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  1. The thieves are probably stupid enough to nick the UE6 anyway thinking it is a Cat even if it's not.
  2. Well the alarm went off when I tried to jack it up. Had to run in the house to find the keys [emoji3]
  3. At least jacking it up when locked should set the alarm off.
  4. I was hoping the IS was too low to get underneath to steal the cat without jacking it up.
  5. Could the vibration felt through the brake pedal be the pump repressureising the brake circuit. This is normal.
  6. My car sailed through its MOT today....... .....the garage was flooded!
  7. Mesa Red is still listed on the Lexus Website. Best colour in my (biased) opinion. There are a lot of white/grey/black ones about but you don't see many red ones.
  8. It should be possible, On your phone try. Settings, Bluetooth, Lexus, Select Show Notifications. No expert but I think this works.
  9. In my opinion the E-CVT is an amazing bit of engineering design and the best drivetrain for a relaxed drive. What you have to remember is the engine is not directly connected to the wheels so there is no correlation to engine revs (noise) and road speed. This makes it very quiet when cruising at high speeds as well as at lower speeds round town. It is very refined and easy to drive when you get used to it. There is always power when you want it but most of the time you just waft along. However if your daily commute includes three laps of the Nuremburg ring then you will be disappointed. The IS300h is not a sports car for enthusiastic drivers. Under harsh acceleration it can get noisy but with a 0-60 time of 8.5 seconds it will not be long before you are at legal speed limits and back off the revs making it quieter again. Sport mode is useful for overtaking as it gives extra power from the battery. Make your own mind up don’t take any notice of the reviews; motoring journalists don’t have the cars long enough to understand how to drive the E-CVT properly. 95% of the time it’s just great for getting from A to B in a relaxed way, and the cabin is a nice place to be. However if you want a quick blast on a quiet country road (if you can find one) you may find it disappointing. The F Sport has the same drive train as the other models it’s just a cosmetic difference. Dare to be different.
  10. The pre facelift base model (SE?) didn't have folding rear seats. But I expect the new model line up has them as standard across the range. Since when have car reviewers known what they are talking about with regards Lexus?
  11. I am not familiar with Lexus protect. My Gen 3 glasscoat was applied by the main dealer for around £300. It is a ceramic coating. When I had to use the smart insurance to get rid of a door scratch the repairer said that as I had the glasscoat the scratch had not penetrated the paint so could get the scratch out without repainting. I also use the glasscoat shampoo. Which costs a lot more than any shampoo I would put near my hair and hand wash using two buckets. The paint still has swirls in but stays clean for longer and still looks good after four years. Cleaned it yesterday.
  12. I took out smart insurance, used it once. Probably not worth it if you keep away from the shopping trolleys and supermarket car parks. But may give peace of mind. Gap insurance was cheaper via my own insurance. What I did have and would definitely have again is the ceramic paint protection Gen 3 glasscoat in my case. After four years the paint is still shiny and easy to clean well worth it to me. Not got a dash cam but notice insurance companies seem to ask if you have one now and after playing high speed dodgems on the motorway today I can see why it may be useful.
  13. My son (21) currently drives a classic mini on his own insurance and I am a named driver. I have my own insurance for my car. He is getting a different car for work but we are keeping the mini. What would be the best way to insure his new car and the mini? I thought that if he transferred his mini insurance to the new car including his no claims bonus and I took out a new policy for the mini and had him and me as named drivers would be the cheapest option, but it seems that a seconds car policy is very expensive for the mini even though it spends 95% of the time in a locked garage. Presumably because there is no no-claims bonus to apply to this second car. Any suggestion on the best way to proceed? Thanks Paul
  14. Advance trim has full leather heated/cooled seats with electric adjustment but not memory, also rear camera and parking sensors but only standard satnav.