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  1. Apols for having no idea but I wonder if they could be Hazzard warning lights - perhaps the Japs use clear fronts and red rears?
  2. Not wanting to put you off as many satisfied owners, but you may care to read this thread by a perfectionist if buying at the cheap end. (Mercs also suffered from the Radiator problem from memory)
  3. Rather an old thread revived. You could try these people
  4. Malc, my memory failed me. In the past they have not given me a Test Result sheet. However I did get one in July 18 and can't really understand what counts for pass and what for fail. The results are Fast Idle - FAIL Engine speed 2500-3000 not checked. CO Limit 0.30 and Actual 2.09 FAIL HC Limit 200 Actual 209 FAIL ^ LIMIT 1.03 Actual 0.959 FAIL (Don't understand this) ? Second Fast Idle: Speed not checked - PASS all within range Natural idle Test - Speed not checked CO Limit 0.50 Actual 0.19 PASS OVERALL EMISSIONS TEST - PASSED So is it the best out of three or what??
  5. Difficulty is, that if the Car fails its MOT its not supposed to be driven. Or does this only apply to mechanical failure? Uninsured if driving after a fail is risky, but necessary to clean the engine. Couple of MOT's ago, the Garage told me that they had to drive the car all morning to get the emissions down. Don't know the truth of that, but since I've made sure I use Injector cleaner and do a five miles drive to the Garage for its testing. My Garage doesn't give me the results of the Exhaust test, and to be honest if they say its passed I just want to scram before they change their mind. Old Filters used to be mesh didn't they? Got a Mesh filter in my Mercedes Penta boat engine that dates back to the fifities for both Air and oil. Have substituted a more modern Air filter.
  6. When did you last put in injector cleaner? I always use some and drive a good distance the week before going to a test centre. Then only turn up when Car has had a run round the block five miles. Too late now for you, but maybe if you put some in as per instructions and run the car up to temp without going any distance then you may clear any clogging. Of course this may not be a recommended course of action as it states in the Manual not to warm the engine before moving off. Difficult.
  7. As a Francophile great symapthy for the terrible Notre Dame tragedy. Could the Car be running on 7 cylinders? It's easy to splice a Spark plug Lead, when putting back the covers as I found when I replaced my own. I was surprised to see how easy this could happen. Another thing, are the Spark plug leads seperated as they should be and not overlapping in some way which might affect performance? If you haven't touched the Lead set then not the problem. Just a few thoughts.
  8. I've recently had an annoying sound from the front which turns out to be the Brake Back plate. The lower part has corroded away from two of the four bolts and was vibrating against a nearby part. Ordered a replacement part from amayana for £28 and thought Yippee, but unfortunately they refunded my money yesterday as the part is "unavailable". I wired the lower part (rear of the brake disc) to the Caiiper to a point that does not move. Will have to remove the wire before MOT in August.
  9. I photo'd this a couple of years ago when I thought it might be the fuse had blown for my Cigar lighter. Couldn't get the cover to move and as have sciatica I photo'd to try to tell how the cover came off. At the time i found it was the fusible link in the lighter which was burnt out. Could your lighter if it doesnt work be the source of your drain, perhaps? They commonly don't work becuase of that link. Did you discover how to remove this cover? Are those two clips that need pushing in, or what? I've definately blown the fuse in my lighter which is a poor design in terms of insulating the pos from the neg. so need to try to get at the fuse. Will be fun!
  10. Also used to open up a Forecourt as a Teenager and squirt the odd red-ex into customers tanks. I use a half bottle of Wynns Injector cleaner on our 600 mile trip to France based on the fact that otherwise I'm only using the Car to go a mile or so to the Supermarket regularly. (must soot it up) Especially necessary just before the MOT I've found. Bought of the Bay for under a fiver. ps. One day Brian Poole and the Tremeloes appeared on the forecourt in a fancy Yankee job. Made my day, to serve him.
  11. The panel comes off without removing the Ash tray on the LS400. Its the Gear Shift surround that I can't raise to change the bulb. Will try tomorrow to see if those two brown tabs push in. A bit of advice. Best to use a broad hooked paint scraper hooked under the rubber trim at the back end and held firm whilst pulling upward. Using plastic pry bars at the sides is likely to crack the wood and didn't work for me. I just couldn't get mine to shift until I used the Scraper and I put some grease on the two rear lugs to make sure it comes away easily in future. I messed around and added Vinyl Carbon Fbire on the outer part of the Surround which is why I needed to remove the wood facia during the week. Should have tried changing the bulb same time but the memory is not what it was!
  12. Ooops should have read on as already covered. Doh!
  13. No John that would have to be 3/- used to use mine in a Caff just off Billingsgate. Double Egg, Chips, Baked Beans and a Slice, with a Mug of Rosy lee - those were the days!
  14. feeling a bit foolish having contribulted here. I thought I'd put a small blue LED in the Gear shift but having slightly pulled outward on two brown tabs and found no movement I came in for a cup of Tea. Thinks: Maybe the tabs PUSH inward to relase the cover? Can you recall Phil? ps I have taken off the little red cap on the Hazzard warning bulb (cost me £4) as frankly the switch just can't be seen in the dark.