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  1. Do I need to pass some kind of test to win them?
  2. First time taking my GoPro out in my car today.. only had 20 minutes or so but got a couple of half decent snaps..
  3. Hello again everyone, Just want to let you all know, I still love my is200, although I always refer to him as 'Leslie the luxury export'... Upon your recommendations I got a Grom audio adaptor for my phone, and managed to fit it myself without killing the car or myself, and it's quality. So cheers for that one! Just have a few things I thought I'd ask you about to see if anyone can advise. Firstly, (this is a strange one) when I get near the redline, I get a really strange high pitch vibration kind of noise come from the a/c fans (I think).. Its not a huge problem its just a bit strange and as its quite high pitched it annoys the hell out of me, as well as stopping me from listening to the engine tone which is a shame. Also, more often than not, the seal sticks on my boot and doesn't open until i lift it with my arm (ugh. :winky: ) Didn't know if it was something with the latch that could be sorted or if the seal just sometimes sticks too much and it doesn't always open. Finally, could anyone recommend a set of wind deflectors? Because I like the sleek look of the Heko or whatever they're called, but they don't do rears and don't know what they'll look like without them... if anyone has any pictures to share that would be great, Thanks again Fellas, Connor
  4. Hey guys I've had my is200 for a month now and I'm loving it! Only thing its missing is cruise control but I've heard that an unbelievable faf to fit after leaving the factory. Just wondered if anyone had advice for removing surface scratches..? Theres some scratches on the blue metallic paint that are white (I'm assuming not much can be done about them) but there are some very light areas of scratches where someone has scrubbed the paint with a unsuitable object and caused areas of scratches. I used tcut 'metallic' but didnt help much.. Thought about using tcut 'blue' but wasn't sure if it would affect the metallic paint.. Any help would be much appreciated, Cheers
  5. Right well I've done about 400 miles in less than a week since I got my is200 (literally no idea how) Did my first mpg check today after emptying a full tank and came back at just under 28mpg, which I was pleasantly surprised with, especially as I've been doing mostly town driving, or short runs on the A-roads.. Got the car serviced yesterday and my mechanic said it looked really clean and said he couldn't even point out anything that I needed to look out for, which begs the question... Have I bought the perfect car? I'm pretty sure the answer is yes. I really can't fault it at all, and the main reason I bought one was because I took a ride in a mates is200 and thought it was quality. So thank god he bought one eh ahaha
  7. Funny you should mention the ipod nano, because I found my 1st gen ipod nano down the back of the sofa the other day, and as they were recalled years ago, sent if off last week and a brand new one is on its way... so if you know anyone with one, let them know, as it's been around for years but nobody seems to have a clue
  8. Ive got a samsung s3, but will be happy with the aux. port because I use spotify on my phone and it may not be compatible but I'm not sure. I've seen Dension ones before, and the cheaper versions on ebay but dont know whether to trust them.. God I'm loving this car so much. Everything about it is just amazing. Makes you wonder why people ever buy brand new beamers when these badboys are fully loaded. So nice to drive and so comfy aswell. The fact the boot opens from the key is amazing aswell. It's become my party trick.
  9. Got this photo of mine and my mates cars, Loving it so far.. quite a few surface scratches on the surface (tried tcut metallic but didnt do much so other suggestions welcome) but the interior is mint and all the electrics are perfect. I honestly can't believe this car is 11 years old. Mad.
  10. Picked it up this evening! so nice to drive and all of the kit is mad, the automatic headlights blew my friggin mind. I've put up a pic from the ad, but will have to take some more tomorrow, very happy with her!
  11. Hi everyone, Picking up my IS200 today and cannot wait! Got 96k miles but apparently the engines are sound. (I'm sure you lot know..) And prior to the current owner who's had it for 5 months, it has 1 owner from new and the most hilariously comprehensive service history. Sure they're juicy, but ***** for the money they're fully loaded.. Everything works (even the cd changer and I've heard they're dodgy) Only thing I'm bothered about is connecting my phone to the headunit, as I've been told its best to keep the original in there if its working.. and I don't really want to revert back to an aux to tape cassette converter like back in the day haha This evening can't come soon enough.