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  1. PaulWhitt20

    Warming up the car

    I use warm water to defrost the windows and a coat to keep the inside warm.
  2. PaulWhitt20

    What does the Lexus brand say about you?

    To me it says :- I can think for myself, I am not a sheep. I value reliability and customer service. I am not concerned with what people think of me, I am happy to be different. I value craftsmanship and individuality as well as luxury. I am not a petrol head but enjoy a comfortable relaxed drive. I am part of the enlightened minority.
  3. PaulWhitt20

    IS300H questions from a new owner

    The extended warranty also gives two years AA membership for you and your partner (two separate cars)
  4. Just noticed today a clock icon appearing on the map screen instead of the Orange road to signify delays. (Standard SatNav on pre facelift car). I also noticed a while ago one way icons appear at larger roundabouts etc. Has anyone else noticed this and how has it changed, I have not updated anything recently? Thanks
  5. PaulWhitt20

    Lexus300h nx

    And if technology can’t even read road signs correctly, what chance do we have with driverless cars.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, I have just taken out the extended warranty, but as I don't use the CC much I am not sure it is worth the hassle of taking time off work to take the car to Lexus. May mention it at the next service. There have been mention of similar issues on Prius and Hyundai Hybrid forums.
  7. I tried it at 70 mph and it did a similar thing, I then turned the CC off and watched the charge/discharge cycle and it seemed to do the same, but you don't notice the affect. Perhaps you subconsciously adapt by pressing the accelerator more - man and machine in perfect harmony. I wonder if the CC needs to learn how to control the car, and as I don't use it much it hasn't learn the right adjustments yet.
  8. It wasn’t dropping into EV, the ICE stayed running. Just going into regen and power, as if the motor generator kept swapping between motor and generator. Motorway was flat and it cycled every few seconds. It was as if it was trying to keep the speed but was oscillating, slow down speed up slow down speed up. Like a PID controller that was not tuned (if you know what that means). Thanks Paul
  9. Hi, I have the standard cruise control, not the adaptive cruise control and don't use it much but today I tried it out and noticed the following. Was travelling down the motorway with cc off. Then came to some roadworks and a 50 speed limit, traffic was not too bad so I set the cc to 50 (sorry for holding everyone up). After a while I could feel the car pulse faster and slower although the speed on the speedo seemed to stay the same. I put it in sport mode to see what the rev counter was doing and it was steady at 1500 rpm. I noticed the power meter was raising slightly and then dipping so had a look at the battery, engine, motor graphic. I noticed that when the car felt slower it was charging the battery and when faster, the engine and motor were on. The battery was full (most bars). It seemed that the car kept topping up the battery and then discharging the battery to assist the engine, but only for a few seconds at a time. It was a bit disconcerting and not a smooth drive. If I hadn't come to my junction and turned the cc off, I would have anyway, as the ride was not smooth. Has anyone else noticed this strange behaviour?
  10. PaulWhitt20

    Traction Battery

    After a while you will stop being obsessed with the battery level and just trust it to do its thing. It is a Lexus after all. Enjoy the drive.
  11. Ah but how would you test it. Walk away from car, is it locked? go back to car to check, car unlocks,..... I think this is getting too lazy.
  12. Press the dimple on the door handle or press the button on the remote.
  13. Assuming L3 XUS is out of your price range/not available, how about VC 02 LEX or any other number (making sure the age letter is not newer than your car.)
  14. PaulWhitt20

    New to forum Is300h owner

    Lovely colour mesa red, but I'm biased. Had mine glasscoated and it still looks vibrant after three years. Nice to see a bit of colour. Too many black/silver/grey/white cars around.
  15. Have you done the two black ones in the front grill?