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  1. Yes it has a tilt alarm. Jacked mine up when locked and the alarm went off. [emoji44] Thanks Paul
  2. Thanks for the replies, it seems as though people like German engineering in their mowers at least. Been in touch with Gtech, they will not replace under warranty as the spare battery I bought is only covered for 6 months, even though the original battery is covered for 2 years. Well wont be buying their products again.
  3. Hi, I got a gtech cordless lawnmower a few years ago and it is really great not being tied with the cable. However the battery went just after the two year warranty expired. I bought a replacement battery at a cost of £150. Now the replacement battery has gone after another 15 months. I don’t want to keep forking out £150 for a new battery every year. Argos have a Spear and Jackson one for £180 with a 3 year warranty. I may be tempted to try. Any other suggestions ? Not interested in a petrol mower. Thanks Paul
  4. Isn’t it great how a thread can meander from topic to topic with interesting debate. As an ex software engineer who wrote automation software, I don’t see how a computer can learn for itself. It will always follow rules programmed into it by the programmer. In the example above the program can learn what light level to turn on based on recording the light level when it was manually turned on but that algorithm has been programmed into it by a human. I can’t understand how a computer can program itself, to be able to adapt and do new things that have not specifically been programmed into it. If we did get to this scenario when computers could learn for themselves then we would certainly need the three laws of robotics. Thanks Paul
  5. I though we had had bonfire night. [emoji854] Thanks Paul
  6. That’s the point I was trying to establish. For a company car driver an EV makes financial sense but for a private motorist their isn’t the incentive to buy an EV. It feels like the private motorist can’t join in being part of the future just yet.
  7. Hi, I love my IS and will probably keep it for a while yet, but when it is time to change I would like an EV. My car is parked on my driveway overnight and my daily commute is 7 miles to work. There are electric car charging points at work. I don’t often drive further than 100 miles a day so an EV would be ideal. I do about 8000 miles a year. However as a private motorist I have to finance my car myself. Comparing price of an EV against an equivalent hybrid e.g. UX at £30K against a UXe at £44K for a similar spec, I would not spend £14K on petrol over the time I had the car, more like £7K. So at the moment it seems as though it is a choice of paying 7K extra for an EV and helping save the planet or getting one of the cheaper EVs and have to compromise on luxury and reliability, or keep to a petrol car and try not to think of the environmental impact. Thoughts? Thanks Paul
  8. Tesla are expensive and Elon Musk has lost the plot. Thanks Paul
  9. I got an email this week asking me if I wanted to join Talk to Lexus. “A select group of Lexus owners who share opinions, ideas, and help shape the Lexus experience. As a member, you’ll play a key role in developing our services and products, have your views heard and influence major decisions.” “You’ll be asked to take part in online activities such as short surveys and discussion forums. Participation is free and voluntary.” It sounded interesting so I signed up. After going through the usual data mining questions on who you are, how old, what you main car is etc. Selected a password (why do they never tell you the password requirements until you have failed to pick a strong enough password?). Then when I try and log in, it doesn’t recognise my password and I can’t log in. Usual Lexus, great cars poor technology. Anyone else managed to join? Or is it a clever marketing ploy to get some data to sell on. Thanks Paul Thanks Paul
  10. Is it because you have also got repeat selected? I thought that if random and repeat are selected you get tracks more than once, but if repeat is not selected then it would only play the track once. But that still relies on knowing what it has already played, which would work for a phone, but perhaps the car audio does not remember what it has played. I am not sure how the posh audio system works as I only have the standard one. Thanks Paul
  11. One probably has premium satnav one the standard satnav. The premium satnav usually has a shark fin antenna on the rear of the roof. Face lift was after 2015. Thanks Paul