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  1. Hi Hardy, I had mine done with Gen 3 Glasscoat when I got it. It still looks great after three years. Mine cost around £300 but you may be able to get the dealers to do a deal, it certainly was not £1000. Easier to clean too, I use the Glasscoat shampoo, which is quite expensive, I would never pay that much for shampoo for my hair, but cars are different! I had a minor car park knock and the smart repairer said that as it had been Glasscoated it had not damaged the paintwork underneath and so he got the mark off without having to repaint it. Would I have it again, definitely. Worth every penny to me. Others will disagree. I have not heard that it needs to be repeated every few years. I think it best to get it done when new. No point in putting a coating on imperfect paint to start with.
  2. PaulWhitt20

    Tahara seats. Any good?

    I had them in my CT three years ago. They are not as nice as leather, not as soft. But are more practical than cloth. Easy to clean with a damp cloth. I didn't have the car long enough to see if they sag or not but the leather in my IS is starting to sag after 30,000 miles. I prefer real leather but the Tahara is better than cloth or velour. I didn't notice them being cold. I don't think my CT had heated seats.
  3. Because they would never get used unlike the VWAG ones.
  4. PaulWhitt20

    New IS300h Owner

    I've had mine three years and I still admire it through the window when I am washing up. It's a great car. Enjoy.
  5. PaulWhitt20

    Bye Bye IS

    Looks very nice. Keep us posted on how it compares to the IS. Is that a specialist dealer in second hand Lexi? Don't usually see then under cover.
  6. PaulWhitt20

    Automatic Full Beam

    The pre facelift does not have a camera on the front. Anyway I am not a fan of auto dipping headlights.
  7. I could argue that mesa red is the only colour in the current line up. All the rest are 50 shades of grey. But I'm biased.
  8. PaulWhitt20

    Damage to front wheel arch

    Well it's gone to the LV approved body shop - KC Autos in Winsford. They have mixed reviews but they are local and convenient. Feel free to say how good they are but I'd rather not know of any problems you may have had with them. I used them once 20 years ago on my Honda.
  9. Hi hope you are having a good Christmas, I was until I drove over a loose brick on my drive and it went up into the wheel arch. Made quite a mess and I can't open the drivers door. I am insured with LV. I would like to get it repaired at Lexus Chester. What would be the best way forward? Contact Lexus direct or phone my insurance and say I want it doing by a Lexus body shop? I expect the cost will run into several thousand pounds knowing Lexus repair costs. I think it will need a new wheelarch panel, side skirt and possibly drivers door. Any suggestions. Thanks Paul.
  10. PaulWhitt20

    Lexus added value options- worth it?

    I went for gen3 glass coat and smart insurance for when I bought a 4 month old demonstrator three years ago. I would definitely have them again. After 3 years the paint is still shiny like new and it is easier to clean. I had one occasion to use the smart insurance and they did a great job but it is peace of mind. Not sure if paint protection is worth it on a car if it is not applied from new. Otherwise you are just protecting the imperfections that are already present.
  11. PaulWhitt20

    aircon set to AUTO

    Could you post a picture of how you have it set?
  12. PaulWhitt20

    aircon set to AUTO

    I use auto most of the time and don't get this, only when I press the windscreen button do I get a blast of cold air to demist the windscreen. Can you set the speed of the fan independently to the Auto?
  13. PaulWhitt20

    Satnav coming on

    She likes snooker.
  14. PaulWhitt20

    Satnav coming on

    Yes, same spec car. Sometimes you get a text alert for traffic or road closures nowhere near and not on a sat nav route. Occasionally when sitting in traffic for 5 minutes she will warn me about cues ahead. I just ignore it.
  15. PaulWhitt20

    Poor MPG in 2013 F sport

    What is your average speed? I consider myself to be an economical driver but my average MPG over 3 years 24,600 is 37.9 MPG according to Fuelly. (Best 44.7 MPG) Normal mode Advance trim level. and my average speed on my daily commute 12 MPH!