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  1. Buy a Boat - it will keep you occupied (and frustrated) for years!
  2. Very clean MOT History. Curious why "no Odometer" in the 2010 test. Could it be a replaced Cluster or what? Hope it lives up to everything you expect. Seeing Doc Martin in his, makes me envious!
  3. It would be darker in colour if not exposed to the light. Is it tan - your Car colour?
  4. You might want to read up about how things in the Armrest can affect the running of the Car. Can't recall the thread. Where have you put your screen?
  5. Bit late to mention it, but that the cable you've taped to the Boot hinge, could have gone inside the hinge area. The plastic strip (on my car) is removable and hollow
  6. With apols to Bluesman as I've bent this thread is all over the place. Takes your mind off the awaited delivery. Rock always sends to me in a short space of time. Its the method where the Post Office is involved that seems to be a p.i.t.a. Not to mention seems to cost more but maybe its just that VAT is not charged at outset like on Rock. John, I try not to solder where I suck in the fumes. Made an extraction thingy but not too successful. Rarley solder. Can't be any worse than those people who enjoy going to events where Cars burn rubber such as Santa Pod or Street Meets. I wouldn't want to get that Rubber (with zinc) in my lungs. Crazy or what?
  7. Quote: It had the advantage of preventing rust on the repaired area, and did not flake off the steel like filler can. Unquote Would be the best for Wing edges which no matter how much you cure rust and then fill and overspray, the rust reappears after a year. Got some old lead piping in Garage but don't think I'll try my hand at it. Problem with 'no lead' solder is knowing you've got the right flux for it. Still using H J Enthoven flux cored that came from Marconi's premises fifity years ago. Not had joy with silver solder.
  8. Reminds me of two blokes viewing a 70's Roller and one says "Cars got more Puddin(g) than metal under the Windscreen" . Not heard that expression before, or since. Didn't they use to use Lead as a filler at one time? How it stuck to Steel I can't imagine. Non-ferrous maybe, but to steel?
  9. Wouldn't mind a Chevy Camero. (Is it like the Triple D's? I used to watch them race at Snetterton against Galaxy 500's when as a lad I did a bit of Marshalling. Got Jack' Lincoln (continental?) or Mike's Edsel going spare. Interested? Price of a 2nd class stamp
  10. Thanks Phil. More research needed. I put in part number 47781 which gave a few options but when check combatability it states "doesn't fit my Car". Tell me, if it says Right side. Is this looking from the Drivers Seat or the from the front of the vehicle. Never clear on this and it rarely shows Car image and arrow. Seems like I'll need search the second part to the number 47781 to be certain.
  11. Looked for parts number 47781 and 47782 which are front Brake dust shields. Found image and part numbers but nothing shows when trying to find if they have any. They quote vehicle as Europe but presumably having the "R" after UCR10 suggests RHD. ? I didn't sign in. Essential perhaps?
  12. and then you'd run the cable to the fuse box and earthing point, presumably. I've got used to this set up. Still has the Cigar lighter (not that I can run to Montecristo these days or would smoke in the Mota!) Provides me with the two USBs which I run to the Dashcam and the Satnav when needed. Don't use the other cigar socket but could add another couple of USB's with another insert. Untidy? well I use cable ties to hold the cables in around the rest of the units. Only wish the car had an Aux. My Cassette doesn't work and its not as easy to get in to as the thread on here for a LS430. In fact its spot welded on all sides, so a no no.
  13. I see your point. You could buy one of these so that the bulkier Transmitter can be fixed by the passenger central side wall. I have a four way voltage showing adapter permanently plugged into my Ash Tray Cigar socket. It give me two optional Sockets which can be switched on or left off and two USB points. You can of course just use a plug that has two USB points - as below combination (thread rather long so search this title)
  14. I have one of these stuck centrally on the Dashboard and at present it is used for my Dash cam but that goes on to the Mirror when I need my Sat Nav to be in that position. Some reversing Cameras have the display the passenger side facing the Driver. Another good use for one of these discs. Is there any reason why you can't route the power cable via the door jam into the bonnet and to the Battery with an appropriate fuse? Its my next job to move my Screen from the rear parcel shelf as it's only easily viewable in poor light. Even with a Screen around it which I bought (are used by Drone enthusiasts) its not a grand image. I might however be able to continue with the power coming from the Brake light as it does at present. Just will need to cut off the female red plug and link the red pos. cable to the integral red wire which coems with the Yellow circuit. Then the black to a nearby earth point. Well, I think thats all I've got to do?