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  1. No the car has non heated cloth seats, I was under the assumption all the wires and plugs are already there.
  2. It doesn’t have the rotary switches but I’ve managed to get the panel and switches from eBay
  3. Hi I recently asked about 250 or 220d for my son, and through your advice he went for the 250 and he’s well pleased with it. now he’s wanting to upgrade the cloth interior to leather. We’ve tracked a full leather interior down with door cards for reasonable money. The seats are also electric but seller doesn’t know if they’re heated. Does anyone know if all electric leather seats are heated or was it another option? Thanks
  4. Thanks for all replies everyone, he’ll be leaving the diesel and looking for a petrol model instead.
  5. He’s only looking to spend £2000 😕 not many about. What are the older is200’s like?
  6. Son is thinking of getting an is220d as he likes the looks, and all the toys inside. Now I know there not like my old LS400 but are they worth getting or are the horror stories true about the engine? Should he buy one or not?
  7. Hi If you could send some pictures please that would be great. I'll pm you email address
  8. Hi Japanese Bob I'm quite handy with my hands so may be able to fabricate something up. How much would you be looking for? Ken
  9. Hi all I'm after a set of roof rail/bars to put a top box on when I go away in August. I have a 2002 Rx300 and was wondering if anyone knows best place to get hold of a set. I have nothing other than the slots/ channels on the roof at present. Thanks
  10. Been on website and mine looks like gen 01 but numbers match better for gen 00. I can send you a picture of satnav screen and of current disc I have at moment if that would help. That's if you wouldn't mind checking for me. Thanks
  11. Thanks for that how do I find out if it's a First or Second gen satnav Thanks
  12. Just got myself a lovely 2002 RX300 and love it, second Lexus I've owned after a 1996 LS400 which I loved. The satnav does work but it's an old version, can it be updated to a later maps version. The guy who I bought it off gave me 2 later version maps dvd's but said he couldn't get them to load or read them. Is there anything I can do and what's latest version of maps I can use. Thanks guys.
  13. First must kick myself for selling my LS400 back in September best car I've ever owned. Anyhow I digress I'm wanting another Lexus but have decided to go for the RX300 as I have two German Sheperd's. I've seen one I can buy with LPG conversion but it has an issue. It throwing up the 1656 ocv fault code and goes into limp mode. On top of this it won't start until a scanner is plugged. Could this be simply changing ocv valve or something far more sinister and I should keep well away from it Thanks
  14. Hi I've just bought an M reg 95 ls 400 and am well pleased with it. The car only came with one key, not a remote type. Did this year come with a remote fob and if so where could I get one from? Thanks