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  1. When travelling up and down the m61 there are sections that have recently been resurfaced and I get this 'howling' noise which immediately disappears when back on the old surface. I'm running eagle 3 assymetrics on the rear and the original bridgestones on the front.
  2. Wait for the 50% offers at eurocarparts and buy the Denso wipers for about £20, these are the original fit.
  3. My car is 5 years old and obviously out of warranty. This year tried to have it serviced at my local Toyota dealership 1 mile away, they said they could carry out the service but couldn't do the hybrid health check as they don't have the equipment. I ended up with the over 100 mile round trip to lexus for the essential service with hybrid check included plus mot. Had a wiper issue and tried Toyota again but they didn't even want to look at it as all spares would have to be ordered from Lexus. This is probably the main issue for me now and will force me to source my next car from a local dealership.
  4. My next car needs to be smaller with a hatchback. Looking at Honda hrv or maybe Mazda cx3 but the Mazda boot is a bit small. Still love my lexus though it's going to be hard moving away from it.
  5. Hi Alan, glad to hear you are sorted, looks like a few others are ok now as well.
  6. Hi Wayne, the size is 125 x 70 x 17 with a continental tyre fitted.
  7. Bought my spare wheel a few years ago from lexus and bought a cover off eBay for about £8 which will store a full size tyre. I was told at the last service that the goo will soon be out of date but as I have no intention of using it I won't bother changing it.
  8. My car was fitted with the nishokku wheels when I bought it, a £3000 option when new. These suffered corrosion after two years and lexus replaced the wheels under warranty. Two years later they were corroding again, this time they were refurbished by lexus as they said they couldn't get hold of any new wheels. They could only put a normal finish on them not the original which was a shame as that was quite a good finish. An independent would probably have done any finish requested. It seems the quality of Lexus wheels doesn't quite match the rest of their cars
  9. Hi sheamus, it was only because of your info that let me find the necessary part, thank you for that. It's a bit disappointing that lexus don't try the cheapest option first but as I mentioned above they seem to be led down the motor replacement path in the diagnostic checks. Another person from Ireland has just started another thread about the same problem so I have directed him to this thread. Seems like the early cars are having a few issues with the wipers and quite a few in Ireland which seems strange. May be we should buy up all the stock on eBay just in case!
  10. There are a number of us who have had the same problem. I have just fixed mine by fitting another INT relay I bought off eBay for £2.60 quick and easy exchange and all working again now. If you search the forum for ' wipers stopping' all our discussions are there with a picture of the relay location.
  11. TOYOTA LEXUS DENSO RELAY 5 PIN BROWN 9098704004 1567000860 I just googled the above and got them from goaheadparts on eBay, delivered the following day. I ordered two in case both relays needed changing but I only used one. Might keep the other in the car in case it's needed. They look the same as you are looking at, they must be available fom a motor factors over here somewhere. Not sure why the relay failed sometimes they just do, probably high resistance over the contacts. My car is always garaged so sticking to a frozen windscreen was not an issue, could be a poor batch or maybe as it was the intermittent relay and the wipers are always set to auto it may be degradation due to constant use. I printed off the relay tests from the tech site so may see what values I get from the faulty relay and new one. I can connect them to my golf trolley battery to see the switching operation.
  12. Tried them again this morning. Left the car running and sprayed the windscreen with the wipers set to auto and they worked normally. Used the windscreen washers and again worked normally. Looks like it could be the fix. I couldnt understand why lexus changed the wiper motor on people's cars before trying the simpler cheaper option of the relays, but when I was in the tech site I looked at the diagnostics section for wiper problems, unless I missed it I didn't see any reference to relays in the diagnostic procedure, everything led to a motor exchange. If lexus technicians follow these procedures it's no wonder the first thing they do is change the motor. In all my motoring life I don't think I have ever had to change a wiper motor even on cheap cortinas.
  13. Quick update. Paid for an hours access to the tech website £3. Found the location of the relays which are with the abs relays in a 5 inch relay box in the engine bay on the drivers side just below the brake reservoir. Used a smallish screwdriver to release the catch on the left hand side, relays are on the left. Removed the INT relay as they are plug in. Now that I know where they are I ordered two relays off eBay, albeit used, for £5. The relays came today so I removed the INT relay and fitted the replacement, I cleaned the contacts before fitting with fine emery and contact cleaner. Yesterday I tested the wipers and they didn't work except in fast mode, wetted the windscreen today and tried them and they worked normally put them in auto and again worked normally. Wipers parked correctly. So far so good I will now wait to see if the fix is permanent after a spell of use as they did work before for a while. if everything is ok it is an easy fix in about 10 minutes. I suppose the best thing to do is buy a new relay from Toyota now we have the part number. Hope this helps others with the same problem as it is a quick and cheap fix. I will post if it recurs in the coming days
  14. My car is now booked in for next week as the fault has got worse. I have seen some switch assemblies on eBay but I am unsure if the switches can be removed from the unit and fitted separately.
  15. Hi Richard I bought a new 9-3 aero saloon in 2005 and had it about 3 and a half years until I traded it in for my first lexus is250. One of the fastest cars I've had and looked really good. Only issue I had was it cut out sometimes after a run, this was caused by a faulty valve in the fuel tank leading to a vacuum in the tank and starving the engine of fuel. They fitted a new tank under warranty and I had no further issues with it. The other problem was dealer inflicted I think, when I went to pick it up after the fuel tank was fitted the car wouldn't start, the ignition switch was found to be faulty and had to be changed. Fuel economy was ok but a friend had the convertible and found the economy quite low. Overall I really enjoyed the car, it was something different from the norm. Bob