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  1. Had a Black Supra Mk3 and with the sidelights and fogs on it looked coolio. Felt a bit like being Knight Rider. Downside was it wasn't new, rear Window leaked, cylinder gasket issue always possible and the Air-con didn't work. Not good. Had I owned it when vutube was available to help with issues, I might have sorted it, Instead, swapped it for a Blue and Cream Mercedes 500SEC with cream suade seats. Lovely Car. Also tried a G Limited Mk 2 Auto after the Merc but laid it up for six years and whe taken out of mothballs it had a head gasket fail so sold it on. Zippy Car. It was same year as this LS400. Found it too difficult to get my Carcass in and out of. Went Merc for SEL500 and W140 S320 before moving on to this lovable beast. Wouldn't go back to Merc unless could afford a recent model, even then I think I'd probably prefer the H600.
  2. A couple of grand expense should see it through the MOT successfully !!
  3. I suspect it will never charge to 100% as I ran it to almost nothing from QE Bridge to the 24 hour service stop outside Dover whilst it was not charging. Funny thing however, the Battery charge light never came on, just the Wipers slowed almost to a stop. So, it probably Sulphated beyond remedy. This said it starts first time and the last Yuasa battery lasted the Car seven years, so I'll just monitor its starting. Last one died when I left it at the Ariport for two weeks with security on. If I do that again it would probably die.
  4. Not got an idle issue, but interested to know if my battery is sound. Checked pre-start at 12.5v and rose to 14.68v after start up, at cold idle. The Battery was new less than two years ago, but the Car having had a failed Alternator 2500 miles back, and the Battery being jumped to get it in my drive after truck recovery, I wonder if that "jumping could have killed a cell? 12.5V seems a bit below par for it standing? Only did a short journey Friday and any security drain should only be small. Opinion welcomed.
  5. Sounds like a quote from The Navy Lark for those of us old enough to remember! Golly! Crikey!
  6. Looked at a purchase from them and Import duty is the VAT rate. so not 8% but 20% No VAT additional to import VAT. One charge. I bought am Altermator from them - cost £156.95 UPS charges £33.05 Import VAT and £11.25 brokerage charges. The £156.95 included the Shipping cost. £201.25 total
  7. The cost is only free in the States, if you click on the "buy" link you can see Shipping and select UK and the price is $120. I think import duty is about 8% on the product but may be on the whole cost?
  8. If I had a broken front Spring I might be tempted to buy these which are shipped to UK at an extra $120 and possibly import tax to add. Struts may not be leaking but after 23 years............There will come a time.
  9. Sound a really good experience. Aero blades at under a tenner seem to last quite well - two MOT's with same blades. Need to modify the drivers slightly, but effective
  10. Think I preferred the "Barcelona Banger" car with Decals - Rozzers - Banging up Crims - that was funny - this? Be lucky if he/she gets what they want for it. But who knows OP's taste!
  11. Very interesting Phil. The "y" pipe joint also gets weak I believe. Can it be used to spray Calipers, I wonder? Sold in various colours.
  12. Can't recall using it going downhill or felt I needed to, but I do use 2nd up the slope to the Car ferry and 1st if on P&O Ferry up the side ramps which I find slightly daunting. I usually wait until the Car in front is leaving the ramp before starting. Stuck on the ramp once with the W140 Merc which was loaded to the Gunwales. Prayed that the Handbrake held and that the weight pulling didn't cause the "P" position to be compromised.
  13. 4 years off the road, apparantly. I correct myself. 8 owners not a plus. Number plate off like hidden number plate always needs investigating. Tidy inside though can't see the state of Drivers Seat for wear. Good in one sense to know that prices may be rising for these cars - if it should sell.
  14. When I tried to buy one from the USA they wouldn't sell me one. I don't think they are approved for UK.