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  1. Im selling my IS200 SE which I have owned for two years with no problems whatsoever. Just had new genuine Lexus brake pads front and rear. New tyres all round. 10 Months M.O.T which it passed with no advisory notes. Genuine 51,000 miles only. Need to sell as we have three cars and need to downsize. the car is listed as cat d but that is reflected in the price. please see my eBay listing for pics and more info: eBay
  2. Im looking for the small trim piece that clips onto the main plastic piece on the back of the boot. This covers the boot lock hook. Can anyone help? Lexus want me to buy the whole part!
  3. Due to change of plan this is for sale. In perfect working order: ebay link
  4. Anyone have a 7" screen they want to sell, Lilliput, Xenarc etc
  5. Anyone know if the sport grill fits on the TTE bumper?
  6. I want to redo a similar setup to this. I did this in my older IS200. I since brought an Audi A4 which was crap so Im back to an IS200. My plan is to have an Alpine W505R double din dvd headunit in place of the standard radio. This will have an Alpine Blackbird navigation system docked in it. Lastly I have a motorised housing which I aquired recently. I just stripped the screen out of it to replace it with a different screen where I can input the signal from my headunit. The headunit will output the satnav visual into the motorised housing screen. I was intent on getting an Apine TME M780 sc
  7. What is the best 7" screen that will fit the IS200 motorised sat nav housing, anyone have a link?
  8. Sorry to bring this post back alive. I was wondering which one is pin 3. I got all the other connections sorted but I need to take the wire to the starter circuit. Do you just count accross from the first row from left to right?
  9. Im in Evington. Its a 54 plate dark green metallic, why?
  10. The security light is supposed to stay turned off. When you put you new key to be programmed in the ignition barrel, if it starts to flash it is not in program mode. You have to press the accelerator pedal once then it should start to flash.
  11. Try doing it a bit quicker. I was having trouble doing mine. The car wouldnt go into programme mode as I was doing it too slowly
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