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  1. Hi, I have still been using the Lexus OC app on my iPad. It disappeared from the App Store some time ago but has still worked until recently. Now it does not update. Tapatalk still works but I preferred the Lexus OC app as it took less clucks to get to bit I wanted.
  2. Is300h considering

    Most disappointing, with snow mode on, can't get the back end to step out at all. [emoji854]
  3. Another use of EV mode is when I am sitting in the car having my lunch. In EV mode the heated seats and air con work but the engine is not running as long as battery is charged.
  4. Auto wipers and snow

    Another option is to check the wipers are not frozen before you get in the car. Also to get the snow off the top of the doors before you open them and the snow falls on the seat!. One not so easy to check before it is too late is if the window is frozen. When you put the window down and its stuck, will that do any damage?
  5. Music

    I just use Bluetooth Select source to phone and play the music.
  6. What is the definition of “excessive acceleration”? When in EV mode, it seems very eager to start the engine even when the gas pedal is pressed very gently. It also happens when in ECO or Normal mode (not tried Sport). For example when in a queue of traffic, as soon as you start to move off the engine starts then will shut off again a few seconds later. I don’t press the accelerator hard, just a gentle push. It is very difficult to get the car rolling without the engine starting. Bit of a pain in stop start traffic. Battery level is 50% plus. Is this normal? Car is 2015 pre facelift IS300h. Thanks Paul
  7. Whats the Pro Pack please?

    Protection pack? Rubber mats, boot protector, boot lip protector. Dr, dr I've got a steering wheel down my trousers. Does it hurt? Yes, it's driving me nuts!
  8. 70,000 miles

    Still off topic, but it makes me wonder how we can achieve the future of all electric car usage when most cars are parked on the road overnight. I see the future where everyone is tripping over electric cables training along the pavement and mischievous kids unplugging them. Perhaps the future lies in not charging the batteries but replacing them when they go flat. "Any fuel today sir,? "No thank you but could I have 400 AA batteries please?" I wonder how long it would take to put them in...
  9. Premium Nav gen2 and ios11.2

    Another reason not to upgrade to IOS 11. Apple have really lost the plot recently.
  10. Rear Screen Demister

    Just use the windscreen button and be patient, turning up the heat is counter productive.
  11. Rear Screen Demister

    May be damp in the boot. Found a design fault this week. Opened the boot with snow on the lid. Snow slid onto back window, then into the boot.
  12. Hi, welcome, nice looking car. I don't think the standard nav can be updated yourself. Personally I would not try and do it myself from something I bought on eBay. An embarrassing and expensive trip to the dealer if it goes wrong. I have not heard of people doing it themselves on the standard nav, premium nav yes but standard nav does not have a DVD or memory card. The dealer can update the firmware and may do it free of charge on a service but this does not update the maps. Hope that helps.
  13. Highest Mileage on IS300h

    Good choice, welcome to the enlightened minority! The ride will be better on 16 inch wheels, do you get free road tax too? You may be able to fit parking sensors yourself and a tomtom (other models are available) will be better than the standard satnav. Pictures please.
  14. Highest Mileage on IS300h

    Hi, I have heard a lot about high mileage Prius taxis etc. So don't think you should be to bothered about a high mileage car as long as it has been services properly. On a 100k mileage car the engine will have done less, say 90k miles and brake wear is less. If you intend to do lots of miles then a diesel is more economical At 70+ on the motorway you are not using battery power so using a 2.5 litre petrol engine to carry a heavy battery pack about. Hybrids are best on urban driving.
  15. SE-L spec vs SEspec ?

    From the may 2015 brochure.