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  1. Nice motor Don. Your car has come along way since the days when I was gonna buy it. Nice!
  2. Possibly.... Any images ? Mileage ? Year ? etc... ← its 2003 (may) 20,000miles (LSH) DVD 2x h/screens, HID lights, TTE roll bars BREMBO discs+pads HKS hyper, roof spoiler, styling kit, side skirts, new styling alloys (from 29th) b+m quick shift, oil cooler, im sure theres more just carnt remember supercharger, its got a tracker to (paid for life of car) ← Best one yet......Very similar to my old one. If only yours was black! I just don't want another Plat Ice IS200. Thanks anyway. Cheers
  3. Very nice...... mileage is a bit high for what I was looking for though. Thanks anyway.
  4. Possibly.... Any images ? Mileage ? Year ? etc...
  5. Thanks m8, Nice motor, but not exactly what I'm looking for. This'll be the most expensive motor I've ever bought, so it needs to tick all the boxes. I had a look at Lexus Edinburgh too, but nothing there either. Although, I might give Ian a phone tomorrow to see what he can come up with, if anything.... but to be honest, I'd rather buy private.
  6. By the way..... I'm not wanting an IS300. I prefer manual :D
  7. I thought SteveAudio had began stripping his back to standard? ← Anyone got a link to SteveAudio's IS ? Not my ideal colour, but of what I've heard, definately worth a look! I've searched his username, but the only pic I can find is the one on his avatar. Cheers
  8. Hi guys, I'm sure a few of you will remember me I sold my old IS200 about 10 months ago to put an injection of cash into my business Here is an image of my old IS200 Sport: or Anyway, back on topic, I have 21.5k burning a hole in my pocket and I am after another IS200 Sport. I'm not after a new one, but I would prefer either a blue or black one and must have SatNav. Styling kits and tasteful mods I'd look at too. Ideally, I'd like to spend about 19k on a black nearly new IS200 Sport with SatNav, leaving me a good couple of grand to spend on 18" alloys and a s/s exhaust. Anyway.... I'm glad to be back... and looking forward to being a Gold Member again. Any feedback appeciated and I am really looking forward to getting back behind the wheel of an IS200
  9. Ok, next year. I think camping would be best. That is what is all about. Just like Glastonbury. :winky: No hotels there....
  10. Hi mate, I'm currently selling my 2000 W Reg Lexus Sport, it has only done 35,000 miles, has brand new 18" alloys on it and a few other bits. You are welcome to carry out any inspection. I've put it on eBay: If you have any more questions, e-mail me:
  11. 18 GRAND!!!! Fu :tsktsk: n' Hell!! My Lex only cost £12k If could just my wife's face, if I told her I was gonna spend £18k on watching a F1 race. Well more like her shoe coming towards my head :duh: :yack:
  12. The 1 colour I avoid is white! Sorry guys ;)
  13. I've had black motors before m8.... I prefer them B)
  14. Hopefully will look similar to this, but with 19's etc.... I will be buying the Lex from Ian @ Lexus Edinburgh. Not sure of what style 19"'s to go for, but they will be different to the 18's I had on my old IS. Anyway.... I will keep you all updated to my progress in this thread.
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