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  1. Wheels and tyres for IS250

    Still for sale folks, now advertised elsewhere as well.
  2. Wheels and tyres for IS250

    Weekend bump :)
  3. Wheels and tyres for IS250

    Afternoon all, I've got a full set of tyres from my recently-sold 57 plate IS250 available for sale, along with a set of wheels. Details and pictures below. Collection is preferred, the items are at my house in Basingstoke. The tyres are Michelin Pilot Sport 3, 225/40 R18 for the fronts and 255/40 R18 for the rear, so OEM fitments. There's 6mm of tread across the measurable surface, with marginally more wear on the inner edge of the front tyres and the outer edge of the rears - not more than 0.5mm difference on any tyre. I had them for a year and did about 10,000 road miles on them. I'm looking for £250 for the set. The wheels are taken from a Nissan 350z, they're the ultra-light Rays alloys that were an optional extra from new. Fitments are perfect for the IS250, stats as follows: PCD 5x114.3 Centre bore 66.1 (fitted with metal spigot rings to downsize this to Lexus 60.1) Front: 8Jx18 ET30 Rear: 8.5Jx18 ET33 In terms of condition, one front and one rear have minor paintwork damage to the outer rim, the second front has extensive but repairable kerb damage to the outer rim, and the second rear has significant damage to the outer rim and spokes that may or may not be repairable. I think the previous owner used these wheels on a drift car, but at some point he's got it wrong and hit a kerb, hard. He then bought some rattle cans and sprayed over all of the rims before selling them to me, and the poor quality of that paint job has resulted in the paint flaking off in several places without provocation. Three of these rims will be perfect after a standard refurb, but the fourth will need significant machining and welding (or more likely replacement). In the picture, the top row shows the rears and the bottom row shows the fronts. Despite the damage, these wheels are fully airtight and not cracked or buckled, and they balance perfectly using standard weights. I used them on my IS for well over a year with no issues (other than snide comments from friends about my wheels looking crap :)) They would be perfectly suited to a track car, but will need a refurb for road use. £250 will get you the full set, or if you want them with the tyres fitted I'll take £450 combined. Any questions, let me know :)
  4. Afternoon all, So I took my IS250 in to Lexus Reading for its 80k service yesterday, and we had a bit of a chat about service plans, since I'm doing about 20k a year in that car. They printed out an example of what the standard service costs would be, compared with the costs on the service plan. Unsurprisingly the service plan comes in cheaper. What's interesting is that I then worked out the costs of the standard services with the owner's club 15% discount, and that's cheaper still. Full details below: 2 year plan based on 4 services, standard price: 80k £519 90k £245 100k £669 110k £245 Total £1678 Service plan total cost £1560 Owners club discounted price: 80k £441.15 90k £208.25 100k £568.65 110k £208.25 Total £1426.30 The service manager said that he'd seen several owners' club members before, and some had service plans while others used their discount cards, but none of them had ever actually worked out the costs in front of him. My membership here has already paid for itself several times over in savings, but this shows quite nicely how much it helps :)
  5. Lost Membership Card

    Thanks for sorting this one out for me Steve, I received the replacement card this morning. Proper job :)
  6. Lost Membership Card

    Thanks very much!
  7. Lost Membership Card

    Hmm, problem there - I'm getting an error message saying Steve can't use the message system. Any other suggestions?
  8. Lost Membership Card

    Top stuff, thanks :)
  9. Lost Membership Card

    Morning all, Not sure if this is the right place to be posting this, mods feel free to move it if needed :) I received my renewal pack a couple of months ago, and I've put it down somewhere, it's then been tidied up, and I've lost the membership card. I'm taking my IS in for service at Lexus Reading next Wednesday, and I've been asked to show my card to qualify for the club 15% discount. I've placed a support request for a new card in the relevant section of my profile but nothing has happened on that since Tuesday. Clearly I'll be needing the card pretty soon, so is there anyone I can PM about this? Thanks in advance :) Sam
  10. Gun Metal 18"s?

    I was looking for a while, in the end I decided to go aftermarket. Good luck with the search though :)
  11. Gun Metal 18"s?

    Actually it's a little less than that if you go to the link below... Still going to set you back just over £1200 for the set, and that's before paint and tyres, but you can't put a price on style ;)
  12. 2008 Is250 Standard Wheel Sizes

    Interesting - I managed to dig up the website below yesterday, which suggests that the US cars had wider wheels with the same tyres - that would fit my requirements slightly better since I'd only need to change 2 wheels. Also I've just checked the manual, and it's definitely 255/40 on the rears, although I agree that makes it look a bit more jacked-up than I'd like. The point is I'm trying to preserve the warranty, since the car is still under ten years old. I've had £1150 worth of parts replaced under the warranty so far with no quibbles, so it's worth the £800 I paid for it. However I need to get back to OEM tyre sizes to ensure that any suspension problems that crop up can't be attributed to my wheels. Also the scraping is really annoying. OK then, offsets. I can get the same wheel in 8.5j fitment for the front, in offsets ET20, 30, 35 and 44. The US cars apparently came with 8.5j ET40 on the front, and I want the wheels to sit slightly further out than standard, so they're almost flush with the arch rather than recessed. Should I go with ET35 or ET30?
  13. Morning all, I've recently got hold of a set of Rota Grid alloys in a properly wide fitment, too wide for the front in fact - I'm getting some minor scrubbing on the arches at full lock. I'm looking to find out what the standard 18" wheel sizes were, and I've got most of the info except two important bits for the fronts and rears - width and offset. What I know is below: Diameter: 18" Centre bore: 60.1mm PCD: 5x114.3 Width: ? Offset: ? Front tyres: 225/40 R18 Rear tyres: 255/40 R18 Can anyone help?
  14. Steering Wheel Conversion

    You could try getting the wheel retrimmed, google Royal Steering Wheels - they're well regarded, and can do whatever you want to your existing wheel for about £150.
  15. Gun Metal 18"s?

    We had the Lexus Baransu 18" alloy wheels in gunmetal grey on our previous IS250, those were gorgeous. Shame the car was written off really, I liked them a lot.