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  1. Strange Noise From Engine!

    I tried running it to amazon temp in car and coolant level high but no difference. Noise was still there. ended up turning up the stereo and selling the car with the problem
  2. Cold Air Induction For Is200?!?!?

    As true as that all is i think youv skimmed over the part that I said im not looking for a performance upgrade from it. I just love the sound it makes but what i dont want to happen is make the power less. If I was to start tuning it for performance id buy a different car as the is200 isnt a great platform for tuning unless you go for engine swaps
  3. Cold Air Induction For Is200?!?!?

    Ahhhh see if hadnt read that before. Spoke to two different blokes when i rang up before and the website looks convincing Fair enough mate ill take your advice
  4. Cold Air Induction For Is200?!?!?

    well I saw a thread that had the "stock V Prolex" test and found the air going into the throttle body was colder with the prolex part. Having been on the site and spoken to prolex they dont do it anymore... gutted... Im not looking for any gains just not masses of hot air being constantly taken in.
  5. Cold Air Induction For Is200?!?!?

    Im aware that the ecu cant be remapped so i'm not looking for power gains i just don't want it to lose any power. are there threads for front angled DIY cold air feeds? I have seen some that are DIY but angle over the manifold
  6. Manifold

    fair enough mate i dno i prefer straight six personally. your own build should be exactly how you want it to be
  7. Manifold

    Fair enough but bit of a shame as youll need to get rid of the manifold. Personally id opt for the toyota supra 2JZ-GTE conversion I do love a striaght six engine and the late supra engine is one of the greatest ever tuning engines
  8. Manifold

    its best to put a sheild around the cone so the engine warmth doesnt get to the air that the cone takes in. when done properly it is a good cheap modification
  9. Reallly struggling to find a cold air intake that doesnt route over the exhaust manifolds. Really want the induction sound but dont want to sacrifice power by routing the piping over the manifold which will heat up the air the whole time. Does anyone know of any that dont route over the manifolds or any that arnt affected by the manifold if routing over it All advice and info welcome
  10. Manifold

    I keep looking for a cold air induction but having no joy
  11. Manifold

    If just done my decat manifold today and i love the noise. Its a nicer note when 2500rpm or lower and has the rasp when you floor it. However the left hand (lower) o2 sensor doesnt sit well. Iv had to re route the o2 sensor wiring temporarily until i can get the 90 degrees sensor adaptor. Also the heat shields now don't have any fixing so cannot be re-installed therefore is causing the fan to come on as it is heating up the above coolant pipes and surrounding systems. Power has possibly increased slightly but that could be a combo of the decat and the cobra cat back I have or placebo style feeling, almost wanting to beleive it is. I had to get a disc cutter on one of the bolts connecting to the down pipe as it was horribly corroded and had to remove the steering UJ between the steering column and rack which was also rusted. Besides all that it was quite simply to fit. The beauty of the replacement was the incredible space you have to everything! I got mine for £120 brand new. For such minimal money I would advise it to anyone
  12. Manifold

    Iv bought the same one but havnt fitted it yet is the burning smell still there?
  13. Bugger i was looking for the manual but that tax is madness!
  14. Hi im looking to buy an is250 soon, anything i should be looking out for when i look it over before buying?
  15. Strange Noise From Engine!

    No i havnt What would i be looking for when i do that?