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  1. Steve44

    DAB IS 300h

    If you try some of the national BBC stations, they are pretty much available anywhere. They may change channel in the background in different UK areas, but the car should retune automatically to find the same station, as they stay in the same DAB ensemble. If you try some of the myriad of other stations, then coverage will vary, ensemble and station will change in different areas, so it is a bit hit and miss. Start with trying BBC Radio 1 or 2 first and see how you get on. The DAB aerial is one of the copper line's in the top of the rear screen - the bit that doesn't defrost. Some people reported issues with DAB coverage when the heated RR window was on, but it was individual issues, not a wide spread problem. I generally do not have issues with DAB coverage or reception.
  2. Steve44

    Wifi connection

    You shouldn't connect Bluetooth and wifi at the same time, performance will be unpredictable, usually it's one or the other. As jbi507 says, connect using Bluetooth, enable tethering on the phone and then everything will work fine.
  3. Guess it depends on whether the OP signed for what he believed or was told was a 2018MY or 2019MY. If it is a factory order, the dealer should be aware of changes to MY in construction, though might not know the exact spec of said model. Personally I’ve been in this position a couple of times, but always lucked out with improved spec rather major things deleted. I think Lexus UK have ballsed up here as they are trying to mod the specs of the various models to fit the new ES and UX into the lineup, whilst making sure that the pricing seems sensible. The IS was too close to the ES pricing so they’ve devalued the IS some. What I dont understand is why the various brochures, website etc haven’t been updated yet despite cars having been built and now arriving at dealers. The OP isnt the only person affected, Lexus Newcastle said to me they had stopped placing IS orders last year until the spec was confirmed as they had a customer in a similar situation who rejected the car on delivery as it had changed radically.
  4. I think I know what’s happened. Youve got a new 2019MY F Sport. If you have a look at the current price list here, , you’ll see that they’ve revised the spec of the IS, reduced the trim range and added option packs. All of the packs contain the rear view camera, it appears it’s no longer standard on any model. The brochures, the website, the press packs, even the dealers haven’t been communicated about what is happening yet. I think you’ve got a great case to reject the car, as they’ve changed the spec drastically without informing you.
  5. Pretty certain it is and always has been standard on the f sport model. Shows it as standard in the brochure from Jan2018. Shows as standard in the press pack details was it a new factory order?
  6. Steve44

    Ok, I’m in love with the ES

    Yes about 1 sec faster 0-60mph. GS is a good chunk heavier with same engine.
  7. From the Lexus UK media site published today, all about the new engine, drivetrain, hybrid system and body shell. Pretty interesting and quite technically sophisticated (Super polymer composite hatch skin for instance)!
  8. Steve44

    Ok, I’m in love with the ES

    Not on European models! Tyre repair kit only.
  9. Steve44

    What! No CarPlay!?!

    It’s not coming yet to any Lexus or Toyota European model this year. Toyota say ”we are working on it”😔
  10. What spec have you gone with? Did you add the pack which has Adaptive Variable Suspension? If so, in Normal mode it rides more or less the same as the other trims. In Sport +, it firms up the ride and you feel every ripple, ridge and cats eye. I very rarely use Sport+. If not it will ride slightly stiffer, but a lot of it is down to the low profile and wider tyres and bigger alloys. In my opinion, it is still way better than any non-premium car, secondary ride quality is far better and for Motorway use it is perfectly fine. The seats are also extremely comfortable. Did you test drive at all??
  11. Steve44

    Ok, I’m in love with the ES

    Love how they compare the residuals between Takumi and an “equivalent” diesel 5 series, saying the Lexus IS very poor in comparison. Any equivalent BMW I’ve looked at is about 10k more expensive to make them spec identical. Then you have the 900 or so Lexus says they wish to sell per year in Uk, versus the 900 or more per month BMW must sell into the fleet market...... Business Car mags own calcs on a std 520d says it will retain 38%, which incidentally is exactly what Lexus thinks the ES will retain.
  12. I have triple LEDs on my facelift fsport, the range is still poor imo, light is bright white though, auto high beam works well enough.
  13. Have a look at the latest (jan 2019) price list in link below. It has the new model structure and some notes about what the packs contain. Not a huge difference to current. My dealer said they had had to temp stop ordering IS models as they didn't know and couldn't guarantee to buyers what they were going to get..... The IS link for brochure still takes you to the old one.
  14. Steve44

    Residual values

    50% retained value is pretty good overall, much better than some of the other manufacturers. Being low volume, non-fleet really helps residuals and has hit BMW/Audi/Merc badly as they chased higher volume sales. No one has ever claimed buying a car is good financial sense, but you need to be savvy to minimise outgoings. Could be worse, you could have bought a MG6 - just 23% retained value 😱
  15. Steve44

    Ok, I’m in love with the ES

    I don't think so, just don't like the Toyota styling and interior finishes. Have been looking at a new RAV4, but it really doesn't do anything for me style or finish wise. Lexus use Inrix Real time traffic, or at least as close to real time as you get. Its the same system as used in BMW and Mercedes I think. You need to connect a mobile phone to it and set it to use the data connection to get the most up to date data though, by default it uses RDS Traffic data from FM radio, which is very poor. Overall It is pretty good, but Google/Waze is still better still.