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  1. Think I had a glitch before I took it in, the questions they ask are, have you run out of petrol and do you leave it in neutral. Both questions come from the troubleshooting quide. My answers were both no. I did however move my car slightly and just as I switched it off the engine fired up. I think this caused the ecu to presume I had run out of petrol. That is the only reason I can think off for the problem and it hasn’t been a problem since.
  2. I had the same problem with my hybrid battery a couple of years ago where the ecu had been cleared. Ran the car for 500 miles or so and hybrid check was back to normal as Colin said above. Not had a problem since.
  3. Keep being told at my services and recent health check that my kit is out of date (2019). I carry a space saver spare which takes up a bit of boot space but can’t see the point of replacing the repair kit as I will never use it.
  4. These are the ECP parts I’ve have used twice now and have been very good 485778246 - 24 inch 485778186 - 18 inch
  5. Didn’t ask as they only told me when I was paying my bill. If they had said earlier I might have told them to change them if they were a reasonable price.
  6. Thanks Colin, just had my air con regassed today at Toyota and the vehicle health check mentioned the wipers were split and as ECP is just round the corner picked them up from there and fitted when I got home. Job sorted.
  7. For anyone who is interested eurocarparts have 45% off. Just renewed my wipers for OEM denso blades for £23, not quite as good as the £17 I paid last time but ok all the same
  8. You could contact Tpms warehouse in Oswaldtwistle they do a range of makes and models and can configure them for you if you have the original code. Not used them but at least they are local.
  9. Just waiting for the annual repair of our vaillant boiler. It’s nearly 8 years old and out of warranty now. It has required something repairing since it was new with a number of water leaks requiring buckets underneath it, luckily all covered by the warranty. It has been serviced annually as required by the warranty but as the services are quite basic nothing is ever found faulty until it fails again a couple of months later. Might be time to cut my losses and look for a replacement
  10. I have also a problem with losing the hybrid data. A couple of years ago my car failed the hybrid health check, I was asked if I had run out of fuel at some point and also if I had left the car in neutral both of which my answer was no. These are stock questions from the manual. After the build up of mileage again it was tested and all was fine but I was still trying to understand the reason. It came to me a few weeks after, I wanted to move my car a couple of feet to get behind it. I started the car and moved it to the new position, the car was running on electric. I stopped and pressed the s
  11. Over 7 years at the moment out of mine. Since the lockdowns started I have charged it a couple of times, at other times I sit in the car when my wife is in the supermarket with the engine on to give it a boost.
  12. Would removing the sd card before powering up do anything. It may ask you then to insert it and reboot the system.
  13. I have seen a picture of the fuse box and there is an ecu acc fuse, could that be an ‘accessories’ fuse. Might be worth a check.
  14. Sorry I know this response is late BUT here is the fix for this. I too had this happen twice. The first time my car sat for a couple of weeks and again yesterday after I had a new battery put in. Everyone at the dealership could not fix it. Even Lexus said they had never heard of this happening (though you see it on several threads). The first time this happened another dealership ended up unplugging my radio and plugging it back in. They thought it was a loose connection. Yesterday they didn't have time to do the same fix so I went home with a black navigation screen (though my radio, climate
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