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  1. This is the reason I’ll be changing to either an NX or another marque shortly. Boot space is usable and pretty good, but practicality through the saloon boot slot means it doesn’t suit me anymore. i was hoping the ES might have been a Hatch/Fastback, but with it a saloon and no folding rear seats, then that’s out. Had a good look at the UX at Goodwood yesterday and the boot is no bigger than the CT and floor is quite high with no lip. It’s flat but tiny, so that is out too. RX is too big and wife struggled to get in and out. So either an NX or I’m off to another brand.
  2. Having had Premium Audio in previous IS and now ML in current IS , I’ve found the volume levels have to be higher with ML and significantly higher to ‘hear’ all the recording. At lower volumes the details seem missing, only at higher levels does the sound quality finally meet expectations. The biggest difference though is the quality of the bass. With ML the bass is very deep, solid and has no distortion or vibrations, it is a excellent. On the other hand the treble can be too sharp and brittle. I also find it exposes the frailties of every recording. I need to be constantly twiddling with the equaliser to bring the best out of different tracks. It is brutal on everything but the very best mixed tracks.
  3. Do you have Personal Hotspot enabled on your iPhone when it connects via Bluetooth? You mention above you have connected via bluetooth and also Wi-fi hotspot? Is the car connected by Wi-fi or Bluetooth to the iPhone?? You should have one or the other not both. I’d suggest Bluetooth only, that’s what I’m running with iPhone 7 and it works fine. iOS 11.4 too.
  4. Steve44

    Road rash on front bumper

    Yep, same here. I do mostly motorway and at 22k miles and 15mths old, it looks pretty poor. Soft paint and a black car exacerbate the issue, as the pock marks show up more with the white/grey primer underneath the paint. My previous Grey IS300h didn't look as bad. I won't be having a black car again 😊 I've bought a Lexus paint stick and have been touching in some of the larger marks, so it is less noticeable.
  5. iPhone 7 here, works without doing this.
  6. Errr.. no we don't - see here EU has less car classifications than USA ES is based on same platform as the Avalon, but it has different body in white it has extra bracing in rear seats it has different suspension it has different interior it has more sound deadening etc etc etc Its built in a different factory production line. It's a different car.
  7. Connected services in the car has always been problematic if you have 2 methods of connection connected simultaneously. If you use either Wifi or Bluetooth, it should be fine. In the past I've had problems changing from one to the other, which resulted in me having to delete the entire phone from the system before it would work again. Either works OK, but not both together. Remember if you are using Bluetooth on an iPhone, you need personal hotspot enabled on the phone to allow it to use the Bluetooth connection as an internet connection.
  8. Central tunnel looks like it is for the exhaust and battery cabling, so they can keep a reasonably flat floor for refinement and economy. Bracing in rear seats is Lexus specific, as the Toyota Avalon on which it is based comes with folding rear seats. If you search for Toyota Avalon 2019 reviews online, there are a few just out and it gets some really good reviews. It is virtually identical to the ES, a few interior and exterior differences, but even the Hybrid and other drive trains are identical. And if you thought the Lexus grille was huge, wait till you see what Toyota did to it............
  9. There may be a new GS model for some markets, but I can't imagine that it would be sold in the EU. Looks like the ES won't be offered with folding rear seats, as they've bolted a huge V brace between the rear turrets! And despite it being front wheel drive, it still has a pretty huge central tunnel.
  10. The UK base model price will be under 40k. It’s a replacement for the GS so will be priced similar. Battery is under rear seats so should still have folding rear seats and no reduction in boot space issues.
  11. I was quite liking the new ES as a potential replacement for my IS next year....... right up to “front wheel drive”. Not sure if Lexus have dropped a clanger here. I see they won’t offer an AWD option either.
  12. Steve44

    expensive mot

    Snap! Is it Graphite black or the other one? can’t remember name but less metallic. Pity you’ve been stung with the extra tax. Mine was registered 25th March last year and is £10/yr. The new rules are nuts. If you have premier pack, like mine , then the car will have Premium Nav and Mark Levinson stereo. Sport+ mode on the dial, AVS, electric leather seats with memory, blind spot monitoring and rear traffic alert and the very special pressed aluminium inserts with a diamond textured finish. I don’t think it does as the under bonnet shot shows std damper tops not ones with the cover and wiring for AVS. Even a std FSport with metallic paint is just over 40k list. Premier pack took it to 45k ish.
  13. Friend has a Diesel C300h AMG Premium Plus hybrid. Was similar in spec and colour to my old F-Sport IS300h - Grey/Red leather and similar spec/toys. Merc looked OK, IMO and the interior was alright too, but the growling diesel engine spoilt the drive and the auto box wasn't the best. It was quick though, much faster than the IS, sub 6s 0-60 and with decent diesel shove mid-range. Seats were OK, but the "Leather" was very grainy and plastic feeling, and that was the Cranberry leather upgrade! I still don't like the stick on screen on the dash either. And he had loads of issues getting phones to work with it. Ride was poor IMO, very stiff and crashed over any imperfection around town (better on smooth motorways) and that was on the std 18" wheel. Couple of things it has, which I liked/wished the lexus had. Electric boot open/close. Adjustable thigh support for seats. Memory seats on passenger side. Biggest benefit was that it would do an easy 55mpg+ on motorway, even thrashing it, it wouldn't get below low 40's. drive lightly and it would top 60mpg+. I'd love for the IS to get anywhere near those figures in F-Sport spec!
  14. My tuppenth worth Heated seats aren’t powerful for me, though they do warm quick, they could be a touch hotter. They are extremely comfortable though and vented option is surprisingly effective. Never had an issue with rear Demister, just leave the aircon on auto and Sflow off. When needed it works well. Front demist is also very good. In car satnav and media, not the best, could be better. Some small software tweaks could make it so much better, but it’s not bad and no worse on routing and traffic than an equivalent BMW or Mercedes, they all use the same data after all! Sound quality is good. Auto cruise, for me is too cautious and quick to slow down/get confused, it also doesn’t slow to a standstill and resume, though I believe the new NX facelift does this now. Headlight tech. Lexus behind the Germans here with the latest auto/dynamic LED Systems. Again I think the new NX has only just offered something as an option. LED lights are bright , but headlamp design still gets dirty too quick and really affects light output. Battery size/ Elec performance, I’d like a slightly bigger/higher density energy pack for around town. I don’t want the faff of plugging in though. Fake sound - I quite like occasionally having a blast in Sport+ S mode with ASC turned up ( I mostly like wafting on motorway in silience too) but I wish they could keep the sound in sync with the paddle gear changes, it isn’t and spoils the experience. I like having a car with 2 different personalities. Ride comfort with AVS is perfectly fine. Handling is very good, better than expected and as good as its rivals. Alloy wheel protection is rubbish and there is something about driving the car that makes me struggle to position it sometimes. I’ve kerbed wheels in stupid situations. Can’t put my finger on it, steering too quick or just difficult to judge where the wheels are in relation to where you think they are. Lastly, all the clever tech in the car and still a horrible quartz analogue clock which doesn’t auto set/ sync or do anything fancy. Why Lexus...why!
  15. Steve44

    Drivers seat wear

    These are photos of the drivers seat of my 2014 F Sport the day it went back to the lease company after 3 yrs and 70k odd miles. I was impressed about how well it had held up. Other than some creasing in the side bolster, and slightly shiny and discoloured it looked great. The thick stiff band around the base really protects the bolster on the Fsport models. Lexus have changed the leather (pleather?) material on the outer edges of the facelifts I’m sure. It is softer and already is marking up worse on my new one.