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  1. I bought a pair of 555 on ebay but they had to be sent to me from Australia. Cost a lot more than £20 from memory. They are good but I only needed to replace one at the time. Could try t' to see if any for sale. May be lucky?
  2. Presume this is a result of a compression test or an "experts" opinion? I remember seeing an earlier LS400 for sale with over 300k miles on single point LPG
  3. runsgrateasanut


    That's interesting Phil, but many times I go out of the house and open the boot with a key and don't unlock the Car with the button press. Its only on rare occasions that it sets off the alarm. I would think that you should be able to open the boot with a key without disarming the system. Sure I'm not alone in finding it tedious that you can't unlock the boot when the Car Engine is running. Times I've had to switch off so the Customs Gendarmes in Calais can check the boot - just a bit of an inconvenience. Do later Cars still have this system? Seems silly as you are not going to want petrol or to open the boot whilst the Car is in motion.
  4. From what year were softer Valves used by Lexus? Whats the mileage on the Car you mention?
  5. runsgrateasanut


    As David is sorted, can anbody tell me why my Car Alarm should go off when I unlock the boot with a key to open it - sometimes? The Car Alarm is "on" at the time. Would have to be extremeley sensitive if the action of the key somehow jolts the car, but I can't think of any other explanation. Also, with the engine running if I don't quite close the drivers door when I have reversed and got out of the car to secure my drive, the Drivers door locks itself, but not like soft closing. Have to go around to the passenger door to open the Drivers door from within? Just quirky I suppose - Merc Alarm systems for Nineties Car were notoriously fickle.
  6. runsgrateasanut

    Rotor query

    Correction - this image looks as though it has a protection coating.
  7. The S Class of the era pricewise bottomed out a few years back. The W140 model pre Suspension upgrade was a cheaper car to run than the Lexus in terms of parts. The S320 was a bit more thirsty probably than the V8’s. What I liked, and which Lexus never despite their incredible outlay on research, got wind of, or really appreciate in the European and US market, was Soft Close Doors, Car Cabin Height and Car width preference. The LS400 seems small inside compared to the W140 but is suited to the average Japanese frame. Though designed for export they couldn’t perhaps face too much space around them Japan being what it is. I always feel it was designed specifically for Women in the US market. That’s not to say “its a Birds Car” if I may be politically incorrect. Later Models have covered these few areas I believe? Or does anyone else have to have an anti static bag stuck to the headliner on newer models? Time has shown that the LS has outlasted its rival. Proportionately import numbers and existing road numbers I’d wager hands down the Lexus wins the ratio. Well, a £1 on that statement anyway!
  8. runsgrateasanut

    Rotor query

    Thanks Phil, I'm pretty sure you are right that it is a protective coating. The seller doesn't know the reason but tells me he buys the parts from a Lexus Distrbutor. I have suggested he asks if it is normal. Having looked at Google images I've not seen a single Rotor with this on it and from memory Mercedes never supplied parts coated. Pretty sure it will remove easily but as weather very inclement and parts likely to sit under Boot mat until necessity forces me to do a bit of work, I'll leave on the protection.
  9. runsgrateasanut

    Rotor query

    Thought I'd add a couple of photo's. Only one pos F/B and no Negs for these and a number sold - wonder why? Bizarre as rest of Brass is clean and Unit looks unused.
  10. I have just received a set of Distributor Caps and Rotors marketed as being OEM. The image of the rotors looked a little strange and on receiving these I'm baffled. The rotors look much the same I imagine as my used Rotors will look when and if I get around to changing them The Arm has a deposite on its end, quite noticeable and I'm wondering if this is some sort of preventative layer that keeps the brass in top condition re oxidisation until used? No mention anywhere. Never seen anythign like it before and asking the seller to explain. Both the Rotors and Distributor caps are maked as Denso. The Rotors in boxes with "Lexus Genuine Parts" and a Barcoded data sticker, - but............... The Caps are just in bags with a Toyota Label and sticker info Be aware if you consider ordering or let me know if this is common practice for this part to be coated?
  11. The Wife not speaking to you again John?
  12. Will a paper clip work or does it need be copper cable for conductivity?
  13. I've just purchased a coil pack to put with the rest of the small stuff under the Boot rug, that could be useful for certain emergencies. I'm hoping when it arrives it's genuine Delphi as these cost twice as much via Rock Auto. Just run to OEM set of Rotors and Distributor caps - also just in case! As not cheap, decided not to go for OEM coil pack which is most expensive alternative to OEM. Should you need one. PS you should pehaps do a diagnostic test - something that I keep meaning to do!
  14. I think we should give it a name - its a "Bodice" front or perhaps a "Waspy" front - though its some years since I was indulgently familier with those particular articles of visual pleasure!
  15. Couldn't live with that front grill.