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  1. Do update on the results of your check, please. Would you not have needed to disconnect the battery to update your ECU on the new MAF? Struggling with a misfire issue under load, so reading anything and everything that might explain.
  2. Assume you've changed the cell batteries? Car unlocks and starts on the key?
  3. Absolutely right. I tend to switch it off and on rather a lot but I'd always use it when the engine bay is likely to get extremely hot to ensure it keeps the pipes lubricated. Can't say for sure if the Car has had any trouble with the A/C but certainly not in my ownership and re-gassing should never be necessary unless you've got a leak, I believe. Any Car for sale that says it needs a re-gas I'd avoid lke the plague having owned a Merc 320S and a Toyota Supra Mk 3 which had no air conditioning and a prohbitive cost to repair.
  4. Exactly right - as I visited the local tip Thursday and had to queue while they crunched the stuff down - ticked over at 630rpm and when A/C came on it went to perhaps just under 800rpm. Not noticed any diving but down a slight hill into a 30mph zone with A/C on, does require some breaking.
  5. Clean the Throttle body first I'd have thought unless you know for certain that it has been cleaned. Is your car a mechanical Throttle or drive by wire?
  6. If your OBD2 gave a reading as to a fuel problem then maybe a clean would sort it, but if no error code for fuel mix then why touch it? I did spray clean Merc MAF sensors, not that I noticed any difference as it was usually the IACV that got choked with carbon. Lexus MAF's may be a completely dfifferent style, so couldn't say it is a good idea.
  7. Coming attraction Lethal Weapon after watching the 7.00 highlights of the Tour de France on Ch 24 bought a Tear to my eye. Thats no way to treat a Lexus!
  8. Further thought, Have you done a diagnostic test? Not sure if faults with A/C show Read this thread. OBD1 not OBD2
  9. Pete, According to my Owners Manual the cold tyre pressure for the Car is 30psi not 33 psi which is for fronts fully loaded. Rear would be 39psi fully loaded. Would explain the side wear. unless your Car is seriously heavier than the earlier model?
  10. The engine of my Car does speed up when A/C kicks in which of course can happen at varying times, especially when the car has reached the correct internal climate temp but if stopped in traffic heat will cause it to kick in. Normal, I have assumed. Sounds like you perhaps should check that the compressor is bolted tight if getting a judder. Or could it be to do with the Serpentine belt failing? Not sure about the braking part but if you are sloing an engine which is high revving and it suddenyl fgoes to lower revving then you won't need so much pressure. Not felt it mysellf but perhps aggresive driving may create a noticeable dive? Sorry no definitive answer as not a mechanic.
  11. Phew! Passed the MOT yesterday with no advisories. Tried a new MOT place rather than the usual Ford dealership (they didn't send me a reminder this year and I'd fogotten how close it was to expiry) and expected one unusual issue may cause a fail, but passed. The guy who tested took half the time I usually expect and charged less. When I said to him before the test I'm hopeful it will pass as a French trip is planned, he said "of course it will pass - its a Lexus" Told me he had had an LS430 in the past, and what a Car! Too hot to go for a twenty mins drive before the test even though the A/C working, so emisions shall we say were "iffy".
  12. Filled up today plus added some redex (usually use Wynns injector cleaner) at local Garge and noticed on the Esso pumps E5 is now mentioned on 95 ron and 98 ron. Guess if I've been using it for a long time as mentioned here, it won't affect emissions for tomorrows MOT. Did a bit of mileage to burn off any Supermarket short trip coke build up. Thought it felt different? Just the fear of E5 I suspect. Emissions is always the worry although this year I have that front wheel back plate that is badly corroded and I hooked over the back of a Caliper nut to stop vibration. Impssible to get a replacement. Oh, and where did that tiny amount of engine oil leak out?? There's always something to worry about. Only just recovering from Broadband death for six days courtesy of Beatty's wiring skills - doh! Fingers crossed.
  13. A good point. I recall an idiot who moved in to one of the Grade two listed terrace houses on the sea front where I live, and proceeded to start to cut up Ford Escort bodies with Oxy-acetelene in the front garden much to the curiosity of passers bye, not to mention the fury of the neighbours bringing the area into disrepute. That person was a nightmare and it took years to put a stop to his unacceptable behaviour. Long story, part of which made a TV documentary.