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  1. Hi all I'm after a mk1 sports grill if anyone has one and wants to sell it Thanks Rob
  2. looking for an aristo mk1 twin turbo please any condition will be consided as mine is now had it :( thanks
  3. Hi Been a while since ive been on here. I'm looking for mk1 aristo twin turbo. Miss my old one so much so now looking for a replacement Thanks ps any condition will do as have lots of spares that i never got round to selling .
  4. not too bad for me got full no claims & am 37. A lot cheaper than my aristo. Got it for the wife but took ages to esva it & so she bought something else & does not want to change. so aristo or tez can only keep one.
  5. Opps sorry not a tom's but still a turbo.
  6. Threes another one on piston heads now.
  7. I have one if your still in need of one.
  8. Hi All Still in need of a centre section to borrow. I have a nearly new decat pipe to take it's place and would be free to anyone who could lend me an origonal centre section to get the car esva'd. The cat does not even have to work as long as it's origonal to match model report. cheers rob.
  9. Hi Thanks for your reply's. I do indeed have an aristo tt, but got an altezza with a apexi turbo conversion for the wife. Now stripped it back to standard. Had to borrow manifold down pipe and air box and strip ship loads of stuff out to get it ready for esva. changed the exhaust to make it quiet and pass emmisions (nightmare as running low compression pistons, larger injectors etc.). Only to find that the system has to match pic on the model report. Thanks Irlrs200 but will try merlin as he is near to me. Merlin 99. Were abouts are you in suffolk as I'm in Ipswich. Will pm you my tel no.
  10. Hi wondering if any one can help me. I need a standard exhuast system (mid and rear section) to be able to get my altezza through an esva. Mine has an after market one fitted so does not match model report. Looking to borrow or swap short term as would only need it for a week or two. cheers rob.
  11. If they are locked what do you have to do to get them unlocked?
  12. Looking for a steel crank thats not silly money. Thats all I need to get things moving.
  13. Would love to be there but mine is still in bits. Just not found the time to get it back together.
  14. Looks good paul. I'll get a few crates of beer in when you've got a free weekend !!!!!!!!!!
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