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  1. Call 07797 729289. chaps name is Rhys aubert. He just posted this on a Guernsey car Facebook page. Car is silver btw, looks ok! Good luck.
  2. One for sale in Jersey. 2008 fsh 47000 miles....he’s asking 15.5k. You’d have to pay tax on this though!
  3. Looks better with the front dropped a bit, you need to change your wheels round though as they are facing backwards!
  4. Hi, there is a silver ISF for sale in Jersey. 2008...44k miles...borla exhaust..FSH...up for £17950. tel..07797763805 or Must say this has nothing to do with me, just saw it on a local add. regards Rob.
  5. At least you guys have a choice, here in Guernsey only one dealer for Lexus and Toyota. Last service on my ISF they managed nearly six miles on my car, when asked why just got a red face and "we`ll look into it" never heard anything back. Thought I`d give them another chance so I took my Hilux in for a service, I was busy at the time and forgot to check the oil and filters after. Anyway after a while checked all filters and oil, only the air filter had been changed! Needless to say I will never be going back again.
  6. Never seen silver on a isf before, quite like the look as it matches the grill and window trim. This is mine,think they`ve been refurbed though.
  7. 2010 Toyota Hilux......when I`m not using the work van!
  8. MK2 lotus cortina MK3 cortina BMW 1602 MK3 escort MK1 golf gti 1800 Suzuki jeep Audi quatrro MK2 golf gti 8v Suzuki jeep Mk2 golf gti 8v MK2 golf gti 16v MK4 ford escort Audi 100 avant MK1 range rover Suzuki jeep Isuzu trooper mk1 Vauxhall astra Isuzu trooper MK2 Isuzu trooper MK2 Jaguar xk8 BMW x5 4.8 Mitsubishi shogun Lexus isf Toyota hilux Think I`ve missed a couple out...
  9. 1. Reliable,rarity,performance. 2. Would of loved this in a manual, exhaust,better cabin. 3. F type Jag, rcf, 63amg.
  10. No white or red in there chap.....! Does anyone know how many of each colour isf`s there are?
  11. How`s the clearance on the fronts,any rubbing on full lock?
  12. Just had a look, on the cluster press INFO then at the top of the screen says Beep off, just press it!