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  1. Nice work, glad your keeping the car in top shape. Thanks.Lee.
  2. Lovely looking car, stunning in black to, wheels really do look nice and compliment the body colour. Thanks.Lee.
  3. Took the car for an MOT this morning, all good thankfully, it passed with no problems. Thanks.Lee.
  4. Nice work Rob, expensive but well worth it.As you say it's like night and day the difference.I'm not to far away from you,nice to see a fellow Welshman looking after his car, great work. Thanks.Lee.
  5. Sports pedals now fitted.The car is now for sale on Pistonheads, Gumtree and Ad Trader. Thanks.Lee.
  6. Yes the Evo are a bit harsh on the ride quality but I have always said I would get one at some point.My m8 is gonna be foe sale soon and I always liked the look of this particular car. I know tell me about it,I have a habbit of doing this with my cars,I don't tend to keep them very long.Yes the new owner will be very lucky as you say,it's all been done now,the car looks and is mechanically so much better since I have owned it,put lots of time and money into gettting it as I wanted and all the mechanics done to.New MOT next week then up for sale. Thanks.Lee.
  7. Turbosmart Fuel pressure regulator has been fitted,no pics just yet.I'm gonna close going any further with the car now as it will be going up for sale very soon, a friend of mine is selling his evo 6 that I am after,so will be selling the Lexus to buy the Evo. Thanks.Lee.
  8. Thanks Dave, yes my money is going down fast..lol. Cheers.Lee.
  9. Yes,looks a lovely car, ride height looks so much better now. Thanks.Lee.
  10. Had my new Turbosmart adjustable fuel pressure regulator back today. Thanks.Lee.
  11. I had the window tints done today,took all the old film off, left the fronts standard now due to insurance and police etc.Had new fitted to the rears,I stuck with the 35% tint I had already on there, looks great, nice and fresh now. Thanks.Lee.
  12. Thanks Dave,It's getting there now. yeah i have to agree, your putting some money and effort into this and it shows keep it up mate Thanks, yes I'm not to far away for it being finished now. Cheers.Lee.
  13. Had a really good deal yesterday at ATS Euromaster, I wanted my air con regased as it was non existant, anyway I had the regas and the anti bacterial treatment all for £33, nice and cold now, it's spot on. Here's a few pics. I managed to straighten the rear number plate and looking at the rear lights in this pics, they look the same, I'm not sure now if it was just the sun light that made them look different last weekend,I'm still not 100% sure though. Thanks.Lee.
  14. That's great,thanks for confirming this. Cheers.Lee.
  15. Nice one,I will give it a go,good how to guide fair play.I would imagine the IS200 would be very simular as you say. Thanks.Lee.