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  1. My theory is that if you lift the bonnet or boot slowly and don't force it up or down quickly, the struts will last forever. My 93 still working fine but can't say if they are original
  2. Confess I don't rag mine. Guess I must have grown up! Now wheres that Black Cherry Tobacco and my Pipe. Oh forgot, now called No.2 as can't use the word Cherry for Tobacco.
  3. Real shame and not heard of this before. If intereference engine then not only could you have bent valves but damaged pistons and maybe the cylinder lining. The bent valves are as a result of hitting the Piston. If it cranked over I imagine this will have added damage and you would have heard a rather unpleasant noise. I'm no mechanic but I imagine that its going to be more costly than say buying a s/h engine for £500 and having it installed, albeit you may not know that engines history.
  4. That takes me back to the Sixties when I had a nice Jewish Gentleman in Whittington Avenue EC3 make me a Suit. Always asked if I wanted a Lining to the trousers and a second pair. Also,buttons or the new fangled zip? And for him the slightly embarrasing Q. Er hmm which side do you dress Sir?
  5. Whatever you do, don't buy fancy aluminium caps. They will weld themselves to the brass.
  6. Rather assuming that you will be aware of this Thread, or someone has mentioned it ? Read symptoms.
  7. Could the ride be to do with the fact that perhaps there is less mileage on the Car than your previous, and the suspension has not "settled" as much ?
  8. Can even read the Climate Control settings! Not to mention an almost full Tank - a rarity when people sell, usually the "low " light is on!
  9. You've looked after it well. A broad range of prices it seems these days.
  10. Phone Auto-Paint (St Helens) they'll tell you how they can match your car if you intend sourcing paint.
  11. Having bought Denso from Rock Auto I would let members know that the Lead set were not numbered which surprised me. Were they genuine it makes me ask?
  12. Technically the plugs need to be angled to avoid contact with other leads and plug caps. Don't suppose it will matter. I fear you will have a job forcing down the Cover over those thicker leads. Good luck
  13. I was having a senior moment about the Water pipes - Doh! You have a different MAF sensor?