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  1. Tpms warehouse charge about £45 each. If you could get the faulty one off and exchange it for a normal valve temporarily you could read the id code and get them to clone it. When refitted it shouldn't then need programming into the system
  2. My car was fitted with nissokku wheels when I bought it from lexus at 6 months old, a £3000 option new. After two years the lacquer was flaking off and at the annual service I asked them to look at the wheels and advise me what they could do. They spoke to lexus and replaced the wheels. Two years later the same was happening but this time they said they couldn't source new wheels but would refurbish them. Two years on and the paint is coming off again. I find this is the only weakness I have found with my car.
  3. Glad to help Grant, and glad it worked. It's for my is300h but there shouldn't be too much difference.
  4. Not sure if this will work Grant but you can try and open it Nav_Manual.pdf
  5. It's in my navigation manual with a detailed description of how to use the lines and guides to reverse into various positions. Not sure if I can link the pages but I'll have a look.
  6. Hi Grant, I think the boxes you describe are the different ways of parking. One is for parallel parking the other into a bay. This alters the guidelines on the screen.
  7. I tend to charge the 12v battery during winter using my ctek charger. If your battery is showing signs of deterioration after less than a year Roger I too would be concerned. Was it replaced with the correct spec battery
  8. Yes John, apart from the petrol I put in for the original 300 miles of journeys I didn't necessarily need to do. It was on a quarter of a tank when they picked it up for the second test and was on three quarters when brought back, fully valeted again. New certificate for the year and 10000 miles. I am now thinking of scenarios that could have triggerd the fault. The car was stopping and starting as it should and the battery was charging ok.
  9. Car brought back today took 400 miles and a few restarts to recalibrate the system. This allowed the hybrid test to be completed satisfactorily. All good now, had really good service from preston lexus.
  10. I think some on here have bought the ashtrays with the lids on that fit in the cup holders. I think they are slightly domed but better than the holes
  11. Thanks Phil, read that before on google need to know what the diagnostics are for the control system now.
  12. Update on hybrid issue. Car has gone back for another hybrid health check which it again failed. Error code is P3000/388. I was asked if I had left it in neutral or run out of fuel both answers were no. This code leads to control problem or battery problem. They have kept the car and will run it for a further 300 miles, not sure that will help. Been left with a 69 plate RC300h so it will be nice to see the difference. Think they are struggling at the moment unless they can swap the battery pack and test again.
  13. Yes it's less than 12months will see what codes they find in the next few weeks. Thank you both for your responses.
  14. Hi john, last one was 12 months ago and covered about 8000 miles,
  15. Just had a service mot and hybrid health check which failed with a P3000 error code. Have googled the above and there will be further numbers to identify the problem further. The dealer told me to run the car for about 300 miles and they will test it again. Not sure if this is to clear any fault codes or to charge the 12v battery. I have just fully charged the battery using my ctek charger just to make sure. Could this be the 12v battery failing, it is 6 years old now.