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  1. Catastrophe Naturelle Thought I'd use the holiday in France to tidy up my front Drivers side wing which was rusting under the arch. Fabulous weather until the 4th July. Not especially happy with the resultant filler job and the supposedly "wetlook" lacquer turned out not to be "wetlook" after several coats applied. Used the remains of a tin of £2.99 (ten years old?) pearlescent paint finish which did give a bit of a sheen. After uncovering the bonnet and door, found the Paint colour was not the match I was expecting so stopped further work. My touch up paint is correct colour as seen on a cap I've painted to show the supplier. Next day I gave the Car its annual wash (true) pre the basking 36 degree heat of the day, but in the afternoon the sky darkened and large droplets of rain followed and the bushes and trees started thrashing about in a state of sheer madness as the rain turned into Hail Stones many the size of Golf balls and larger! They were not only falling but throwing themselves horizontally at our House in a vortex. The glass panelled door and the Windows were being battered and I had to don a Hard Hat to open the door to close the Shutters to prevent the door glass being shattered. Doing this I had around twenty hailstones come into the Kitchen and a bruised leg. I lowered the Electric blind to protect the fragile glass in the Kitchen Windows and thats when the lights went out. No Electricity for the next 24 hours! It may have only lasted five minutes but in my local area there was devastation. I hadn't put the Car back in the Garage and it was peppered with dents. Fortunately only the passenger side mirror was cracked enabling us to drive home yesterday. My neighbours A class rear hatch was smashed. House roof tiles were broken (not on our roof) and the Pompieres were out in force on roofs stretching temporary plastic sheeting over damaged areas. Vines were totally smashed and Nursery Green houses destroyed. The Plastic gutters all around the house were peppered with holes and it was lucky I hadn't put the car in the Garage as the Placo / Asbestos Roof was also peppered with holes. So, it could have been worse for the Car. If I'd not washed off the Saharan Sand it could have been embedded into the paint dimples or worse still shards of asbestos falling on the car would have scratched the paint surface. Somehow the paint mismatch doesn't now seem so important, We had a great holiday up until then and on the plus side the Insurance will cover the roof and gutter replacement at only the cost of the excess. The Car Insurers would write it off if a claim is made. This would seem a shame, so I will live with a battle scarred LS400.
  2. At March 2007 it had 66k miles and new Instrument cluster is the answer -seen under old Reg number. Naughty to say only 28k unless it had a new Engine which is quite possible.
  3. That number plate is already on a Lexus CT so not part of the sale. 28k or 280k? or am I missing something? Not looked at photo's as don't have link
  4. runsgrateasanut

    LS 430 transmission failure

    As a non OEM brand you might want to consider this product. Nissens has an impressive website and I do have a brand new Nissen Rad for my LS400 (cost just £45) which I have yet to install. So, I can't give any advice but for a cheaper product this may not hurt quite so much, bearing in mind the unknown as regards your auto box state
  5. When we went to France back in May we had quite a few Barcelona Bangers with their exotic stickers and Air horns on the Ferry over to France. I'd never heard of them before. Here's your chance to become a Rally Car owner
  6. Is this a by-product of the new MOT rules? Are Garages going to suggest major expense needs to be done where perhaps surface or small amounts of rust are visible? Is it going to fall into the "dangerous" category? Depriving owners of doing their own work although I read that you can take a Car away from the Garage. Not yet tested as to legality. How the Government plans to get older Cars off the Road, I suspect.
  7. Love the Carpets - where can you get a Mower that does that?
  8. Glass is a winner for me - saves on those P&O Deflectors - juut use a piece of silver Duct tape stuck initially to a Post Office 100 peel off stamp paper or any grease proof so can be cut into the correct shape and when return to UK, peel off and old fashioned razor blade gets rid of any glue left on the lens. Must have saved me £200 by now!
  9. See t'bay no longer allow people to go to a finished item to see what it makes. I switched off about two minutes before final price and it stood at £1,009 which was tremendous value for such a magnificent beast. Of course the price could have taken off in the last few mins??. For those who took an interest in the Maroon two tone with Cream interior its too late now but the MOT history can be seen under Reg S796VOP PS Very Old Person - made for me!
  10. Best colour and interior - Just hate to let it go at present bid price but....Only marks on front bumper and a bit of clear coat lifted on wing. Damn I must stop looking at other cars!
  11. Ignoring the high mileage this Car with just 32 minutes to go is a Steal at £900. I checked the History and only a few thous each year during last past 3/4 years. Can't justify having two unfortunately..
  12. Being ignorant of VSC I looked it up and maybe you've read this item or it could help?
  13. ps The new pump has the Vacuum lines blanked off which makes absolutely no difference that i can sense to the PS. Just need to blank off the two pipes one in centre of engine to ACV and one in side of Air inflow conduit. Its also a fact that this twin piped part is often the cause of leakage as well as the Reservoir O ring
  14. Personally, I wouldn't bother with replacing parts and rebuilding. I bought a new Power Steering pump from America and I've mentioned elsewhere that they sent me the wrong pump so I now have the right one fitted and a free Tacoma pump for a Toyota (Hilux?). I also bought an alternator from different people who I'll put a link to below. It came pretty quickly and works fine. For the price you will see its possibly best to go for new. One proviso, and I can't be sure they are the same product, is that I couldn't get the screw in bolt at the front (through the Pump pulley) to go in as the casing had a slight variation in design. The thing hangs on an extended bolt and there are two bolts at rear so I have no worries, but I have ordered a bolt with Phillips head rather than nut and Washer shape, to fit, sometime.
  15. I suggest that you put the VIN number into Toyodiy .com and you should get info as to the right spec Belt for your Car. 211 or 209 I thought there was only one tooth difference but you sure don't want to get it wrong. Its an expensive enough job to have done. Lexus parts didn't even provide a gasket for the water pump. Not happy with what it cost me.