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  1. Does any of NX models has this option? Tilt and slide or its just a glass roof for sunlight..
  2. Hi Moving on from IS300h to NX :) Just wondering if people recommend buying the NX privately instead of the dealer? Not any for sale on Autotrader.. Also, what version is recommended? The sports model is attracting me more than others.. Thanks
  3. Lexus Servicing

    Been quoted £245 for third service (2013 model, 27000 mileage from Lexus Cardiff.. Is it fair in comparison to other Lexus other dealerships? Has anyone used Servicestop website, claiming to offer lexus service cheaper and original
  4. Excellent reviews of Nokian tyres I might go for Nokian Weatherproof...
  5. Hi Any recommendations for low rolling resistance tyres, for all seasons? Factory fitted tyres are Hankook 225/45/R17 91W I suppose low resistance should improve the mpgs...
  6. Breakdown Cover

    Thanks very much That's useful! The AA guy did it exactly
  7. Hi guys Just wondered if anyone can advise about the breakdown cover? My car is 2 years old, been parked for 5 months with battery drained.. Does Lexus provide free breakdown cover for first 3 years? Any suggestions about jump starting hybrid car? Thanks!
  8. Echoing what others have already said.. With hybrid your driving style would be a key thing, am able to get 50-53 on combined motorway on A road, by sticking to the legal speed limits Is300h has a bigger engine and anything around/above 50 mpg is really good, alternate choice could be CT200h, again with driving you should be able to get late 50s or up to 60 in terms of mpg.. All the best
  9. Whilst I acknowledge love is blind, more so in case of IS :hocus-pokus: , anyone got a realistic information about the monthly/yearly depreciation? Also, the resale values in comparison to others...
  10. Dash Cam

    Anyone installed rear windshield camera recorder? If so, please advise about the brand and wiring Thanks
  11. Audio / Nav Frustration

    Mine does play on and off, screen freezing, system resetting on own.. I have checked the version VC0301ID Is it the latest one? or is there a new update? Cheers
  12. Shiny Shiny

    Really nice!
  13. Noted a slight graze on rear bumper and a scratch on front bumper, and the driver handle Not sure but my Prius came with a tin of touch up paint In two minds, to get them fixed or not as more could appear as part of 'normal' exposure Any solutions/suggestions?
  14. Just wondered what people use (and how often) for INTERIOR : detailing e.g. DashboardsSpeedometer screen/Multiinformation display- any special screen cleaners e.g. Lexus own brandLeather seatsCarpets/matsetc EXTERIOR Which products and polishAlloys
  15. Dash Cam

    Hi I have got the camera and getting some confusion about wiring Is there any chance to have pics of how the wiring looks like in your car? Cheers O.