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  1. Have you considered?
  2. Hi Malc, Yes that part number applies to both sides. Hows things you might well ask? Its all very difficult knowing whats going/about to happen with Gov't thinking. Only thing I can say for certain is its going to cost a lot of bunce to get the Car home. A trip out in one car and a trip back with two cars is not cheap. Shuttle is £250 per car. If I can't get it back by early January its MOT will have run out and it will be a trailer job - costly! Daughter may not be able to drive back the Corolla I bought, as can't afford to be in lockdown so will no doubt pass on a brief Holiday. She'd fly out. (risk!!) Wife doesn't drive. Flight to Limoges via Stansted with Suitcase full of necessary tools / parts is probably cheapest option. Have had a suitcase go astray in the past, so a bit of a worry. Also, may not like what they see in it. OK so, I put details on the outside - will they be happy with Reciproacting Saw, Blades, Battery charger, Hub puller, sockets and wrenches. Not light weight, either. Wifes suitcase (you can't travel with only one suitcase - verbotten Ryanair) will need be empty almost, as we took over the Clothing we needed and left them over in France and came back with just the essentials. Then of course there's the risk of Covid. Both of us have health issues. Did it once, but will our luck run out? Contracted on flight and shows up two days later when in rural France? no transport - French Hospital ( they are very good but nearest is in Angouleme 60 mile away) Not easy decision. Stuck in France for who knows how long, or even worse! I'm only semi-retired. Question is, will things improve later in the year or get worse? Would be nice to enjoy ten days at our place as October can be beautiful, but ............... The day the Car part failed that Morning we had seen Estate Agents to put the property on the market. Had to postpone. Still needs be done as not getting any younger. So, Malc there you have it. Sleepless nights.- more than usual. (apols for life story)
  3. Yes, the exporter gives you a tracking number which will show when the item has arrived in the UK. Domestic purchaes are obviously straightforward and the sellers tracking number is all trhat is needed. Let me here copy and past what you will find on Parcel force's website for Imports.. quote Within the letter you will have received from us about the customs fees, you will be provided with a Tracking Reference number and the name of the Country of origin. This is the only information we are able to provide about your parcel. unquote But let me
  4. With respect, it shouldn't be up to me to phone them to find out where a parcel for delivery to m, is. They told me their system - they write to you with the consignment number so you can check its whereabouts - but they don't! Also if you phone their main number from the internet you get nothing but pre recorded message to this effect, as to needing to trace via their consingment number. You are the first person to suggest that I am in the wrong. Apparantly their service was the subject of a discussion on Radio 2- at length some time ago. Not many admirers. Don't think they've learned how to email yet. Luddites all. Parcel from Singapore I was updated several times by DHL including the day of delivery..
  5. So Monday had an email from P/force suggesting I ring Chelmsford Depot. Did so, and got through and yes they've had the parcel since the 4th Septmber. I asked why haven't I received a letter to tell me this? Oh that goes out through Royal Mail (no it hasn't) and then we follow it up with another (no you haven't) if we don't hear from you. So, paid the charges and said would deliver today. Item received. True British service reminds me of the Seventies Car mnfrs / Post office unions etc,
  6. I would imagine that there is a very good reason for that coating. Always remember how Minis used to get condensation in the Dizzy Cap. Brass easily tarnishes. This substance may have better electrical qualities than direct brass which will tarnish.
  7. A couple of years ago I bought new Caps and Rotors (Denso) from Rock auto but haven't fitted them yet. Strangely the rotors had a sort of crystaline substance on them. These were brand new and so it may be that there is a reason for that strange look?
  8. So, thats ten days since the parcel arrived in UK and no word (letter) from Parcel Farce. Amayana said give them the tracking number, but I had to point out that PF send you THEIR tracking number (eventually??) and can't check from Amayana's. Patience is a virtue I did once possess, well I think I did! Not so much with the trend of events that are taking place in this Country. Not to mention the possiblility of the Scots passing in to law a Bill curbing freedom of speech and even thought! How did we get to this place? Ooops political. Smack hand.
  9. Perhaps catch some on the dipstick and leave it to settle in a glass jar. Never tried this, but ..... Does make you wander if wrong fluid put in. Apprentice? Surely not. It not being oil as such, how does this settle? i.e. oil and water
  10. As there will always be oil in the pot threads, whether new or existing plugs I don't put anything on them. The dialectic grease is usually put on the outer part of the lower end of the Spark plug boot and not near the screw cap on the Spark plug. That's the way I do it, but others may do differently. Only difficulty is tightening spark plug number one on the early Lexus. Not much room r/h/s front.
  11. Thanks Paul, went through all that process but when you get to the last part of hoping ot speak to someone, for their number, the usual "we are experienceing high etc etc. Decided I'd just have to wait for their second class letter (why 2nd??? weren't they part of the Post Office once?) to arrive and then pay, and then wait another two days or more for delivery. They are the pits!
  12. Bit of a moan today. Had items delivered from Singapoean company a week ago - delivered by DHL. My Amayana order (placed before) several messages saying its en route and one a week ago saying it was in the UK. But!!! they use Parcel Farce! One week later not so much as an email saying you must pay VAT and not doubt a swinging charge for their lacklustre service, so yet to see parts. Really irritating. Must tell Amayana to use someone other than P-F. I've always found them the pits. Funny thing with the DHL delivery. No up front request for the VAT (under £135 so no import charge payable) but did get a call from someone purporting to be from DHL saying I must pay, blah blah blah. Couldn't understand him too well. Did quote some order number and the delivery had not long taken place that same day. However, I told him to email me. He asked for my email address and I told him you already have it as you emailed to say parcel on its way. Not had any email and if you check this phone number many think that DHL details are being used by dodgy individuals. 020 8266 7989 . No request from DHL or HMRC to pay VAT on purchase one week later. So whats going on??