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  1. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Hi All, Joining this one a bit late but having had Lexus rebuild,under warranty, new discs,calipers and pads last year I am wondering what slider pin grease to use. I have read many reviews and there is a no clear winner. Having just rebuilt the calipers and fitted new sliders into the wife's car( not a Lexy) I used the clear silicon based pin lube that came with the FRENTECH kit . Any thoughts as I will be re lubricating the Lexus pins pre winter 2018. Appreciate the input.
  2. I was at Lexus Lincoln last week. They offered me Two years Lexus extended warranty for the price of one. Seems like a plan, my warranty still has a year plus to go but they assured me it will simply be added on. With some of the costs of repair being expensive it's always a gamble as to taking this on. My recent claim for door lock actuators was over £300 so makes you think as does the previous comments regarding water pump!
  3. Took my Car in for the Airbag recall and all good. Arrived at 08.00, loan car Ct200 Sport. Three and a half hours later all done. Valeted, safety check completed and 25l of fuel. Nice coffee and a cake in reception. I get home and all is well, no rattles after 35 mile drive. I also received an email from the service manager showing a video with audio report of the safety check being completed by the technician In all Lexus Lincoln you did a great job. Great brand Lexus
  4. I was a little impatient waiting for my letter regarding the airbag recall after 5 months of ownership and two emails to Lexus so I emailed the service manager from the Lexus dealer in Lincoln where I purchased the car. Fair play, 48 hrs later email response , parts on order and appointment made for three weeks time. Be interesting to see if it comes back clean and with fuel added as Its a 65 mile round trip! At least it's now work in progress!
  5. Agree with John totally. I had Nightbreakers in my previous IS220D /2007 and they made inadequate lighting at least satisfactory and caused no issues in any way. HID is the way to go but a wee bit more work,time and money so NightBreakers are a good bet for your car and cost effective.
  6. Tyres,choice ,brand price and performance !

    NEXEN Nfera SU1, I have fitted these and had the front a rear geometry checked and adjusted to stock and so far,1000k in I am suitably impressed. Wet and dry weather handling has not been anything other that very good indeed. As a mature driver, ok old ! I dont stress them but we do drive professionally on Goodyear efficiency tyres and they have to perform for us when deployed ! The NEXEN's have done just as well if not better so far ! I am suitably impressed with Nexen and the warranty package is excellent should something go pear shaped. All in x 4 tyres inc geo checks and adjustments is good value £375 for 255/225/40x18 on an F Sport and so is the performance thus far. I will update as miles increase. Please see the warranty package brochure attached ! Nexen Lifetime Guarantee HR.PDF
  7. This is my prefered cleaner addative for petrol engines. I use the diesel version on the Lexus and the OT100 for the wifes car petrol car, seems to work wonders added every 3k and seems to keep things sweet!. EuroCarparts was my source and wait for the discount offers they run. There will be lots of variations as we all have our favorites as well as those members who dont see any benefit, but, works for us :-)
  8. Haven't driven one yet but I don't exactly drive round at any pace, often overtaken by Smart cars, do all my rushing around when deployed and lots of noise and flashy lights :-). A 300 hybrid will be good for me at a leisurely pace I think :-)
  9. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/Lexus/IS Linas.P, Lexus IS 300h F Sport Is my first choice :-) Have to wait and see what's occurring this time next year.
  10. Another vote for the Bosch/Varta S4 battery . The Bosch/Varta has a greater CCA than many others at the same specification and the warranty is good. I had a Lion battery from EuroCarParts and they tested it at 35 months and replaced it without a grumble. On this car I opted for the S4 and hope not to have to test the water re warranty befor I go to the darkside/ Lexus IS Hybrid :-).
  11. Good tyres from Avon or Cooper , would never describe either as budget for their performance/cost.
  12. http://www.toyotareference.com/lexusis/2006-2015 Worth checking out the colour code for your vehicle from the body plate and comparing it to the north american colour names. Seems they are all the same colour pallet but differ from market to market by name only, still share the same i.d code though. Mine is Mesa Red in the uk and Matador red mica in other markets! V5 states Mesa RED for my car.
  13. I agree Rebecca, that's not good at all, Lexus service fail right there . Whilst I have had a few gripes at my own dealer I have to give them credit for always trying. The wash/valet and fuel I thought was a given these days !
  14. I am working on the principle hope of wishing for a goodie bag and that someone at LEXUS might read the post and consider it to be a worthy idea and suggest same to the dealer network, OK I agree a little forlorn but worth a go !!:-)
  15. My recall letter came today, all excited was I , !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was for the 220 I sold two months ago, still waiting on my F sport letter !! I suppose I will have to wait for my free valet and goody bag a little longer from Listers Lincoln, not forgetting fuel !