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  1. Just bought possibly the cheapest MOT legal pair on the bay under fifteen squid with border, GB and EU circle of stars which (in due course???) I'll cover. Came with name of supplier printed, via overnight courier being the day after I posted my ID details. Could have saved myself a stamp. Guessing they looked at my feedback or did a Google Earth search and satisfied themselves? Very quick turnaround. No complaints. Other options as to border, etc. were available.
  2. Having a soupcon of the Scot in me, I seem to recall that the rubber protectors on my rear Dampers were pretty shot and when the Springs were replaced I gave my mechanic a pair of these and asked him to cable tie them to what was left of the originals. Did the job fine and saved a few pennies. (Ps Can't recall if it was exactly this gaiter or another of similar shape and size)
  3. Interesting - and those Capacitors are they likely to also cause a problem or not been known to, even after 25 years? Is it possible to buy a fusible link for the Cigar/ette lighter as I'd prefer that to blow than the part you've identified.
  4. That looks like its missing a split pin? The rubber Cap on my Car over the front springs in theEngine bay both have holes in the top. Not sure that they would make any difference to the ride / vibration etc?? I just glued a couple of Window suckers over the holes. If its only the circular panel and rubber surely a breakers yard is the way to go? Perhaps I misundertand this thread. (Wouldn't be the first time!)
  5. This surprised me. and this I found interesting.
  6. Its an old thread. I've had Mannol 3309 in the Car for at least 15k miles – two plus years. In the UK never experienced any problem but I do have a problem which may have nothing to do with the fluid, and that is overtaking at speed under load on a gradient which sometimes gives me a jolt. Also using kickdown, there is a jolt. Yet to determine if this is just normal dropping down a gear or a worn gearbox support, or a solenoid issue or the fluid. Car has done 140k miles and I bought at 113k. Don't recall if the problem existed before the Trannie Filter was changed and Mannol added. I think it probably did. Its those Hills in France that it doesn't like, too much. Gearbox support bracket to be changed shortly but for normal driving without a ton of clothes, bedding, tools and Wine in the back, absolutely no problems. So, you pays yur money and take yur chances. Would add that it was only a partial change of fluid not a complete replacement. May also get a bit more of the blended stuff replaced but its a undershield off thing, and not something I care to do at this time of the year outside my house.
  7. You lives and you learns as they say!. I always thoguht it ws only Mercedes Canbus systems that could throw a wobbly with LED's. Apparantly not. ps Alexander, You can always put down a mat of AstroTurf if you particularly want the colour - LOL
  8. Interesting Answers from Pete and yourself. Some people use the Cigar/ette lighter to add a tyre inflator which must be a powerful draw on current. I long ago mended the Cig Socket removing the remains of the fusible link which may well have suffered from such usage. I will have to rethink if my 99p investment in a USB bulb (when it arrives) may not be wise to plug in? Are you people sure it was not just the fact that Alexander may have put the LED in the wrong way around and that has caused the problem? Not easy to be sure which way they go in, if I remember correctly?
  9. Thought about LED's and have a selection bought for previous car, but in the light of this (excuse the pun) have decided only to put this one into the fitting that goes into my Cigar lighter facing upward, it will let me see those Heater control wheels and Vanes which in the dark I tend to fumble about trying to find. USB Wireless Flexible Neon Ambient LED light For Car Interior Decoration
  10. quote The remote key was lost sometime in it's 27 years. Maybe when the previous owner passed away. Not sure if you are suggesting that the Boot can be remotely opened with a key? Not to my knowledge or I've been missing a trick. Won't open when car running from interior lever and I doubt it possible using a seperate key. Or am I talking twaddle?
  11. Is that not a Browser setting thing that you can block? I use Firefox, go into options, privacy & security and tick block pop ups.
  12. Toroidals should sit on a Felt mat. Not that I can recall seeing one in my S320 and to my knowledge there was no rust underneath it, despite this. Bet you had fun getting it out!
  13. Does this happen on Kick down would you say? Under load overtaking perhaps, or right from moving off irrespective of throttle pressure?
  14. Unbelievable, to find such a botch in a LS460. Shocking! Good luck with your research.