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  1. I recently had mine serviced at the local Toyota dealer for half the price. Unfortunately they can’t or won’t carry out the hybrid check, they also couldn’t re programme a tyre sensor only Lexus can do that. Used Carista to do that and I will live with the hybrid check.
  2. Glad your sorted John who did you go to in the end.
  3. Herbie is showing the tech stream system which requires a laptop and a connecting lead that you connect to your obd port which is usually below your steering wheel. I have looked again at Carista and I am sure that your car is not supported. Might be worth getting Kwikfit to see if they can register the Lexus sensor you are getting, or maybe try ATS.
  4. It will still need recoding then John, my local Toyota dealer also said they couldn’t recode the sensors even if they fitted a new one to my wheel only Lexus could do it. Absolutely ridiculous that’s why I went down the Carista route. I bought my sensor from lexuspartsdirect and recoded it with Carista before it was fitted. Obviously it showed up with an error but once fitted and tyre inflated everything was fine. I’m sure some tyre centre must be able to register the sensors.
  5. Hi John, I can’t see how it could have the exact ID as they are all different, the ID is above the QR code on the sensor
  6. Hi John, if your battery replacement doesn’t work you could try tpms warehouse. If you tell them the Id of your sensor they can clone it so it should be a straight swap. I recently changed one of mine and used Carista to recode it but I’m not sure your car is supported for tpms
  7. Glad you are sorted Fraser, happy to help, can’t help with the petrol though haha Bob
  8. Hi Fraser The code is on the sensor above the QR code as in the photo this is mine the ID shown is 4C1A1F1. They won’t need to take the tyre off just break the seal to either get a photo of the ID or take the sensor out to read it and then put it back in. It should only take a few minutes. Hopefully once you’ve entered the ID into Carista you will be sorted.
  9. Hi Fraser, Is that the number of the new sensor as it looks similar to the others. Did you write down the new ID before it was fitted if you did you need to delete the old number and type in the new one and save as in your second screen shot. If you didn’t write the new ID down then I would think you would have to break the seal on the tyre to get it, or try ATS or Kwikfit to see if they have a TPMS reader to identify each sensor. Prague must have been a lovely place to work, haven’t been there yet but maybe in the future. Good luck with sorting your tyre.
  10. It is in google play store as I have an android phone Fraser, if you have an iPhone I can’t see it in the App Store.
  11. Hi Fraser, I had the sensor fitted at my local tyre centre that I’ve always used, I just gave them the sensor to fit when I renewed the tyres, as I had already recoded it it just needed to see pressure. You might need to turn ignition off and on. if yours is just a sensor change they should just break the bead and fit the sensor. Tyre assistant is an app for your phone that lets you see the pressures without using the calista app so you don’t need a subscription, it just uses the calista dongle to read the sensors. For me it’s just a quicker way to see the pressures as my car doesn’t display the individual sensors it just has the TPMS light. I might have confused you in the last paragraph of my procedure, in both Carista and tyre assistant the tyre sequence is tyre 1,2,3 and 4 it doesn’t tell you where they actually are. So now I’ve replaced my sensor I know that is the left rear tyre. In tyre assistant you can move them to the actual positions when you know them which would make it easier to check for punctures. Hope this helps, if you’ve got any other questions feel free to ask. Bob
  12. Hi Fraser, glad your getting it sorted. The hardest part of the job for me was when saving the new sensor id it sends you to the subscription site Google Playstore to pay for it. I had to find my login details and password which I never remember haha. After trying to attach my PayPal account it finally worked and I received my free one month subscription. I have until 19th September to cancel or it will be £43 for the year. I contacted Carista support before buying it just to confirm the TPMS can be read for my car and they replied within a couple of hours from the US which was very good. Regards Bob
  13. Hi Fraser, have you managed to sort your sensor problem. I have sorted mine out. I contacted my local Toyota dealer to change the tyres and sensor and they told me they could change the sensor but could not code it as it has to be done by Lexus which I find ridiculous. So I ordered a new sensor from lexuspartsdirect for £62 plus postage. I also ordered a fitting kit just in case the nut was seized but the original was fine. I then bought a Carista OBD11 from Amazon for £25 which comes with a month subscription. Before ordering tyres I thought I would try the dongle. Plugged it in the socket under the steering column and turned the ignition on. Connected to Carista via my phone with Bluetooth Went into the services menu and selected TPMS This showed the 4 sensor IDs and tyre pressure. I let some air out of the tyre to identify the correct sensor then selected that sensor I deleted the old sensor ID and typed the new sensor ID in its place and saved. Turned the ignition off then on again, went back into TPMS to confirm the sensor ID hadn’t changed and it hadn’t. Obviously the tyre warning light was on because it wasn’t seeing pressure. I have just had my tyres and new sensor fitted and the warning light is out and in TPMS the sensor is showing pressure. So all good. As my car only has the warning light I downloaded Tyre Assistant to my phone which connects via Bluetooth to the dongle and gives me the tyre pressures without going in to Carista. All I need to do now is arrange the tyres in Tyre Assistant to where they are on the car. Hope this is of some use to you. Regards Bob
  14. Since it was 5 years old I have had my car serviced at Lexus using the essential care which included the hybrid health check. I have been happy with this and accepted that the car is not under warranty apart from the hybrid system which was covered by the health check. My service is due now and was going to book it in and also have the rear tyres replaced. I mistakenly thought I needed a minor or intermediate service at £285 but when they looked at the records it was a full at £500 plus tyres and a tpms sensor I want changing and mot. Nearly £1000 on an 8 year old car probably worth about £11500 so quite a percentage of the value of the car. When I said I wouldn’t pay that for a car that’s only covered less than 3000 miles since it’s last service due to lack of travel in the past year, I was told I could have whatever service I want but to gain the relax warranty the stipulated service must be carried out. I am now considering going to my local Toyota dealer who do a full service for less than the minor at Lexus, They won’t do the hybrid Heath check though. This change in servicing costs is now pushing me to look to other makes for my next car, sad as I have had a Lexus for 12 years now
  15. Hi Fraser, Just an update on my situation. I’ve been in touch with my Lexus dealer and he has given me a quote of around £140 for replacement and programming of the sensor which I don’t find too excessive relative to Lexus normal prices, they’ve also quoted about £280 for two rear tyres again a little more than I can get locally but not too bad. As I want to get them changed at the service I’ll probably go with their quote.
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