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  1. Todays jobs

    The Camera image detracts from the actual visual effect. Poor Camera? or it just enhances the brighter light to the detriment of the LED's seems to be what happens. Below is with a 5w bulb and it looks exactly the same as the 21w bulb. Fitting resistors would be a pain I suspect, as they'd have to be screwed to metal which is too far back to reach from outside the car. Although I've bought a couple I doubt I will use them. Heat generation with the 21w bulb in situ and the Q. if 9 LED's will produce heat sufficient to melt perspex are my only concerns. OK they are intermittant, but if I broke down and they had to become hazzard lighting, would they burn out?
  2. Todays jobs

    Fiddling whilst Rome burns to coin a metaphor. Messed around to see outcome of LED's as indicators. 1) Strip with bulb still in situ. May avoid need for load resistors and stop hyper flashing?? 2) LED's on their own. Perhaps putting a 12v 5W bulb in there with them to trick the flasher unit is a better idea? Sorry no photo but will take one later, maybe. 3) LED's stuck to perspex strip and see entry point. Would be sealed with clear silicone should I decide to put these into my Clear indicator units. Not checked for certain that there is room for cable to run up to the bulb unit cable. It may be very tight and I'm surprised by how thin the wire is to the LED's. About a fifth of a millimeter single core. Too cold to check today. Comments advice always welcome. An unnecesary and pointless addition perhaps but it occupies my tiny mind whilst more important World matters play out. Not sure about this new Defence Secretary.. Bit of a howler me thinks!
  3. Here's a thought. You can buy a new Sensor or there is a Lexus LS400 Throttle body on the Bay which has been cleaned and has a sensor for about the same money. A quick swap with new Gasket and you may have fixed two jobs - cleaning (which after 110k miles is I can confirm necessary) and Sensor to see if fixes problem.
  4. Todays jobs

    Reading up, it would seem that Load Resistors may be necessary to stop hyper flashing. I'll check out what happens indoors when connected to a 12v battery using an Amber unit. Hyper flashing when the indicators are controlled by being power on/off may be barely noticeable? But it may be necessary for safe use? I'll put up a photo in due course.
  5. Todays jobs

    I've got clear fronts and so I'll just experiment with the old Amber Units. It seems to be no more than splicing into the pos and neg leads to the holder and then inserting the strip through the hole into the unit. I'll keep the holder free just in case I have to return to a bulb. Not being electrically minded I'm making an assumption that the low voltage or wattage of LED's will not need a Relay and because they generate no heat (and will operate intermittantly) then they won't need to be away from the plastic front of the unit, where they will work best. Will the system work with these or throw up a bulb fault or even act as though a bulb is out? Who knows? Ordered a pair of Motorcyle strips for £4.39. Cheap experiment. Will let all know in due course.
  6. Todays jobs

    I've always thought to make Boot/Bonnet struts last, you should never slam them down. Tell that to the Wife or Sons and they just give a quizzical look of scorn. I like the sidelight brightness improvement. Been looking on to see if I can buy LED striplight indicator units to replace bulbs but only seem to sell daylight/indicator lengths. Would not work for the needs. Pity, as I rather like the idea of the whole Orange plastic housing lighting up (as well as the wingside repeaters) to modernise the car slightly. I recognise I'd have to make a change to the way the two parts connect to one another. They would look a bit like the Audi I suppose.
  7. Aux LS400

    ps to last - I should say I was playing Music via the bluetooth and clarty was superb. Never used a phone in a Car but bluetooth could (if unlikely) to be useful, I suppose. Personally I hate mobile phones and as my last months Virgin bill was £1.50 (no monthly contract) it shows I'm in the Billy no Mates team.
  8. Aux LS400

    I bought one of these and I must say that it bluetoothed perfectly to my Android Mobile phone outside my house. What I'm not so sure about is if my old Sony MP3 A1000 player will work via the Aux input on the unit. I've lost my connecting jack to jack cable at the moment and although it refers to MP3 in the Ad, it suggests MP4 in the little booklet that came with it. Is there an MP4? I'm not au fait with audio. The only other thing I'm waiting on an answer from the seller is, the fact that they say in the Ad that the contents include a Remote. Not seen in the box, though also not seen in the visuals for the Ad. Works better than some other FM Tranmitters I've tried.
  9. MOT Fail - Pricing

    There's a Febi Bilstein on ebay for £200. Not sure if they have both sides. I've used cheaper Arms not from Rock, and as I said the only thing I needed to do was replace the rubber Boot over the Ball joint before fitting. Has passe two MOT's since. Rock does have Moogs for sale, I believe.
  10. MOT Fail - Pricing

    Sorry yes thats correct. They are under Ball Joint & Track Rod end Boots. Not Car specific. Or you may be able to retain whats on your existing UCA's and transfer them. Don't always match.
  11. MOT Fail - Pricing

    If replacing front UCA's with a cheap Chinese or Taiwan brand I suggest that you buy new Ball joint covers and replace the existing Rubber which disintegrates in less than a month or as someone said when "just hanging on the garage wall" The unit will then be OK for a while. posts quickly once you've got dimensions.
  12. Ls400 Rear Spring Removal

    Bizarre update. I purchased the new springs K-FLEX KYB RD5979 several years ago and at the same time bought two new Rear OEM Upper Control Arms from Amayana. - just in case of an MOT fail on these parts having had a nightmare with the fronts when I purchased the Car. Only the Springs so far have been mentioned, so I stored everything. Only now have I checked the Springs against these new UCA's to find that there is no way they will go through the centre hole. So, even if the originals had been lowered they wouldnt have been extractable. Or, KYB have sold me the wrong Springs (Sorry revised this sentence as the guy didn't take the whole unit through the hole in the UCA - Anno Domini affecting my thinking Doh!) See ebay ref for the same spring advertised as for Lexus LS400.. Just looked on Rock Auto to see if they quote KYB springs but only Moog seen and at £85 to import a pair is an OK price but looking at the image, it suggests that there is no flat bottom to the springs. Why is that?? different Diameter I have no way of knowing ? Next time I have the wheel off i'll have to try to measure the diameter of the existing Springs to better understand what is going on here?
  13. Ls400 Rear Spring Removal

    and this sa-96.pdf sa-63.pdf
  14. Ls400 Rear Spring Removal

    Having just bought the Workshop manual in pdf for £9.99 the Bible says, remove Drive Shaft, Exhaust etc. sa-97.pdf