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  1. Thats the thing - they appear when the word is spelt correctly. Every word here is underlined with a fuzzy line not a straight line! Strange.
  2. Let it lie, Alan. We don't on this forum as a rule bait each other! Could this be something I've noticed about your Postings, not that you are baiting me? Moderator remove if you think I am Out of Order with this comment. BTW Mods why when I write are my words underlined in red? Is it your settings or my computer??
  3. Thanks - I'll have to check it out, for the little old Classic Jap Twin. The big boy had to go, too heavy.
  4. I tried messing around with the photo of my Car but made such a mess of trying to cover the plate that I didn't bother in the end. No one has asked what the number is about. However, when the Car broke down and was trailered part way into Medway Service centre, a Gent passing by shouted that the Plate was worth more than the Car! There are I believe over sixty possible users of the three inititals. Its an Isle of wight registration, so I'm told. Beyond that there's nothing more to tell. Anyone selling or hoping to sell their Car who covers the plate is immediately indicating they don't want you looking at the MOT history. Well they do, to me.
  5. Can a 12v Motorcycle battery that only registers 9.85v and seemingly is fully charged according to the AA Battery Charger, be de-sulphated by using one of these Trickle chargers? Irritatingly owing to evil people its no longer possible to order a M/cycle battery to be delivered by Courier with accompanying Acid bottle. Suspect its had it. Can't get one locally for some thirty miles hence my thinking. Can this be brought back to full life by pulsating or is that feature a gimmic?
  6. I'm not recommending it. However if you check this out and your own you'll see "Assembled in China" on the label. Not sure why prices vary so much 3.8 or MS5 ? What is the difference?
  7. I assume that this must be plugged in to the mains to work. (Advert doesn't mention mains or show a plug. So,You can fix the device which has either a male or female socket somewhere near the Battery . You stll need to connect up the lead to the Male/female socket to get trickle charge or whatever. Also you still have to remember to unplug it and keep the short (?) lead (into an extension cable?) somewhere where water won't get to it if not garaged. Under the bonnet perhaps? Have read one for sale where the owner forgot to unplug it from the mains - now sold spares/repair. Not sure how different this is from a basic battery charger, but perhaps most don't have the trickle charge setting? They usually have cut out when reached full charge, surely? This appears to be a Chinesium version.
  8. Last week I gave the Car its bi-annual Wash and wax. Scrubbed up quite nicely considering I only take off Birds muck and wash the wheels more regularly after long trips. She (oops) "it" is only 27 years young. Did manage some time ago to almost push out that Hail dent in the rear d/s quarter wing. If anyone has a T-Hotbox I'd be interested to know how they got on with it? Saw Ed China (not his fault its his name!) using one on a Chevrolet Luv to remove dents from the roof. Amazing! As I've got possibly fifty dents in total on boot, roof and bonnet, I may if I ever get to France again (praying frantically) spend some time removing the dents and of course re-spray the front wing with the proper colour (not ebay seller wrong paint chart) that I left over there. No garage here so...
  9. Daresay you know the Sunroof doesn't close completely when you press the button to return. It gets so far and then you have to press it a second time. This is a child protection design, I believe?
  10. Going downhill into Rouen is a speed trap which gets many cars. Just a short way before the Tunnel. Just taking your foot off the pedal isn't engough. Won't be doing that as had hoped!
  11. This is a one time opportunity the Police have of catching the neardowells! pity they;ll only get a slap on the wrist and told to be good boys in future/. Bring back the Lash - Priti
  12. Unlikely to need theft cover as an old Car and nobody allowed out. Fire risk is negligable, unless I do something stupid which is always possible if I mess around with fitting a Reversing Camera. Does that count as a "modification" needing insurance approval? So my mileage could work out at 78 miles in six months. I can reverse and forward the Car in the drive to keep the Brake discs clean and use a battery charger as needs require. Fact is, of course, the pleasure of driving even a short distance will be lost at this time of low morale. Any need arising for a Hospital visit may prove extremely difficult to arrange. LV via Chris Knott was charging me similar until two years ago when i decided not to stay loyal. Yes Malc you are no doubt right. Glad I'm not a Name!
  13. Once sorted the most important thing is to use the Handbrake every trip. The brake shoes are very thin by design and I bought a new set must be five years ago but decided against putting them on as they would not have had the "grip" the existing ones have. They are not something that gets wear as rarely are left on by mistake as I think there is a buzzer warning?. So, they don't "bed in". Not had a fail with MOT or an advisory.