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  1. dan.white88

    Hello From Newport South Wales

    definately the second one. not sure on the size of engine etc but its flipping quick.
  2. dan.white88

    Hello From Newport South Wales

    dont know cause ive seen 2 in cardiff, you got me thinking now, just did a image check on google and yeah looks like the isf, still impressive car.
  3. dan.white88

    From What To Lexus ?

    mk 1 vw polo 1lr pug 1.9 dturbo (swap) Ford escort mk5 gti (headgasket) Vauxhall corsa redtop (car was pink) Proton Satria GTI Vauxhall corsa gsi (with 19k on clock genuine) VW Golf GTI Lexus IS200
  4. dan.white88

    Hello From Newport South Wales

    i am trying to get my uncle to let me take a few pics of it. so far to no avail. and its an amazing motor quick too. :)
  5. dan.white88

    H.i.d Upgrade.

    thank you, exactly what i was looking for.
  6. dan.white88

    Brembo Upgrade Kits?

    plans are supercharger or turbo. eventually.
  7. dan.white88

    Noise In Idle

    not bad diagnostics then fella. mines got the same sort of problem, just got to sort it sometime
  8. dan.white88

    Hello From Newport South Wales

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152029943818261&set=vb.509718260&type=2&theater My tunnel run.
  9. dan.white88

    H.i.d Upgrade.

    as above can anyone advise on what hid kit i would need to upgrade front lights?? possibly post a link to a set on ebay just to see what im looking at. wouldnt ask but my previous car had them before i had it so have never had to sort a set. thanks all.
  10. dan.white88

    Brembo Upgrade Kits?

    anyone???? im looking at getting some brembos just to counter the amount of wear on the front discs. hopefully get the rear upgraded at same time.
  11. dan.white88

    Hello From Newport South Wales

    yeah im always about at the sunday cruises, been with the partner in her pug 206 recently but now i got the lexus ill be there strutting my moves. (backend out) as for my photography i have been at it now for 2 years. been self taught and yeah i pride myself on some good photos. send us a friends request on fb. www.facebook.com/knobrock360
  12. dan.white88

    Noise In Idle

    i know that my squeaking, sqeel is the thrust bearing as i took mine to a family garage, ive been told sort it when i can afford it. i cant say the same for you but if you can go down the lines same as me might be worth a look at. i know my repair is going to cost me a minimum of £300 inc labour costs etc. for the 220d ive read its in the regoin of £1000 just for clutch. seems to be a common problem across the forum and i wish you all the best in sorting it.
  13. dan.white88

    Why Do We Like Our Thirsty Lexus's?

    for me it has to be the looks, the sound, the engine, reliability and more. you tell me of any one other 4 door cars from around the 2000 mark that looks as modern the lexus is200 1st gen looks? it is still to this day a very modern looking car with sleek designed lines. i love my newly swapped lexus is200 and i love the petrol station just as much!
  14. dan.white88

    Noise In Idle

    similar sort of problem as my is200, if i even bearly touch the clutch or press the clutch in all the way the sound disappears. does it sound like a mouse sqeaking constantly? if so i would say that its the clutch thrust bearing in the clutch. i.e new clutch. however i wouldnt suggest immediately worrying if it is the clutch thrust bearing as you could probably wait until the clutch goes all together as its still gonna be the same jobs worth repair so i am waiting until i cant physically drive it. i have been told that this will not cause any problem or damage to gearbox so i am happy to wait and save until i can afford to get it repaired. see what other people think as im no expert.
  15. dan.white88

    Coilovers Or Lowering Springs?

    sorry wrong sub forum, can someone please move to suspension and brakes sub forum. thanks