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  1. For sale are a genuine set of rx300 rubber mats. I had these but used them once as I preferred the original beige floor mats.
  2. Thanks Colin. Still get the odd clunk, this happens say in the morning when the car starts and is running, could it be because the car is reving higher as it’s just started up. Anyway When i select a gear it clunks.
  3. Well to update and end this saga, I changed the pollen filter whilst I was waiting for it to go in for its service. Hey presto no more noise. Completely baffled as the old filter was fine with no bits of leaves or any debris.
  4. Thanks everyone, looks like a trip to the dealer. It has got full service history until 35000, it’s currently on 39000 but I’ve not had it serviced by ourselves yet.
  5. Thanks Colin, unfortunately it’s not from either. It is definitely coming from the centre of the console from between the gear/sound system up through to the centre air vents.
  6. Hi Colin, I’ve just tried with climate off and stereo off and still the same, I’m thinking it’s some type of fan because it sounds like it’s spinning.
  7. Good evening, I’m after some help and guidance. We have a 64 plate ct that has over the last month or so started to clunk when trying to select either drive or reverse. Any ideas how this needs to be resolved. 2/. When we press start we have now encountered a whizzing type of noise that sounds like the cd playing retrieving a disc but it’s not that. I’ve managed to take a video and upload it onto lexus owners club on twitter. 3CE4D834-37B6-4BAF-B0BB-41DF00575AF4.MOV
  8. Apologies and thanks for correcting me. At least i know how the models start and to be fair ive seen a few 14 plate advanced models with between 20k -30k miles for my budget.
  9. Thanks very much gents for your guidance, i must say that i do prefer the facelift model. Im looking at the advance model because its within my price range where the se and sel seem to be a lot more expensive, im guessing the spec is a lot higher. Does anyone know if you can get the reverse camera on the advance model.
  10. Good afternoon, Im looking at purchasing a ct, my budget is 13k but what is there anything to be aware of on the pre face lift models. I have seen a 2013 plate with 33k miles which looks lovely, but on the other hand i also like the 2014 face lift model. The car would be for my wife who does the school run then into work, this is a 12 mile round trip. She currently has a 16 plate nissan juke, it should be called nissan joke, at present she is getting 28mpg. The car has had a complete top end amongst other things, to be fair we just want rid of it. Am i asking too much for a low mileage 33k ct on a 14 for about 13k. Is this the ideal car for her daily use?
  11. I will get them replaced but not for the prices lexus want, i always get my car serviced at lexus even though its 13 years old, but withit it being in my eyes immaculate with 80.500 miles on the clock i cant and wont pay almost £600 pounds with vat for 2 pieces of metal.
  12. I understand your theory, but the mechanic showed me the screen which asks the questions regarding the backing plates and its a straight fail without them on.
  13. But they are an mot failure once removed or corroded off. My car has just had its mot yesterday at lexus, the mechanic has put them down as an advisorie but has told me i need them replacing prior to the next mot.
  14. Well I finally found the problem tonight, I went and got the new pads and discs done and it wasn't anything to do with them. It transpires that a rod connected to the exhaust that sits in a rubber mount that takes the weight out of the exhaust system has snapped, and the rattle was the rod ratting away. so the mechanic has told me to just get it welded back on so it stops any added stress being put on the exhaust joints.