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  1. Very nice. I got mine glass coated (gen 3) 5 years ago and it still looks great after I have washed it. Well worth it in my opinion. Thanks Paul
  2. To travel the road to true enlightenment, one must first drive a Lexus. Thanks Paul
  3. Mine was in with Lexus Chester last week for warranty work. They wanted permission to download the ecu data for Lexus to use for product improvement work. Seems they want mpg data etc on the 2.5l engine. Mine is not showing as needing the recall. 2015 IS300h advance 40,000 miles. Could this be the “recall”? Paul.
  4. I tried turning it off and the windows just steamed up. Thanks Paul
  5. Just an update. Hissing stopped (all refrigerant escaped - sorry Greta) Lexus diagnosed as a leaking compressor and replaced under warranty saving £850. Thanks Lexus Chester. Thanks Paul
  6. My front caliper was seized last year and replaced under extended warranty. I paid for new disks and pads (both sides) It’s going in tomorrow for air con compressor replacement and regas. Again under warranty. I will have got my money’s worth from the warranty. 65 plate 40,000 miles. Thanks Paul
  7. My AirCon has started to make a strange noise. A sort of hiss inside the cabin and a louder buzzing from under the bonnet. It stops when I turn the AC off. Could the seal have gone or any other ideas? IS300h, four and a half years old, 40,000 miles. I always have the AC on. I have 6 months left on the extended warranty. Thanks Paul
  8. What are the differences between the eCVT and the Honda i-MMD system? It seems as though the Honda system has a fixed gear when in engine drive mode and drives the wheels via an electric motor when in hybrid mode. Does anyone have experience of how this compares to the eCVT Thanks Paul Thanks Paul
  9. It would be good if the SatNav could update itself. E.g If you are travelling at 30 MPH or more "through a field" then it is probably a new road and should plot it and add to its mapping.
  10. My commute is about 7 miles and usually takes 30 minutes at an average speed of about 14 miles per hour. The mpg varies between about 30 in the winter to 50 in the summer. My average mpg is 45. In the winter when the engine is cold the engine runs to warm up the car so the fact I am stuck in traffic with the engine on is not much help to the mpg. Thanks Paul
  11. Don't forget that Hybrids are supposed to be about saving fuel. Leaving the car to warm up with the engine running is not good for the environment or fuel economy. You could always wear a coat.
  12. You can always push the stalk up to do a wipe even in auto mode. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. For that you need man maths... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Hi Tom, Welcome to the forum. There doesn't seem to be any difference in the emissions regulations for an EU5 or EU6 Petrol car. However the IS is a much nice car to drive than the CT. Car tax will be £10 not free. Expect about 45 MPG depending on type of driving. Hope you find the right car. Paul
  15. Make sure the rain sensing wipers and dimming rear view mirror still work when they have replaced the screen.
  16. The thieves are probably stupid enough to nick the UE6 anyway thinking it is a Cat even if it's not.
  17. Well the alarm went off when I tried to jack it up. Had to run in the house to find the keys [emoji3]
  18. At least jacking it up when locked should set the alarm off.
  19. I was hoping the IS was too low to get underneath to steal the cat without jacking it up.
  20. Could the vibration felt through the brake pedal be the pump repressureising the brake circuit. This is normal.
  21. My car sailed through its MOT today....... .....the garage was flooded!
  22. Mesa Red is still listed on the Lexus Website. Best colour in my (biased) opinion. There are a lot of white/grey/black ones about but you don't see many red ones.
  23. It should be possible, On your phone try. Settings, Bluetooth, Lexus, Select Show Notifications. No expert but I think this works.