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  1. Todays jobs

    Phil, The grey matter thought to look at what else they were selling. Personally I've not heard of the vehicle but then I don't take a great deal of interest in Cars, just the one I've got. Do they sell this vehicle in the UK ?? .
  2. 400 floor mats

    photo? The holding studs on my Car seem to ave failed and it s areal nuisance with Mats slipping forward. Do people use Velcro glued to factory carpet and to mats? or what other advice is out there? ps My W140 series had Long Hair Sheep Skin Mats which may be OK if you like driving in Slippers, but the Merc Throttle could be very taxing on the foot on long drives so they were sold to someone who likes the woolly dice sort of thing.
  3. We were waiting at Medway Services for a recovery vehicle to take us back to Essex after Alternator failure and a guy comes up to me and says (very politely) "your number plate is worth more than the Car". I bought it from DVLA for £499 eight or more years ago and its not the first time someone with Isle of Wight connections has remarked on the number plate. DL being Isle of Wight early lettering. Not too sure how much this makes the Car worth. More than £499 maybe! . Looked somewhat sad on the Recovery breakdown low loader. Only the second time its been on one in my ownership, the first being when I took a punt on buying it without going to see it, from up in the Midlands. Had it brought to me on a Trailer. Do I regret it? Not really, but it has occupied a lot of my thinking time over the past four years and I've replaced many parts. New Alternator and P/S pump to be put on by me today. Another new experience I won't want to do again.
  4. Mk4 400 locking beep

    I'll be interested in reading any advice on this, as my Car doesn't beep nor flash lights when locked. Difficult trying to hear the mechanism engage sometimes, when busy traffic noise and in sunlight can't see the light next to the dash blinking. Have to test the door and most annoying when hasn't locked. Small thing but we expect perfection with our Lexii , so...........
  5. Todays jobs

    Sorry Duncan I seem to have hijacked this thread. I had hoped by now that I'd have fitted those LED lights to the Clear indicators on my Car. I think they will be an improvement on the Chromed bulb look which I also have. It was on my "to do" list in France. Eventually - it will happen. They looked pretty good in the Amber units, but I prefer the Clears. Phil, the sender has already Posted to me the correct P/S pump marked as "parts". (Yet to arrive) I doubt Customs will wear that, and I may have to fork out Duty. However, they are not sending me a Returns note for the wrong part and I may end up with a saleable item which will cover the expense - if I can determine what vehicle it fits.? We'll see.
  6. Todays jobs

    Its a different Animal Phil. I put a link to what I bought further up this thread. Waiting on the replacement and then will compare without dirtying the part which will need be returned.
  7. Broken coil spring?

    Heavens forbid that I have to change something else, but if the front Springs needed changing then these don't look too bad a purchase. Expect to pay the same again in duty and Shipping. I bought my Alternator from them and it was speedy delivery. Not sure if US Cars are different for front Shocks?
  8. Todays jobs

    I havn't taken it out of the bag because the inlet for the low pressure return is facing the wrong way. Also the back of the unit bears no resemblance to the unit in the Lexus Tutorial that I've looked at. The Three bolt holes are at, on the clock 3, 6 and 9. Does the Mk4 have this style of Reservoir.? I'm guessing that this is possibly for a Transverse engine of some kind?
  9. Todays jobs

    Phil perhaps you are right? but my first impression of what I've purchased and this pump was that it was totally the wrong pump.
  10. Todays jobs

    What a coincidence. Well I had an inkling something was wrong when in drizzle the other side of the Q. Elizabeth 11 Bridge, the Windscreen wipers seemed to be running a little slow. That said the Big "O" was coming through fine on the CD player and I think I got into my old Mum and Aunts mode of if "it aint stopped just keep going" !!. A few hesitant jerks on the Bridge (which may have been the surface) and must have ploughed on a further twenty miles with rather dim light cluster but no "battery " light showing. There were no Lay-bys but perhaps I could have pulled off the M20. Then it just seemed to die, with the Instrument cluster Arms waving all over the place like they were in torment. (Which they were!) A good job it died before I got to the slipway to Early Arrivals. Only part recovery by Ashford people on a nice new low loader, who then dumped us at Medway to be taken the 100 miles home by a rather older cramped and passed its best, low loader. I had ordered a new Alternator and Power Steering pump from the USA a couple of weeks back. Perhaps I had a portent of things to come? This is what I've received today from the States as supposedly a new Lexus LS400 1990 - 1997 P/S pump!! . Haven't a clue what this fits but think I'm going to lose a wad of money having paid duty and shipping. Ferry tickets down the drain.. Its just not my Week!
  11. Todays jobs

    Just an update on this possible mod. Sadly, the old Lexus let us down half a mile from Stop 24 on the M20. The Alternator gave up the Ghost. Two hour wait on the hard standing and 120 mile on low loader return to base. Trip temporarily cancelled. Awaiting a part before attempting replacement. I'd add that having inspected the Clear indicators to add a strip of LED's there is a problem in that the Clear Plastic parts have a flimsy Aluminium inner reflective liner. Not so easy to cut a hole in, but I will in due course give it a try using silicone to hold it firm to the plastic. The length of the strip may be too long because of the liner and so will report back in due course. Only silver lining (pun) is that the weather in France is much the same as here- rubbish - so May month should be better.
  12. Can't see the point unless you want some sneidy response. Just find your local Powerflow and quote them the thread and ask price to replace the Y pipe. The original may be Stainless but the Nickel content will have almost been depleted over the years and so could rust out.
  13. This thread put up by someone who used Powerflow seems to have been removed.. Why?? Was it because it had Photobucket images which no longer display becuase you now have to pay P-bucket??? Its a pity, as I was able to quote the thread and get my Exhaust y pipe replaced with Stainless welded to the Cats for the same price £200. Best £200 I've ever spent. Find a local Powerflow and get a quote based on what others have paid to this chain.
  14. Like Amazon the Box was way over the size needed (about ten times) and had not been tampered with. They had been removed at the stock shelf is my guess. Can you imagine the the cost of processing an insurance claim!
  15. Back on the 9th I bought from Rock two packs described as Wholesale Closeout parts - Disk Brake Hardware Kit. Frankly, I wasn't sure what I'd be getting but hoped they would include Caliper pins. They didn't! Just 8 spring clips and four coat hanger style spring clips. One of the packs had been thumb forced open and was missing its Coat hanger Spring clips. I emailed Rock and they have since sent me a replacement box with all parts. Came in last week. I paid £9.71 which included the postage for these parts and so the cost to them of replacing one box - which they did promptly, can't give them any sort of profit.