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  1. Hy.Does anyone what this control unit?I'm sell it.Its for turbo specialities : I'm only selling the control unit :
  2. Hi there.Suddenly starts the knocking.I've change the sparks and one coil was failling (engine light on) but still can't ride of the noise.Can be tappets? The noise sounds better when i get out of the car and see engine Pd: The lights of the dash same thing..when started the noise half of them not working (have to replaced them)
  3. Silicone Vaccum Hose Size

    21 Views already and no one knows?
  4. Hi.Does anyone knows what size are the hose for ours is200?When i want to buy 1meter from ebay they make me choose size (2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm etc) but dont know what to choose. Thanks!
  5. After i found alloys and rear bumper now i only need help with coilovers.I found this ones for a nice pryce and they are ajustable like other coilovers... but how much i can lowered the car with it?I can get this drop?(something like that.) : Here are the wheels i chose (Rota torque DRIFT white) :
  6. Where I Can Get This Bumper

    thats what im getting at I finnaly found the BUMPER!! :hocus-pokus:
  7. Where I Can Get This Bumper

    Yes but you can remove the splitter and look like the nicer one...
  8. Where I Can Get This Bumper

    Thats the same bumper i found but looks so sily with the extra splitter
  9. I saw this INSANE bumper and after searching a little with google i cand find it anywhere to buy.Seems to be Chargespeed but no link or ebay to buy it :(
  10. Help With Alloys

    Ok... so the question is ,for those alloy, witch et fit perfect and what '' J '' ?
  11. Help With Alloys

  12. Help With Alloys

    In the detailed description says this : 4 * 18" Lenso Spec E Alloy Wheels Brand New 8.5x18" Front 9.5x18" Rear Lenso Spec E Hyper Dark Silver Alloy Wheels. Fittings Supplied. To Fit Lexus IS 200 00 to 05. And also the seller send me a mesage with the et35 front and et40 rear and 225/40/18 front and 255/35/18 rear. Thats to tight setup?
  13. Help With Alloys

    No one?
  14. Help With Alloys

    Hi there.I found this alloy to buy for mi lexus is200 but not know what ET. There are 8.5 front and 9.5 rear.Front tyre will be 225/40/18 but rear?What size for that 9.5?..In mi car (bmw e60) i have 275/30/19 with 9.5J... Its more likeable to mount 8.5 all around? I want something like my actualy car,fit pefect the ET :
  15. New One

    A very high difference amount between this and springs of course.I forgot to say that mi car had bilstein with original springs.I found some users of this forum that doesn't agree to fit the gmax springs,they said the are crap and waste of i think i will buy coilovers to adjust the maximum posible to the ground. The link you posted its completed (by descripcion) Many thanks!