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  1. Noticed this auction LS600. Looked up the MOT results. Do they tie in to a complete Lexus service history? Why take off the front number plate but not the back? High mileage but wouldn't have put me off. Good price unless major issue
  2. In my older Car, I used to get a knocking noise because the Brake disc back plate was heavily corroded and starting to break up and would flap at times. No longer available to purchase I have had to wire it to the Caliper onto a non moving part. Difficult job to sort, and so I'll put some glassfibre on to the back at some time to strengthen - as a long term temp measure!
  3. Its the Car telling you to refill the empty Washer bottle! - Ha ha ha
  4. Raybestos no longer US. Moog or ACDelco may be best. Look online to find out where manufactured. Moog = German? ACDelco may be US? Fact is that the famous names are only importers now and not manufacturers.
  5. I went out in one with a Mate in my Teens and he'd put 7.5J's on it and had it highly tuned it. Flipped it onto my side going down a bendy Hill at Danbury. Wore away the door handle but fortunately not my Arm! Easy to put it the right way up!
  6. Bit of confusion I caused by mentioning a second car seen listed. The nice one in Clacton I assume was sold yesterday as no longer availalbe. Mentioned it was a respray and in Burgundy Pearl the original colour. The Mk 4 I've no idea but was certainly sprayed over the wheel arch but I didn't reearch the mileage Definately had Burgundy colour in 1992|Lexus|Burgundy Pearl
  7. Bought Car with a Yuasa which died after leaving at the Airport. It had been in the Car for seven years. Replaced with a Yuasa which was ran to virtually zero charge a year or so later - car stopped running cluster lights barely flickering, owing to Alternator death. Massive boost by Tow people should have killed it. When got home put on the trickle charger and its still going great after must be 18 months. Yuasa gets my vote. Bosch experience with Mercs, was OK.
  8. Seller has a viewer today. I suggested he change the description as it couldn't be found if anyone put "Lexus LS400" into a search on t'bay. Wonder if its a member viewing? If so, I'm only seven miles away and would be interested to see/compare, if purchased. Can pm me to meet.
  9. Now that looks really nice in photo's and just down the road from me. Worried by the A/C not working and no mention of the Cam belt change. Done little mileage in recent years. I like the Wheels.
  10. Aren't eggs verbotten to Veggies? Mind you my Daughter also is a Veggie and eats Eggs.
  11. I thought I'd ask Google if Vegetarians f**t more than Meat eaters and this is what I read " Apparently, it's because of all the beans they eat. ... This leads to an increase in certain bacteria in the lower intestine to break down the beans, which produces large amounts of hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas." Also " Methane production per KG (of body weight) in a vegetarian is probably higher than that of a cow, since the digestive system of a human is not adapted for fermentation of vegetation (like a cow’s) So is going Veggy greener?
  12. This should help you out. Get the filter from Rock auto possibly.
  13. There should be a Cabin Filter. Its a double and its the Passenger side footwell - looking upward. Can't recall exactly how I got to it (probably need remove the panel) but do remember its a bit of a task to change. If its never been changed it will be full of dust, dirt and bits of tree debris.
  14. Wouldn't it be better to examine with the weight off the wheels? Do you have a MOT coming up any time soon and is it with a third party or your mechanic? Might be worth getting a MOT to hear a second opinion? I'm not knowledgeable on sub frame bushes? but Upper Control Arms might be worn though seems unlikely on such a young Car. I have a worn hub bush which does squeek. Have had new rear UCA's for three years now as told they may need changing but not had MOT advisory so they are still in their bags. Rare that Mechanics are more rigid than MOT inspectors.