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  1. Yeah, and I know that every car model has it's problems someway or another and that people will only post up usually when they have the issues, that said, I bought the car with no warranty. it's a 2006 with 115k miles. Only first 2 stamps were Lexus, the rest some garage in Liverpool. I just know that if I got any problems with the HG, It is doubtful I would of had any goodwill from Lexus. I didn't pay too much attention to the engine bay area, but the heating did get up to temp inside the cabin. The engine temperature never did get to halfway on the dash display, not sure if it's like that on all? MPG, on the 50 odd mile trip, I averaged 35.9, but it was on my to do list to clean up the EGR valve. I also spoke to a friend of the family that works in Deeside Toyota who asked why on earth did I get one of those, that was the icing on the cake really! The car was bought from a dealership, he only offers 30 days to put it right if something goes wrong. I got my car I part exchanged back minus a few ££ for the advertising and admin etc. Yes potentially could of gone doen the sales of good route if it was after that time but then the car had 115k miles on and was 4.5 grand. It's a real shame as it was really nice and comfortable, in some ways nicer than the BMW E60 I have previously had. Funnily they were prone to digestiing the swirl flaps on the 6 pot diesels, (I had mine removed)! Yes, the interior and mirror lights would come on if I walked close to the car, but it did have comfort access so assumed it was part of the package.
  2. So... I sort of owned this for a few days. IS 220D, 175 bhp carting about 1.7 tons of Japanese luxury! Unfortunately it was a love/hate relationship. Love Comfort Build Quality Some oddity gadgets like heated windscreen wiper part (not the whole screen) Comfort access, walk up in the dark and the lights come on Heated and Cooling leather seats White LED dash Think that's where it ended! Hated The engine Noisy Revs really low, often had to drop down to 5th on dual carriageway/motorway at speeds of 65/70 mph Not very economical for a diesel (average 35.9 mpg) Big, heavy and handled like a boat Biggest thing was it's a liability. This forum is really informative and I thank the members who did reply to my posts and questions, not that it was many. There are plenty of posts warning about the early IS's problems with the engines (reading up last night) Head gasket issues 5th Injector issues EGR Valves List goes on So whilst I thought a bit of comfort would be nice, it was very short lived I'd like to particularly thank Normski2 who is very helpful on this forum Pics Not sure when I will be back in a Lexus, so bye bye for now :)
  3. Yeah it's the full screen on the MINI like the Fords. I've just deep cleaned the screen with IPA and then applied Rain X which supposedly also helps to prevent frost!
  4. What's Going On With Eurocarparts?

    I always buy off the website with whatever 20/25% code they are offering, usually a few pence cheaper than carpartsfor less. I ordered wipes the other month and when I picked them up, they were the wrong fitmentI The correct fitment was in stock but for £6/7 more than what was advertised on the website, so I had to pre order them via my iPhone on the website and then wait for the code to come through, took 10 mins but saved myself a few £ !
  5. Just run it a few days without turning the Air con on and ensure the air isn't recirculated. This should then stop the condensation building.
  6. I changed my wipers today and I can see directly underneath the wipers, a swirly element that obvious defrosts the wiper sticking to the screen in bad ice etc. Interesting function to have and total BS that Ford patented the idea as I see them on other cars (MINI being one).
  7. I used mine this morning, but didn't notice any difference, allbeit I tipped luke warm waterover the screen. Tomorrow will try it without the water. Shame the elements aren't in the glass like they are on Fords and MINI's.
  8. Not sure if it's already been asked, have the web forum owners/admin considered adding and enabling the Tapatalk add on?
  9. Oh crikey, I've just picked up a 06 plate with 115k on the clock!
  10. I think I have this too, sounds like a small stone hitting the windscreen?
  11. Hi All

    Picture, didn't work the first time.
  12. Hi All

    First time lexus owner! Always fancied one since seeing Alan Partridge a fair few years ago! Yesterday picked up a early IS 220D. I did do a little bit of reading up on what to look out for, this one seems ok. Getting used to the gearing but apart from that, very comfortable car. There's a few little niggles that I need to sort , but I'm sure I'll find what I'm looking for on here as this forum always comes up in the a Google searches. I've attached pic of the car, wondering if it's previous owner is on here? Body work needs some TLC, I'm I to my detailing so will look forward to doing that when the weather is a bit better. Cheers
  13. My windows I hope are the same. The pass ever light switch was flashing tonight, but on the Main drivers switch, I can't control the passenger side front or drivers side rear! Will try this method tomorrow.