine conversions are using the r152 gearbox from a supra. 1jz and 2jz share bell housing bolt design.
  2. Was it fitted alongside the prinns sequential valve care system that they recommend on the is 200?
  3. Yes they all use the aisin box but all with different bell housing and end caps. Only the is200 and Altezza share the came clutch.
  4. A prins sequential system for a six cylinder engine with valve care will set you back £1700 depending on tank size. Alot of money I no but I won't fit anything else. Very reliable and ecomical .
  5. That and cost, this whole install cost less than having a manifold made.
  6. That's because it's a small market in the uk. and your system was cheep. Get a prins sequential system only. Go to France and try to find a car that ant on LPG or CNG. And a small company called Mercedes Benz still build LPG/cng vehicles
  7. From what I've read all the 3s engines and jz engines share flywheel and clutch spline patterns. Oh and the rx8 for some reason. Will check on a parts database tomorrow and get back to you
  8. On a push type clutch like fitted to the is200, the release bearing is only engaged when the clutch pedal is depressed. My box was also noisy so I replaced the oil with Titan GL-5 75W90 gear oil. What a difference.
  9. Use a prinns LPG system with valve care. I look after and install lots of LPG vehicles. We look after a is200 taxi with 200k+ on it and still going.
  10. And if you look at my photos on my profile the exhaust lay out can be seen
  11. Got turbo exhaust flange from Japan And all welded in place
  12. Yep standard ecu. Think the super charger boys are doing it this way also. Correct me if I'm wrong. If you can't get the tte black box.
  13. Mine started life as a Altezza as so was 4 speed auto. IV manual converted it and I'm only using a exedy clutch with no problems so far. The turbo is a TD04 from a Subaru. I used it because there fast spooling as impreza turbos are mounted a long way from the exhaust ports. It's oil cooled and IV used a gear driven pump to scavenge the oil up hill to the sump. The power increase is very impressive would say 40-50 bhp and a very nice torque curve that all is200 lack.
  14. Well IV been up the road many times with a multimeter on the upstream O2 sensor. Full load @4-5psi it's still good. Just looking forward to the dyno time. My take a few more psi I hope
  15. Standard ecu with a hks STD FCD wired in. Still yet to check AFR on the dyno.