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  1. Well, Lexus are quoting £777 to replace the offside front caliper and replace both disks and pads. I assume its all four front brake pads as the part listed is L04465-53040 (S74P9 Pad Kit, Disc). I think I will see if they can do anything under my extended warranty. Only done 33K miles.
  2. Hi, I recently took my car in to Lexus for a routine service (40k) and they said the brakes were binding on the front drivers side. They even did a nice video to prove it. Having jacked the car up myself I can confirm this wheel is harder to turn and does seem to be rubbing. I have not had a price of them yet for the work. Would it be covered under the extended warranty? However I recently had some minor damage on the wheel arch repaired by my insurance company (at their repair shop) which included replacing the front wing and black wheel arch liner. I don't think the damage would have affected the brakes but can't prove it either way. Could Lexus use this as an excuse not to honor the warranty and would binding brakes be covered under warranty anyway? Thanks Paul
  3. My 2015 Advance has standard nav (Dial), parking sensors and a camera. Specs change year by year and over different trim levels. Decide what equipment you need and check the spec before purchase. Do not assume it will have it.
  4. I thought the advance model being non premium satnav was dealer only update for £££££
  5. Hi Javed, welcome to the forum. The MPG depends on a lot of things, you driving style, speed, distance, weather etc. but I think you will improve on 38 mpg. Take a look at fuelly to see what others are getting, Paul
  6. Its actually a ploy by Lexus. If the motoring press was constantly singing the praises of the brand, then everyone would want one, and it would loose the appeal of being different. Not everyone can be in the enlightened minority.
  7. Having to dim the daytime running lights to be able to see the indicator seems like a design fault to me and why would you want to copy Audi. Not a fan of sequential indicators myself, but each to their own.
  8. Not had this issue, sometimes there can be problems with larger USB sticks and I think they have to be formatted FAT32. I play music via Bluetooth from my phone. I have recently noticed that if I listen to music at home and stop half way through a track, in the car it will restart from the beginning of the track.
  9. The only reason to use super unleaded in the IS300h is to boost the profits of the petrol companies.
  10. Had similar issues on a mini. Was the throttle position sensor. Can you read the ecu fault codes. That will tell you what sensor is not working.
  11. Just ordered a pair of Desno wiper blades from Euro Car Parts, they have an end of month sale - 50% off.
  12. I have a 65 plate Advance. It has leather heater/cooled seats, reversing camera and front/rear parking sensors, standard SatNav (not premier), 17 inch wheels. I believe the SE is the base model and has fabric seats and no split/folding rear seat. SatNav may be an option and 16 inch wheels and £0 road tax. I am not sure of the differences between the executive and luxury. Then their is the premier (top spec) and F Sport. or sport. Hope that helps Paul