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  1. as above, brochure available to download now and configurator on the Lexus UK website is now up. Brochure is only a teaser, nothing of substance, mpg etc is all in l/km not mpg and nothing confirmed subject to WLTP homologation. FSport trim only available with Tahara upholstery??? Not leather and no option. Surely not? Takumi wood trim looks 🤢
  2. Lol! The satnav and general infotainment system is an acquired taste, but most of the features are there, just looks like it was designed by 5 different teams using tools from about 5yrs who and not allowed to talk to each other! To be honest if the SatNav is your only gripe, you are doing great. I guess the main issues that most of the so called expert journalists aren’t an issue?? CVT box, noisy active noise system(you can turn it off), ride a bit jittery etc. Be interested in your thoughts on ride, steering, comfort etc compared to the so called ultimate driving machine! bTW 49mpg is fantastic but don’t get too excited. My current is about 40mpg which is much more realistic for an FSport and the trip comp overeads by at least 10%. Is the 49mpg, after reset, after refuel or after start??
  3. You might find it worthwhile to have a quick perusal of the pdf owners manuals.
  4. Snap on spec! Pretty much fully loaded. from memory I think you can adjust the cruise control setting in the menu on the speedo display. You need to have the car “ready” (effectively ‘engine’ running mode) but stopped. Then use the steering wheel 4 way, go to the settings menu and there are a variety of options to adjust cruise, lane departure, speedo display etc. If you are moving these settings are greyed out. if you long press the cruise button on the stalk it will move into regular cruise control mode too, rather than adaptive.
  5. Click destination, then move to page 2 on the input page, the icon is there
  6. I've noticed if the sun shines in and the cabin temp starts to rise, the auto climate alogorithm seems to blow cold air on the face vents, rather than try to mix it out. I usually just close down the dash vents slightly to stop it feeling like someone is blowing an icy fan in my face. Some of the other comments have made me think what BMW offer which i wish Lexus did in the IS, here is my starter for 10 1. Adaptive headlamps, the BMW ones are pretty trick. It is being offered now on NX, RX etc, but the BMW system is superior. 2. 360deg surround view. With F Sport alloys this should be standard fit! 3. Folding rear head rests - (i'm scraping the barrel now!) Maybe/hopefully all will be in the new IS version?!?
  7. I haven’t owned a BMW, but have been in and driven a few journeys in one. Have run a 1st Gen IS300h Fsport as a company car for 3 yrs 80k miles and then opted out and bought a facelift one with my own money, 18mths and 31k in. Have loved both cars. Looks, style, interior, drive, ride, performance and economy are all great IMHO. You will be an oddity, you will see only a couple of Lexus a day if you’re lucky, rather than a few hundred 420’s! Yes the infotainment maybe isn’t as slick, but with an iPhone it all works fine. You don’t get as many fancy gadgets as you Can option on a BMW, but spec a BMW 3 series to the same spec as an FSport IS and see the cost difference! The chassis on an IS is really pretty good, yes it’s not as a powerful as a 330, but it is more than capable of hustling on a A or B road. FSport alloys are a weakness, they are soft, the tyres offer no protection, and the paint colour can’t be matched (it’s a kind of smoked grey) my advice, buy alloy insurance as you will kerb them. Also if the std F sport suspension seems too stiff, then spec the Adaptive suspension, it softens it slightly to similar to standard cars and also gives you a customisable drive mode as a bonus! FSport leather is a must and the quality is a step ahead of BMW Daytona hippo hide! Enjoy the test ride, hope the car meets the expectations. We would be interested in your thoughts post....
  8. 1st IS300h, rear Adaptive dampers (shocks) were weeping and replaced under warranty. Dealer noticed at service. Had a noisy whirring noise when it was cold from in the dash (heater, CD player, something else) never found out or fixed it, wasn’t too much of an issue. 80k miles of otherwise trouble free motoring. 2nd IS300h, front parking sensor controller failed and was replaced under warranty after a bit of investigation. have a little rattle From the trim around the mouse controller, but it is intermittent and not an issue really. Again 31k miles so far and enjoying car.
  9. You can also set the distance to start beeping near/far and some other configurations in the setup menu in the satnav/radio settings, at least you can if you have premium Mac, the one with the mouse rather than the knob.
  10. Steve44

    Traction Battery

    If you can get more than about a mile or so on battery or EV running you’re doing well. The battery is large but not powerful. if you want to extend EV running turn off the AC and fans and keep the heated seats on to keep warm, or windows down to cool down Leaving the climate control on, especially if it is cold, will push the engine to run to keep the air blowers hot. Remember virtually all the systems in the car are powered from the traction battery rather than the 12v battery on a normal car. Finally, it is fun to try and keep the battery full on a long downhill or to run as far as possible just on EV, but ultimately as others have said, the car will do it’s own thing as it thinks it needs to and it is fine. Don’t sweat it, I think there has been only a couple of battery failures ever on on a Lexus or Toyota and if it happens to you you will have been extremely unlucky and probably nothing you’ve done will have caused it. Enjoy the silence and of creeping up on unsuspecting pedestrians in car parks!
  11. Mine was playing up like this over the winter, with clean msg then fault msg then complete parking sensor failure. Took it to the dealer and they diagnosed first a sensor with a stone chip in it which had damaged the sensor. They swapped it, but the fault didn’t go. Further investigation finally led to a faulty control unit for the front. Replaced that and all ok. Mine was under warranty so no charge. Sensors are £80 each I was told!!
  12. This is the reason I’ll be changing to either an NX or another marque shortly. Boot space is usable and pretty good, but practicality through the saloon boot slot means it doesn’t suit me anymore. i was hoping the ES might have been a Hatch/Fastback, but with it a saloon and no folding rear seats, then that’s out. Had a good look at the UX at Goodwood yesterday and the boot is no bigger than the CT and floor is quite high with no lip. It’s flat but tiny, so that is out too. RX is too big and wife struggled to get in and out. So either an NX or I’m off to another brand.
  13. Having had Premium Audio in previous IS and now ML in current IS , I’ve found the volume levels have to be higher with ML and significantly higher to ‘hear’ all the recording. At lower volumes the details seem missing, only at higher levels does the sound quality finally meet expectations. The biggest difference though is the quality of the bass. With ML the bass is very deep, solid and has no distortion or vibrations, it is a excellent. On the other hand the treble can be too sharp and brittle. I also find it exposes the frailties of every recording. I need to be constantly twiddling with the equaliser to bring the best out of different tracks. It is brutal on everything but the very best mixed tracks.
  14. Do you have Personal Hotspot enabled on your iPhone when it connects via Bluetooth? You mention above you have connected via bluetooth and also Wi-fi hotspot? Is the car connected by Wi-fi or Bluetooth to the iPhone?? You should have one or the other not both. I’d suggest Bluetooth only, that’s what I’m running with iPhone 7 and it works fine. iOS 11.4 too.
  15. Steve44

    Road rash on front bumper

    Yep, same here. I do mostly motorway and at 22k miles and 15mths old, it looks pretty poor. Soft paint and a black car exacerbate the issue, as the pock marks show up more with the white/grey primer underneath the paint. My previous Grey IS300h didn't look as bad. I won't be having a black car again 😊 I've bought a Lexus paint stick and have been touching in some of the larger marks, so it is less noticeable.