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  1. Been wondering what that plastic is behind the foot hand brake. Is it normal to keep dirt away from carpeting?
  2. Fewer of the '93's around I suspect but the styling didn't improve in the later cars (only my opinion and bias) but then the older the Car the more problems, may surface. Parts, I suggest you look at and scroll down to Lexus LS400 1993 and check out whatever you feel may worry you about parts. I've not had any difficulty in finding parts. Only the ECU would be a problem if it needs attention or replacement. Otherwise, service parts for these 25 year old cars are plentiful.
  3. Aero Blades are good and cheap but you may need to slightly mod the Drivers side to get it to fit. Also the passenger side may need a bit of a shave so it doesn't touch the bonnet - from memory. Last replaced two years ago and still clearing the screen nicely.
  4. runsgrateasanut

    Radios kaput.

    Of course, it could be that someone replaced the Radio with a modern display Radio unit splicing up the wiring and just put the Radio back without re-connecting the harness. Too much trouble. You won't know 'til you take it out. Sounds like you bought it from an old friend often mentioned on the forum, well known for being economical with the truth. No names of course.
  5. It will be a non-interference engine so cam belt breaking won't destroy the engine from what I've read but may let you down at just the wrong moment. You may have a few expenses to come but it will be worth it to drive a V8 and not your run of the mill Car. All those things listed I've had to deal with and not surprising as a 25 year young beast. What colour is the Car out of interest and did you check the MOT History status online before buying?
  6. This may be the one - check it against Colins data A bit cheaper
  7. runsgrateasanut

    Radios kaput.

    Did the Radio work when you bought the Car? Recently I think? Have you asked the previous owner if it worked? If it was a coding problem I assume that the display would say something along the lines "no code" or "insert code"? You've tried putting a Tape in but nothing happens?
  8. runsgrateasanut

    Radios kaput.

    Always check out youtube as lots of vids on repairs to LS400's. I have a spare from a 1993 Lexus but don't know if it works. PM me if interested.
  9. Its the only thing I miss about the W140. Pity it can't be fitted to a LS400. Will have to wait until, and if, I upgrade in the future.
  10. Does the LS430 have soft close doors? Was this optional and from what date.
  11. Is this deja vu Andy
  12. That made me laugh, and Pete my wife suggested she thought she recodnised........
  13. I think with the amount of traffic around these days, the Cats eyes would have a much shorter life than in the 20th Century and as one whose picked up a stud from a Cats eye it would be like having a Bullet hit the Windscreen if one breaks out of the Rubber mould, whch they certainly do. Its a matter of cost and liability I imagine. Personally, I hate driving over Cats Eyes when overtaking.
  14. Make mine a Pint! Actually it isnt a full Moon until early next week but at 1am this Morning as the Moonlight streamed into my front door fanlight it seemed more than half full to me and certainly lit the Hallway.
  15. And restart my Gambling addiction - never! Seriously, I have been a couple of times to Monaco once for the Grand Prix when Schumacker was put to the back for Shenannigans in the positioning trials or whatever they are called. Had an almost imposible view from the road leading to the Palace, stood with a sheer drop of a hundred foot and a few Drunk annoyed Germans to the left of my Son and his Girlfriend. Girls sitting on the low wall with their backs to the drop and the Germans pretending to push them backwards has given me acute Vertigo ever since. Don't want the reminder but would love to see the collection.